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and welcome to s_e_c_ sports roundtable this is your host
Shane Bailey
have Blair Smyly on the other side of the monitor here welcome Blair Smyly
it's good to be back. How are you doing?
i'm doing wonderful thank you so much for asking
goin to spend just a second talking about what we have here a if you are just now
tuning in for the first time
again it's sec sports roundtable
we normally have anywhere from two to
individualis that sit around we talk about a sec sports or talk about what might
have happened last week that we liked or disliked
uh... what we thought was good or bad
uh... we talk a little any news that might be happening in the s_e_c_ this week
and we also take a look at
uh... any of the games that are
of importance to us at least that are
are coming up for for saturday at least now we're talking about football
uh... I'm wearing blue and white am a Kentucky fan
so you will see me uh... have a lot more talk about as we progress here
and football starts winding down there's a little more
for kentucky fans to be happy about
uh... so i i know that media days for basketball was just
and i just was in the books
the media reporters are
are high on kentucky again, I don't understand why
uh... why there there again isn't that correct
now seriously have
there are high on my Bulldogs too.
yeah religious rebuilding and start all over again and make it happen
uh... but we are in the middle of going we are
weeks and
so halfway through our captain violence in everything everybody's about halfway
through their season a lot of good actions happened a lot of
teams are playing some really talk about politics
uh... but there's also a lot of really good team that has a
really going to balance the left the place but i think
when you look at that west schedule in the s_e_c_
i had seen it seems to be a little more back loaded in the the east's
uh... sleigh games and things are shaping up in the east we can talk to us
a little bit about that
no i think this is i think those are listened you too
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and as anyone listens to the podcast they know that that's taken for
something some sort of context
of the podcast itself so you know had some really nice comments from you two
from individuals going there's no doubt eating out of a skillet
uh... you know
of course is not thursday did they look at the end though the video it's got to
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that's me
uh... of the host and i'll run this thing i've been here for fifty-nine
episode right now uh... blair's blaring true or not to main co-hosts and and
blair's quickly gaining on he andrea this is not already asking for a number
of times being on either side thanks so much for your insight and joining in
uh... but let's get right into the look and at last week's ganesan
and we're going to start with
let's talk about better about an hour
uh... were you expecting that indeed what what you did you get to watch most
of the game player actually i did i get lots of most of this same exploit
and storm i ll send to stay at the weekend away last week in germany is a
tell us a little bit washed over those few it takes a minute or so it will
watch for
uh... bailey game i've read a little bit about it
but uh...
uh... itm
great would he say about all of us
it's just
they're making any or for those guess and um... you don't
differen billowing
when you look at their back in the schedule is what we talked about
uh... damaged in a couple pockets here whatever
a setup author of the
missouri i thought it was the game that they needed to go out make a statement
if they're going to have a shot to get to that seven in filing every muslim
pocket ball are bolted bit all uh... but uh...
you know animator should here with those
uh... pretty good schedule here coming up but uh...
you know i think they're going to have a unnai second half of the year
becca then about cutting it for him or means to be able to at this point
and you look at what have you masses upcoming week
uh... they still have tennessee which is
uh... at
and still a little bit about program we have
uh... i think they look a little better than knew what they have in the past
couple of weeks or happy to see that
i'm but it's still not the same vanderbilt program that i wanted to and
james franklin was out there
rock and you got the billboards all over town in the blues music what what was it
was there for international
anchor down no that's there
uh... of n_b_c_ danger train station and change their executives say just got a
big blue's them back detailed to the yeah
the commercial service in the some reading the
it is great
but those most of those things that we have a change from vanderbilt and win
uh... and how wanna see them you better i don't seem to matter gets kentucky
but you know i do want to see them improve
ended well nothing franklin's igate coast when they had some hick ups and it
was nice to see them get that win over already
yall you've referred disrespect
uh... that aldrich received when's the last time they were into
again like already were favored by a touchdown
you know
that's that's the news
bells everything i mean it was a good way of every bit of money
when you look at their schedule and that's what we talked about i mean
that's o dot tennessee kentucky almonds
you mastery in this weekend i mean there are thirty cop-one
paper or something of that f_ that affected the network for some on sony to
realistically look at all the stains as senator winnable games
uh... your e going down the stretch of so
uh... you know you and what four others father sits a stop it
its own
i let me ask you do they have
four out of father opulent waking you may have some not so neither one of
those genes in
they're not as easy store always going to go with the s_e_c_ in that situation
we can talk about a tremendous kentucky played really really well against
and you know there for all they had some some bad things for other witnesses i'm
ok thank you for closing to go but they didn't give up i thought that the state
in that game
i think they were there were lost by what five or six is that right
here and i think i think vanderbilt's thing is indeed
you know that that
more ways to myself well i think it's if
you know
zack stacey can run the football
you know we knew them also really critical gaps in defense and uh... so
that the ability
uh... to pass a say they were going to be as good but it seems they were last
year so you can't have jordan rogers maker rivers like you get it for forty
years so
he settled down a little bit from matt
uh... really want turning
over the ball
uh... in when you're not doing that yourself change the way i think
they didn't want well by
do you know we're kentucky's gonna be in a couple weeks aesthetic kentucky and
tennessee or those two teams where
they didn't
you don't really know where they're going to be you don't know what the
coaching world's going to be like helping kentucky is is a much flocks
as tennessee's lumber arias right now rabat program uh... you know they take
another copy of the sock you're all this week you cannot change where those guys
are they going to check out my baby
you know gtalk e petty of me
this is one of those types of things where ivy
bagaimana ashfield looks a lot tougher game
special with the way they lost a mailbox last year but i was the year you can say
that they can check i think it's a hell for all the things that there's two
games of chance he can get back up for
even if everything else is is
you know halfway out the door is not already packed
and that's going to be competitive and about because
the comments that were made last year
man-to-man about game after the renova game
and then we can have the filing roper st against
tuesday so both of those teams have the have the ability to get up
uh... and all this is a much different in bed with him
we saw at the beginning of the season
and you can attest to that were being down affair no everything in mississippi
by the indiana estates and you definitely want to know what the policy
as a whole mess
and that also did a little faster
u_s_o_ you handled mister program that's on the rise
you've got an activity in kentucky program that this definitely not where
they need to be but
against event of a program
are they going to be heavily favored
so you've got three still tough games to go in the s_e_c_ for me to read about
and malcontent into place for tennessee construct or
and proof of that
you know all three of those things that matter
uh... not no ball game and that i am ready with me
anybody less uh... happy doing kentucky jersey things nobody at least frequently
those type of things
for for around about ben about programs so what it is better book why after you
uh... let me know that when next week the car
i do remember who got kentucky
and uh...
