Fearless Abidal

Uploaded by Doris86pl on 16.03.2011

At 10 pm yesterday the news was published when FC Barcelona
released offcially that Eric Abidal is suffering from a tumor in the liver.
The news was very harsh after Abidal was on the verge of signing
a new contract for the Catalans and after spending his best season
as a blaugrana playing important roles in big games
such as Sevilla and Arsenal and replacing Puyol
and even scoring his first goal as a blaugrana.
And now his role is to play the hardest match of his career without fear
Abidal is a player of the most loved in Barca's XI
He is religous, kind, modest, humble.
#AnimsAbidal is now one of the most popular tags on twitter.
And all the futbol planet is supporting him
because against cancer all are united
Holding tight to his faith, Abidal recieved the support
and without fear he will play more games
and cross this moment of sickness
and without fear wait for Thursday's operation
translation:Hady subtitles and editing: doris86pl for totalbarca.com