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This week on the World's Fastest Car Show, it's time
for part two of our Dodge Charger challenge.
And then we head to SEMA for the hottest cars, and the
awards that came with them.
Check it out.
It's a great one.

Every year, the organizers of SEMA hand out four prestigious
awards, in a variety of categories.
Now, in our own unique way and with a definitely
non-corporate SEMA a twist, we're going to be bringing
you, what we consider, best of show in each of those
Check this out.

Winner of the hottest 4X4 award is Jeep.
And in true style, we've managed to find one that I
think shows what you can do with quite a bit of money and
lots of imagination.
This is the Call of Duty: Black Ops model, and it's
I mean every single bit of it looks like it comes straight
out of a comic and someone's imagination.
But it is very much the real deal.
It's covered in ballistic material.
It's got real bullet holes.
They stood there, the Rangers did, and fired at it.
Then they airbrushed them for a bit of effect.
Inside, we've got a holster for his and hers
revolvers, hand guns.
And even the gear shifter, it's got like the top cylinder
from a revolver.
Then, of course, who wouldn't go anywhere without a little
bit of a machine gun adorning your car.
Room for four.
Very nice.
If there's any blood or guts, you can just wash it out.
I think there are about nine guns on the vehicle.
But it's actually all being done for a very good cause.
It's for the Ranger's Veteran's Association.
They're going to sell raffle tickets throughout the year,
on a tour around the country, raising about $3 1/2 million.
This is valued at over a $100,000.
Winner of the hottest truck award at
SEMA is the Ford F-Series.
And I'm standing, right now, next to one that, well,
definitely had it's Wheaties.
Believe it or not, that is the door handle.
I'm 6 foot, and that's the driver's side, door handle.
The top of the rear bed stands out over 7 foot.
It's got this massive Cummins diesel engine.
And, when I stand next to something like this, I had to
show it to you, because, who would drive it?
Why would they drive it?
And how could they afford to drive it?
Can you imagine trying to park this in LA?

And the winner of the hottest sports
compact is the FIAT 500.
Now I'm a huge fan of the original, the Ciquecento.
And, as you can see, no sooner has the Fiat 500 landed on the
American shores, then people are starting to mess with it.
This car is absolutely fantastic.
Look at it.
It's got three color tones of the paint, interior matches.
They put great, sporty wheels on it.
And put a roof rack with the outdoor sportsman's
kit all over it.
It just goes to show that you can do an
awful lot with a little.
As I've always told my wife.

And the winner of the hottest car, 2011,
is the Chevy Camaro.
And boy-- ouch--
this one is hot.
Take a look.
It's actually the hot wheels, Chevy Camaro concept.
And what they've done by taking two of the largest
brand names in the automotive business and putting them
together, of course, they could allow full imagination
and creativity to run rein.
First of all, what can you say about this paint that the
paint job doesn't say for itself?
I mean, the car is just gorgeous.
And it goes as good as it looks.
This is quite a car.
Do you know what, the other thing I like about this paint
job, is it's like a mirror.
Does my bum look big in these?

There's also a really great buzz here at SEMA about the
new eBay Motors mobile app.
And right behind me, people are actually conducting
transactions on the mobile app while the rest of
the show goes on.
Pretty cool.
And, as you know, if you want to check it out, there's also
a pretty cool car show on there.
Well, that's a wrap on the World's Fastest Car Show here,
from SEMA 2011.
As you could see, some incredible awards handed out
in the after-market categories.
In the after-market categories.
Thank you very much.
See you next year.

Back on June 1, 1969, Bobby Isaac won the NASCAR feature
race here at an average speed of 73.7 miles an hour in a
Dodge Charger.
Imagine this, we're trying to match the average lap speed 42
years later.
When it comes to the safety, there is none.
Navigate my way around a few potholes and
seams filled with grass.
Non-existent safety barrier.
It's about a 20 foot drop off the top there.
What seems like a good idea back at the office,
no so, right now.

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about the car that
I'm attempting my average lap speed challenge at the Middle
Georgia Raceway.
And that is 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8.
And they've really done a spectacular job with this car.
In many ways, it's as capable, performance wise, as some of
those top, luxury, German performance sedans.
But it's on the inside, straight from the get go, that
I'm impressed with it.
But where they've really made an effort, in the SRT8,
they've got suede paneling.
Something I'm sure that, back in 1969, my rival did not
Also, other nice touches like the SRT
exclusive steering wheel.
It's flat-bottomed.
It's got paddle shifters.
It is a 6-speed automatic gearbox, but the paddle
shifters allow you to flick it straight down into the manual
mode, and, obviously, stay with the gear a lot longer.
Gives you an awful lot more control.
One of the big advancements for Dodge with the whole SRT8
program, the electronics pick up all the information,
whether it's from the steering, the yaw, the wheel
slip angles.
It's incredibly reactive.
This is quite an experience being out here, on my first
couple of laps on the Mid-Georgia Speedway.
Up here, as you approach the higher line, it definitely is
a little more-- h'm--
You've got roots coming down from the trees at the top.
You got quite big cracks in the road.
Absolutely no bloody barrier.
I've actually visualized the packed grid of cars stumbling
their way round this.
And it was all about a good solid chassis, massive power,
and men that were really, bloody tough.

Let's do this.

I don't feel that brave right now.
Actually, we're picking up some speed.

Wow, it really does move as you get into the corners.
Trying not to get out on the loose stuff too much, because
that'll be pretty traumatic if we got loose on the outside of
these corners.

The car takes a set mid-corner, then starts to
under-steer out, as I'm trying to build lots of speed.
I'm doing like 90 on the straight here.
But slowdown to about, I don't know, 65 in the corners.
Is that enough?
I'm not sure.
Is that enough to do it?
I'm not sure.

Let's see how I've done.
I don't think I've got much more, so I hope it's good.
How did we do?
Lap four, 23.9.
Well that, as they say, is how they do it Georgia style.
But in all seriousness, it's given me a huge, new level of
respect for those brave racers from the '60s and '70s, that
drove those relatively primitive cars, at huge
speeds, on racetracks like this, all over America.
And just remember, I did that lap time, average
speed, over one lap.
They did it over the entire race distance, including fuel
stops, pit stops, and, obviously, yellow flag
Really good drivers, crazy times.
A huge, special thanks to Tim and Larry, for letting us out
here on this secret, hidden racetrack.
And, well, I'll catch you next time on the
World's Fastest Car Show.
Damn, that was fun.

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