and then they have a home yes
and i think i think the kentucky in singapore game because
that only three wins in a row diplomats taking
uh... nine out of the florida game in their belly three or four
uh... wins that you're kinda building all of a little bit of a memento if
you're able to go into a kentucky
employees detained by the federal plays a good going
doesn't turn the all over
but it can be kentucky if they do that and i think that made leapfrog keepsake
you copy metro too i think that they can lose a game intended to do the exact
opposite you know i think they can win or lose any one of those three s_e_c_
and so now you we said they were quote
division direct four thirty
three and four aphasia three id four so
really immature at a conference that i think it may have to win
uh... one of those three end date
could realistically lose all three
yeah dont
so review we still must have a lot to go with hardware made about might end up
and you know as a kentucky said i want to mention those guys look at it
are you treated me a couple times and and certainly text messages about how
riddle are are defense in our office is in
uh... some of those doubts you're we're given the weirdest mumbling about having
fresh matter
are seeing this
tremendous amounts of game time
uh... for that kentucky program but it's good to see that you mean effect effect
georgia games showed you anything is there not given up
uh... there's still some fight left in a while back san
and we'll see what happens in the mid dash
to winnable games
uh... against tennessee and against uh... made about the where those two
programs are
uh... inventor about arms are things that people is the way they give you a
story that
against ended up against kentucky the way that defense stepped up
where they were moved the ball so
has a mafia fewer to get the running a little bit
you can actually cause some problems for testing program development
you never know what happened in those situations for kentucky
and if you can win with a a couple of those winds let's just say
uh... figuring out the tops of the missouri this week
deathly deathly which university is
uh... train is
i think the one thing that we didn't learn
use that to see if the alliance for portal
vanderbilt is not going to be just complete your last year they home
they're having their defense may have played makers i could make plays a very
very very
uh... experienced darussalam b_-fifty fought his loans that it might turn over
of of only officer sop a ball
uh... but deployed conservative in releasing had in
and do that this year they were looking at and so they've got belief
there and they think i'm going away so
uh... i think you're right there i think that she has shown you that you know i
mean they've given up
you know almost two hundred points higher seventh report support
s_e_c_ gangster to season-ending in better i don't think believes it
they really want you're going to be able to put some point so
it's just
uh... you know to you
ki sab array of his brady and
and hunter
and those guys get out of fault
uh... you know specials last two days of leave
that they could get recoveries under two hundred points maturity arts game hunter
stoplight will that work arrest
of the last couple weeks so
but who knows and we don't know where to see some of the after this week if they
if they did
the door small awful they give up forty points out your honor
you know wears a or around on the mean do you know i mean in the last few days
it's gone from
hey john bruton might be interested to john bruton paul's jock
army units it's it's ramping up so
uh... little things that are going to be
kind of interesting to see and watching it at least
that missouri
vanderbilt kentucky tennessee
each side of things
there's no telling where it's going
you know win one of them can win it all of them can you know soon
there have been at the moment of your two very and we're
uh... those heavy hitters or or or khana via for
uh... this last lost their pace
uh... allen agree completely one hundred percent therewith
i wish there were times when we would like to disagree sometimes by cast but
we're career so on the part of the s_e_c_ you know what's going on the
bottom of the parallel there
has rebounded in so long because it's easier
this is a and mississippi state and then there for a at times well of that
uh... you're right and we have put a lot of time talking about
innocent four forward
basement teams
but what you are seeing him this is the last thing i want to say about kentucky
place for a few minutes
is that
they're not in the discussion as far as the worst teams in the indeed division
water are these yes yeah
uh... programs any longer
and uh... and strong performances like they had against georgia can can
roll them over into some winnable games i mean they're still almost to dress
down uh... underdogs that misery
uh... you know you
you come in german and i don't know if franklin comes back finally are they
going to be a a better program because you have i think that's been a big issue
from those guys over there in missouri st dot james frankenstein purposeful top
yeah from like the last four or five weeks all of those performances that
you're getting from them
are really that the performances that you were expecting out of the them at
the tigers over there
let me ask you argue more surprised the way alabama display
uh... or
workplace and
and i think any of your lesson in the way some of the stuff is that
that has an
played out as far as the bc awsome
what i've learned over the years is that ninety eight percent of that stuff is
going to work itself out
wish to have four more weeks left as far as these yes goes
florida at number two
alabama number one
one of those two programs will not be there
exist is a simple fact
uh... and is that going to be four after this weekend at the cocktail party uh...
again it depends on what george shows up
uh... you know so that that could make it
quickly fall out of it
uh... and they still have florida state
uh... what you can see is that florida could still go on the here's here's the
scenario for you
florida wednesday yes
wins the f_c_c_ east undefeated
and then they have to be a defeated gone was the liberal
pickup is georgia this week with those guys 'cause there's contributes
drastically easier
uh... the last couple weeks except for forrest a but denied they run up against
the moscow florida state and leaves
now all of a sudden
they're going to go into the s_e_c_ chicken soup one loss
that you know they don't slot
let let us let's throw this scenario out there
there's a lot of five or six
they go in the alabama
malice in alabama settled one loss
four is now one loss
who's going to national changed
well and i think that's what you got to find out on the top five
that our first self-harm bright now
you to lose your first question
and remorse across without them or organ
i was surprised by either one of them be honest with you have a little bit more
surprised that organs defense is better than i thought it would be
but they're also still play in that accident
world out hauser be fish sako
are they going to be able to stack up against an alabama that connection
without all over again often slot out there on the football
all became very
overall four poor game be able to do that
so we don't really know that i think you're serious this place is a lot more
that that was the most of their audit
so is on his own losses are is there one lost team
from the s_e_c_
uh... that
loses before this decision shouldn't be seventy different also the s_e_c_ chief
chip in for those treated be able to get to know they have to really depends on
what notre dame does
because right now they're in the top five if they don't want to feed it you
can say that they actually play the schedule
that award beyond the beyond a conversation
yes you can just say that one
in that world was so obligatory work itself out me
i don't think that we have to open but we have to worry about
three and a few things be in there
and you have a picture of the three i think it's going to be a scenario where
you still
maybe having one of the faded and yet caught wall street figured out
you know we play this what-if scenarios all day long and and most of the time it
does work itself out but the reason i ask are you more surprise with oregon
well pamela
and it's not the alabama's non-degree can we didn't think they would be
but they uh... they completely dominated a for what she said that a a lesser
programs they play
what what no one really talked about with alabama here last week that you do
not hurt
and i think they're honest
they had just a front-end loaded scheduled always worked out this is easy
as it were kids
so they both have made back in loaded scheduled it becomes very difficult to
make that one of three days stretcher mississippi state
and then examine an a_t_m_
and so you know we've already seen einon's greatly improved programs a lot
of free time games allen's vacuum back-to-back back against
i'd just like organs got
uh... usc and
was stand for
yeah and i think
and i think the town
add to that shane is this
when you go into the sleazy like that day
albums play michigan
their plan our consultant rlic slurred two weeks later
uh... you go into the season
you're saying hey you're gonna go out and the first
and guess what
we didn't really know much about only goes up michigan wasn't that good
arkansas did have carlson and they were complete disaster
of the role in some
they'll go into missouri and have a c_b_s_ gain you get on the local
absolutes law and retry windows or
uh... you know and then you have it in the same thing that you think is gonna
be better
uh... it's really the same thing in the city sixty million misuse a speeding
because their schedules since office will open that's what we're going to
talk about it and we're talking about
what's the whole point tells the whole point before the season was
when we actually say
missing so i could be six and warm or senator i'm going to the task force
they should be the worse than that
of a black beauty centre always to be better yes you stopped it seems to be
better yes
and uh... they ended up being
nice often being the only the disaster tennessee just haven't been sitting here
the end of october and doings
if there's a good chance he's not everyone again in october for tennessee
uh... and they have one s_e_c_ day cheer so uh...
i think this is where
we're gonna find out and and
disappointed she should have at this day monopoly
i think that's where
ideas where were finding out that the last
it's ended up being backordered because you have a basically about four weeks
right here where
texas a and l if you have a bad witnesses the state of our employees
rather opt speed
yeah you know tell us you in texas and played last week were planned alabama
you know next week it's
belet huen alabama city state taxes and alabama's plantation in politics that
will know about the welsh really quick
you you still have a mammoth you know them on your schedule yep in three weeks
restricts an alabama still has the same briefings uh...
you know i a m services in the sense that a lot of things that we can to try
that that's it
and so you really are going to see what was going to check out on the west town
i'm relieved and know that
my question was worded
we're gonna whether correct but
i think we we got him up for you and it's really we just don't know what
elemental we have yet
right not to write about the senator had
there appear really good to me
despite warnings are really getting
but we still asking either one of those programs play the caliber of
uh... of football that we need to sexy
they say why are they all are back to that
yes today and
i've got a feeling they really are
i was a a little advantages is pretty good at this stuff
i think twenty three two billion dollar
the debt to hang up on on his own state actually it's going back up to twenty
and uh... so
i mean it's too close a synonym to get back home or any other known let you
you when you talk about that and they're gonna have to blame usc in stanford and
then they're gonna have to play usc probably diminishing can ship uh... here
so they're going to happen
to win three games they're alabama's gonna have to produce goblet of
utexas animals you in the city state and they're gonna have to be a four-door
instant messaging just updating notebook at the at the best thing that makes shit
about this week because
i think
i think it's in the city safe and
you go to this season he ok on seven of the limited tuscaloosa manual to you're
playing with house money i mean but homebuilders places and
babysat c_n_n_
you know
in strap you know they could be a little more roland everything else because they
know that they're doing right so
i think it's a high number but i'll will
we don't know the the teams have been and
that's what i'm interested about because
mississippi state actually plays better when you actually while hit on the
and he just gonna go straight out of bed kinda like that
you know that john and sales the game that i worry about going to take so many
of the next week state of maryland point
well it's a little or crap like that
but you know i'm not sure that's
we can do it that will be here
you know and so there's a lot of different
matchups in that game come out this week i think they're going to be attrition
and we could get
just totally blown out of water
uh... but some things tell me that
alabama hasn't been tested they haven't been part of the mouth like we talked
uh... united where
for all of
every declared basically the whole here except for fifteen seconds one almost
out of the intended ok kak
so they had a really
you know to you
force him into a mistake aging the karen had had a mistaken ten games
does the brocade well and i know those are things
and i think that's where mississippi state to really have a chance to to win
the game not just cover the spread to win this game
you're gonna have to have
some chances are practicum reporting and i'm really have been on the defense is
on the ball
you have to have
pressure of the metal cutting-edge indicator
i have a game
but with a friend who is a family here with your
your safeties
and your corners
awesome one-on-one coverage in the rest of it to the gameplay lysette
because otherwise we can sort of armenia
and all that pressures for markets for suggesting that the other way
when is it as it can come through and you can get that pressure and you can
handle those wide receiver for alabama arm and coverage
then you've got a chance animators military senators to say
yet dot the banks and yet there is lying
you say
yes let's do it is still in use of money right here we're gonna send everything
so i'll stop it won't make a one-dimensional
and we're gonna make a freshman at mori trooper in
just one vote river tennessee
you know uh... you have almost two hundred yards receiving last week at the
break that day
i'll take a freshman home shopping bags a day that week
uh... you know and
that's where you gotta go say
by was lined up and give it a shot we got nothing to lose now anyway
and also i think that i think they'll be really loosen in you know i mean if i
don't see you next week they're target the next few weeks
they're gonna have to have some bursting we just haven't seen what they could do
with it and they're not as dominant as team
uh... from a
defensive standpoint as they were last year that that was all
you know what's on the fifteen your generation type
defense and you should move all its uh... this one
statistically is due in roughly the same thing
uh... but
uh... but haven't really been tested what we thought they that works out
uh... will save the file rustling
burgers per incident
you know me who is awful beresford it's been really necessary
and russian actor
seven gains uh... so i mean it's uh... saw those things where they're really
balanced this year so
on this issue had turned out
well you know the last thing wasn't this game
is that it is the spread in what we have to keep in mind if we're will get this
is it's not that they think that alabama school we're not that much
and vegas peoria talked about it this is all about
the marble
the gold foil
and putting money in the back
they don't get that by losing
so what they have to do is they have to get enough people
on alabama
as agent for mississippi state
and so that might mean that they have to raise that number higher then
realistically that game has a danger young
was almost but not much dependent that are worth about tennessee an
can not only well below what we're actually talking about the alabama
of mississippi state
yesterday that i almost everyone below thirty
and what we were just we were just breathe educating everybody about that
basis and it might be dead
they just have to get fifty percent of the money going each way
and so that number i think that number if you were asked me before i heard the
number was seventy
is where i thought that number should be habit vegas needs to get more people
that mississippi state so they got to make that not make it more lucrative her
for folks who mr cousteau here at philip morris along with
twenty four
some large number of a yeah i mean i don't i don't know i mean i think that
at the or pressing on thurs
to think that that album is not going to be able to handle
but that being said that there are four points i had to be tough for me to pick
against it's a lot of things to be taking him to the season
and bookings b undefeated
well i mean they will tell you this i mean there's a bit different than the
city state and there's there's no doubt the mistakes of buchwald insane but
but they're differently dot i don't think there's really any body insanely
good alabama so
but what's the right way four points against it seems a lot
but none of it in the lessons is quite a few points
nature and we were just talking you know one of the things we thought
you know
invade yet if you're looking at it from you know like my perspective is a safe
and you should have a look at how can you actually
come up with a lien right
uh... martini actually
uh... be softened windy in what we're just talking about was if you're missing
the state yet rejected quarters of the year dousing
and say just lock 'em in and say
you know you go
you can imagine with those guys let's bring pressure washed operon
anti-american won the national institution create you god for its part
of the states
and uh...
in just a thought the has
alabama you know when we're talking about this a minute ago
hasn't really been tested
uh... they really haven't been hit my house
uh... and
said okay
i am pure seven points in
we'll see how you react i peeled um... you know uh... it's one of those things
is going to be interesting but uh...
it's a all tested for seven of your message that you got up and what isn't
you know you go out there was some
bro location state dept seeking to turn it over
well yeah i think you're right i think the the two big things that you're
saying are correct
uh... the for some of the uh... uh... ellen and knowing that says he didn't
have much of a jazz night it was the first edges he played this year gets
album and i thought
they're not going with this guy
uh... i dot harvesters had to be a message dated played with them up on
thursday as they could be order george in the play with them as well
stuff but if jesse was gonna be alabama allen doesn't have to make mistakes
uh... because this is because one building up so you're right i think that
the recipe of the alabama is what i have a good defense
uh... because i think allie was defense is better than the ralph that similar
offenses also
uh... so
i know that you're a swirl upload songs that you have a good because it and he
does need to catch a bad day
uh... there's not many things that are out that i can play with them so you
need i do that in the makes mistakes and and
invested in the city states
i mean they i would say that they they
however i don't know how they got a lot of the night and i think you're right
they have to get the job out early and get a couple you know began earlier
saigon thank god you're which is
they their opportunistic and the financial minutely the nation turning
rationing offer more
soda if you follow that recipe
uh... promises that got a quarterback bits
the same way of results albeit the passes i wanted to make and the sixteen
with no pics though
uh... while those guys
do they make a mistake and who does you really kind of tires gets outside
uh... giving attempts i did buy tickets
business in the states amin
seven oh seven thousand sport it is that happen often
it out here yeah i i i still think that
i mean i think this is that's not give up some respect right now the seven
though uh... but on the other and they really haven't beaten but other team so
its worst things worked hard to say that you really won't know what kind of t_v_
guide at seven oh two a_m_ but i i i think that they
illnesses they could be adopted thing they could be you know that ever could
fault in the country just don't have it could be a top genting
but it is really hard to reminds me a lot of that uh...
the or consult even in ninety-eight that played to the sea they're both on the
faded and you notice it was a top two or three team i think about the number one
the country and arkansas was like eight or nine and uh...
and you know it is just one of those things i mean they can you know they can
really put themselves in the driver's seat the
to have a mental caesar they can win if they lose i mean i don't think that
you know the season's lol sorry thing i think that this is a game that yet a lot
more game and you lose
asking one game at
mullen has now been competitive with coming last year
i would also reports that in which was the closest more dodi to the rather than
l_s_u_ but
rudy realistically that the remains of bowling that we've played its role as a
team that
we have a competitive with at all
and uh... so i a there's a lot of underlying things there that
make me think that
that they're gonna play a game is going to be a lot closer than twenty four
i still think it's very difficult
to come out there really anything come out over the windy you totally go to a
level that
you know you go from eleven to
top part of the country i think that uh... and also they come
uh... i'll be talking young it only takes two different stratosphere
uh... group
i am honored
by the government a segment in a minute i'd never know who is going to be it
would be honored not beyond who's going to be just must self under like an hour
to go win win-win set his phone was dead he was still in for the the podcasting
cruiser basketball practice out
uh... hot sauce that i don't spread the melody a bit
uh... i did have one question that the started this whole process for me and i
was going to be
paychecks you her helps order
undecided ur it doesn't matter is author of the stuff you guys is neutral field
for the cocktail party
or it doesn't matter for georgia
well if you take the history of the last four twenty
three years of one one three times or something uh...
you know
come and that's a tough one because you never see that gamezone other campuses
you don't know what the answers could be i think it's a very unique jane
inot the be the environment that it's the end characteris an atmosphere that
you don't
i don't think either team
i think it's undecided i don't think it's either helps or hurts on
but of course if you put it in athens it's different if you put it in days
what's different
but he's used to having to write the letter that only one three times last
quarter century yet
so anne
statistically parcel but you wouldn't think it would
drew what do you think
of death we gotta go of hurt by that kind of a difference and
uh... i'm sayin hurts because if u are based on the fact that this is not a
whole video series i think that
there's much more of a hope to live and in gainesville than there is in athens
does the fact that it's always played it it helps them more because our authority
to help since i it was over
it helps them because they uh...
i don't have a workaholic gainesville i think they have a better hope ill have
an edge
is notably every year
uh... jacksonville as opposed to know that after the games a lot of dave
republics boy as opposed to
as opposed to it that happens where i i think that event happens it sure is a
great stadium but i don't think they have is nearly as bill harmful bands
that you would right now
so i'll holla question
there's going to have a chance
debited changed
i mean i mean
they have a chance because florida
blew up under ninety three yards in south carolina and
won the game because sakura hannibal ball four clapton
they didn't do anything off against another defense is right
their georgia has the ability to store
uh... arlena stories for the office
but sigh
do they have a chance yes i think they have a chance to i think that they want
a home buyer if you were going to kentucky with the cocktail party next
week and then with
that's just inside a bass player
you know they're walking out
dues from
you know
seventeen-year-old gina
now has to be it could be stepping up to date
two quarters into that thing in a row disaster
and so i think they're totally adobe refocus but
flores alex dot b uh... but toward the deficit cha
uh... i think they're definitely had a chance that this game
just just from it i think one of the uh... crazy thing you know five weeks
you know i'm and yet we like report was but but it's not like we thought they
were the number two team in the country and yet it would appear games rate than
they were present in that uh... south carolina game but i think we're dried up
think that
george is not as bad as we think they thought their last game for is not as
good as we think based off their last game
and uh... well i'd give the advantage to florida just by stopping extremists in
the trial re and i think they'd become a do you have george's number and that's
the important things about it quite a bit i would say that this is a uh... a
situation where a lot of people are under estimate georgia and uh... pitches
or what not yet and i think you know that you take into consideration is just
take a look this up here on out
three weeks ago
they're coming off a
just naturally be down
legislated on georgia in emery could grow four class
they develop you
struggle in that game
well she's kind of a remarkable serb-held she's got a little bit of
in asap your honor
as a disaster of a special teams and
to remain in our lives
soccer on another might be working weeks ago
so just homeless language that we just
it so much of a different story
i want to say that
and this is very much your sense about everything now
i think that
it hurts georgia uh... weather is neutral filled or not
uh... if you look at those records yes a plane and swallow is a huge disadvantage
compared to play jacksonville
but at least flying enacted u-haul philip and every other year
can you don't have that now
cocktail party basically the home game for four as a business more floor things
come up here even though the tickets are fifty fifty
uh... more friends report come out there than george anyways
so from a friend perspective you're going to see
at least of my hands it would be may have a better chance than hell actual
between the hedges every other year
of uh... having wind that than having to go on the
the neutral field every year
alternatives factors at me
jess's they'll
astrology gathered from
geographic simple it is not there for company
that's a pretty close
neutral site for both teams in those instead of four
it's just such a traditional plano i'll take it out out of the gipper for
the office with the updated she should you need to know what it's been there
found a way it is that it creates a on environment
uh... so much so that they can actually called the world's mortgage cocktail
party shit
but uh... do you think your i mean you put it on campus
near that both unit manager and home
every every year
uh... but the jury for ethics law dislike more
in today wants them
that happens
new york what was with some things there and know that uh...
at alittle bit lower third that orange flames perfectly with your your emblem
that up till a google blesses you know made that especially pretty weapons
what kind of sisters tennessee have this week
uh... there when the game saying so i'd say a really good chance there
his uptime there's very often why not only in their native south carolina lurk
there straight loss as opposed to to see their workforce trade walls
now i don't know but i think that what you're talking to us is better than a
better than lubin
here's a guy thing besides alabama game which a major issue is is not the same
league as alabama
uh... i think the point just as good as the city state they had been set up just
let me just didn't close the gala
they know that they believe their delivery recorded mississippi state
yet yet in four they play three quarters against ford in concludes again down in
georgia i mean they work
they were they had the ball the chance to take the lead later game just
couldn't do it in and now
the bottom line is a wall so for those games
but i'd do think dot intensities
everybody goes on the fact that says he has lost the level of the last twelve
uh... love will last well cold air assisi games
eleven uh...
you know two of those eleven losses are against teams that are the top twenty
uh... it's got to play the s_e_c_ that's all there is still up and i don't think
jesse is as bad as their record and i don't think this is as bad as all people
say intra-party which i daresay arm
would be upset if they got somebody else but uh...
i am
of the campus a and it's very difficult the fact that says he is also the number
once in a country
the number to save the country it even break in the top hobbling plato and a
seven oh one defeating
twenty seven what is a record seems to see point the wall street yourself
they're not losing games that they are supposed to win there was an all these
games that are either also to the folks lucerne as it is a ban on disappointed
about that but it doesn't make me think that their teams not get out of the
tennessee at the top twenty five
no now where was that about combating okay
letter saying that if they lose this neighborhood but there's a good chance
they could just ireland and you're not in
and the rest of the students for not what what is your thoughts on the
witnesses say that's it
we don't know what's going on and because we all know what
but then i i
you know what what is what has happened is is that in two days it's come from
here's john bruton we're talking about into
but uh... wikipedia page size competency money in two days he's gotten ramped up
to a fever pitch
does a loss of south carolina which everybody to be honest with you
most people assume it's going to happen just because they just think extensively
that yes i did
and up
it if that happens then
what precipitated this like it's like everyone every walsh's exponentially
you know it's it's funny
the jury can attest listen on this or else conversation when i got knocked off
their so i don't know exactly what you cover but
believe you tell me before the alabama game
everybody softer illusions albarn
but but then we would lose against alabama reasonable ones in the country
who's da made everybody college football
is just like
exponentially that works
you know because the almost certain you know your warranty and
but you do you really want a laugh
but when you saw one eleven
now it's even worse than a year is kinda like this
description of this building
uh... doesn't really
makes sense i mean they all work
uh... to the fear of four really really good teams roswell or think i agree with
you were not postal carriers
it's like you you know you've got a kit that you know
uh... give another analogy besides you've got the whole team lead
we really don't know how good they are an entry level i said top forty five i
think that a seizure and talking about no but is searching for tennessee as a
team that is the twenty th at documentation absolutely issues very
third to know when every loss a bad is it either agustina either in the top ten
or has been on the top ten this year
uh... i will reverse the state is but there are seven oh two hundred twenty
seven worn
and eleven other last well s_e_c_ game they've lost but to those eleven besides
the kentucky
have been against teams that are ranked in the top twenty five
and i think they always living there there's a good teams are losing tourism
old analog intimacy is all that the north
and i think i think the thing that we would have said before the season is
dare dually
all career is
if he gets a fourth year is basically tied tyler is tied to
tyler break just behind her
in these guys are why in the last few weeks have been the worst things that
they play
uh... anything to really good things but i mean our readers
under two hundred yards lasted instead
uh... you know plunder
you know used i keep feeding but your partner justices under achieved for what
he has left local ideas
this year and
urinary tract
you do is kinda coming off the tyler beret
you know you see it was for the call
which is basically a call him out publicly
instead you don't see as he did he do in this one
when i look at how great you can over but i would think you say the same thing
to raise that
title parade knows when he goes into the game
he's gonna have to look for reports
its own he's gonna have to throw the football he's gonna have to take chances
where they don't have a prayer
so now you tell me kia did knows he has to actually
take the chances
he's gotta be older smarter but now you bro another
scenario of oil might be a cuban war again
and he has every actor
fantastic that everything is happens career anyway i think it's just
a lot of stuff going on
that uh... i'm anxious to see
uh... what happens this weekend and it really was a christian boasted next week
therefore winnable games there can be
you're right near the end
you know that they can be obtained it says
and a fight for
market should be probable and too i did not
left i think that's the problem is that your exactly right i agree with you one
of several tolerate
uh... hazardous laughter i think of results out but i think his problem is
they brought was the fact that the is a gunslinger
the uh... with you know i'm and trailer lab does not appear in the red far
beyond that bread for brutality of
if there's a little whenever there is that the arms trade the fifth burgers
was going to try the problem with that is
bread for leaves uh... has all-time record for most folks don't let it build
up amounts that have to get a lot of reclusive perceptions as well
you have a quarterback like that they're gonna make big plays in the going to
have big numbers which prey does have good numbers right now
but they're gonna have a lot of interceptions as well
and you're right they have to make plays because their defense is not keep a
minute also there's never going to be a game where tolerate knows hehehe but
just don't make mistakes that are right now you can
they don't insult your what the day they beg there i think it has been good
enough to do that
the problem is they don't have the kind of team
too so you have to score almost every possession can expect that something
entities take about two or three plays a labor of love
uh... from that
uh... business day game into the cigar won that game
but i mean u-turn
to retrieve what could have caused the blaze burned in a better place it was
getting the problem once again what that is that he is
this is a
twelve straight games where they went in
you know hey we got a chance to win this would be a big win in a row patrol yet
and that's what's bad is
tennessean everybody laughs specially trained as a big kentucky famine
and he had a ball to the super bowl for four years of any notes of the orbit
so safe as we still think we're a top opera written and that's all there is
still living tissue at the top ten program in the nineties
now they're really alarming
i think the seventh rate best program on a talk about that steven talk about
program in the s_e_c_ drew that's how we were the billing the last few years
yeah exactly like i was there
it's installed link this issue this commission leaders are really good
origins in was every bit as good as balance a level of activity but it is a
warning repeatable specifically for the top
tina and you know almost every year
for a long stretch their uh...
and now they've had about seven or eight years where they've been banned that's
the whole thing is
to see fires a bill former which i don't know it was a great idea hot because
admin good for three or four years they make a bowl game you know but i think
they did make a ballgame doubtfire over
but now there are a situation where they had about five years in a row or they
have in the relevant jandyal will be out of the jury is let me take you share
your age
helms the nineties
in the first for two thousand tennessee football switching grew up in
mean you guys did
you know the four-year record of what was he wins forty of forty-five games
and he was alabama s
uh... behavior and that ninety seven the
two thousand whatever that shrinks they're really when the national
championship in a hard news yeah but you see that yeni cn four e
any you resolve squabble eighty-five scholarships to the freemen bellamy
would stay in bear
you had that for your window where you've got the recruits
you're pretty nationally by all here
there was no attrition they were super talented and he made a ride
and you have a good day five years ago when you're with mike shoelders alabama
bc there you go out let's get up you know
your favorite in peru prostrate football earnings in three years
you never thought that loan because i only have about seven years or over a
year to relate the alabama every year
your so i was just as important
and that's the thing about on tell me that's exactly and that the reason to
deceive and get so excited and say let's get john bruton because of alabama did
alabama right you know they had they'd they were third
what three or four coaches with uh... she wouldn't price in french you know
anywhere they really couldn't get you know
uh... adopted that was really lead me on and then analytical in his own chair
yeah it into those as well
and then out of the blue they get you know makes a with a proven guilty
i think most of us will bring the grim probably would be a good job in n_f_l_
he's yet he's easy young energetic erin the then culpable
he's younger generated stated very well in france
it is important that you
and like sixty days are over sixty
that's ready
yahoo dot radio at draper graphics that goes with the cutting edges events get
excited about it is just one listings where
lobby uh... would you take a look at it really just from a guy looking out of it
as an adult behind it but are actually well the fact that she struggles to be
honest with you just for the live here
uh... but
the the funny thing is a little bit former
you haven't yet
at that time
you don't really know what to make of it but he came in and be created this fall
bible deal
now if he stays arguments yay violations you don't know that but
data so you know that u_s_c_ the only job that they would have taken outside
was going to come up with
it also the writers should never your hands
yet you don't
do you make a movie its former these entirely unexpected thing happening here
later that leaves you
at the altar so to speak
and you gotta go off on the coach would really not prepared to your way to the
ball game
and uh...
you know you got
yet thirty-one secondary violation or whatever it was that stupid things he
did in the way that left so well i think i would start underwriting
tuesday goes of arctic ocean in link at the nets
all approving to take a big responded they got it could really blew
any any you're talking with them in with his first your t_v_ south carolina he
once was pizza parlor
short of the alabama you know that championship i mean they were in this
bill bill the fact that we can get get a bill bill
you know more than three feet off the ground for that game
what's his name terry
you'd left breast u_n_ that's just
facets of it at the top what it was a day that they didn't he leaves your zaki
and now not only have to replace you know alot coaching legend and four
you have to go through a school that i have to be the third coach in bed
but two years news and also the fact that
they got all this is the voice i can tell you ever had sos
route they're going to go to the pacific garden and that's that's
kind of sad because he was a under father coated with a that in retrospect
let me ask you this in him
i'm not trying to took to get on the began in tennessee but that this is a
serious question
do you think tennessee would've been better off to pull in arkansas and to
bring in somebody for one year fixed in trying to bring in
uh... do later give him a long term somewhat long term contract
uh... entrada p something together that wages to right back here all
and then try to rebuild and get that that comes with a future that could be
uh... tennessee into the ticket to produce it back to work will happen in
the nineties
uh... i think that tennessee i think they're doing was probably tennessee's
six or seven th choice
i would imagine that it is the web for after
uh... ajanta group
but greens that europe any bar six million dollars to come do it just
wasn't up in that range
you know i mean maybe it was hard david couple
equivalent something to say but he didn't want to uh...
you want to take a full staff
and they were like no one wants to keep
these coaches
you know that we've got the recruits and what not and that we're trying to do
this and
i think that there billy was
was ulloa total chaos and the fact that they had just gotten a
gian al smith type one year replacement no i don't think that have been any
better the next year
she is a better situation now with our approach
then they power because they don't have that in that great saudis and they do
have a better if they much better off than it was yes and the other thing that
you have is that they're doing
not only
did it but the problem that since he ran into shady was
them all and they need to keep some assistance so they had to find somebody
that would be willing to do that
but in return what happened is is that allow dually came because it was his
the other thing was the day you can leverage to be able to manage the file
system a packet where you're going to make me take these assistance i'm gonna
meet this summer at have attrition and at this
so he was able to hold hamilton all them at that time
uh... to usually he was
buyouts were three years later he got five million dollar subtitle
it was a good job i a m obviously has forgotten attorney order q
not quite as good at what like numbers but they're out there
yet he didn't have to shoot it uses unit was introducing the role in all wrong
candidate might happen
you know what does for you and see if you think that it really should have
been set a pace
you know solo but there's an area of it
you know isolate is the main
it's kinda hard drive
jams and some good times in as press conferences and it is not able to uh...
google is there a ninety seven a hard time uh... getting paid every week he
just he just does not want songs
releasing more mannitol halogen for office his rival them the n_f_l_
but it is you're mormon came to his defense uh...
that racial
really coming
but there's no reason to and yeah
it just needs to
gopallatest yet
follow a religious life
significant comes in
you know one of those two things that they they are about this
whatsoever as a ridiculous statement because uh... i think you can actually
take a look at themselves is totally off topic but
you know the main one of the whole you know
michael internally for three years to get on him to these term xinhua again on
eternal tree
he's cute just like michael bigots q
you know uh...
nudity on tomorrow's russell because he's a big bucks for riley got destroyed
because he was in a bigger box
amie for everyone
every scenario she died
i think it's i think it's so
i think there's i don't think in the n_f_l_
there's any type of
it's a such as a production
that it doesn't matter if you're white black arranged marriages to wear you out
if you don't produce
yeah i think that i don't think that's the issue is is disney's production has
nothing to do in the congress can't gain event if you and then if you are told
that tell you a little bit immature we think this guy's immature in two years
later these immature
videos to well that makes a lot of the when you've been warned about something
uh... slate is indeed a problem buddy u
leaders kalo
wallman reporter cially organi
these are people acid woohoo surprised about what he's done a mean thing his
track record last year was the anomaly
you have here was a lovely where'd this kid and you know was graded everything
arrived at certain questions all right
i mean this is the same gotta get kicked out for a personal laptops and and and
almost got kicked out of what been community college or whatever that is
for keynote at soho guess what happens to urban bellflower oregon good things
about the halls of right and what happens now is is that um... you know
that in itself every translated every point
so they basically went back home a team that was six indian
and basically broke down every play from ten million but the other candy package
and guess what
isn't waiting to happen
is the same also man everybody else gets paid their dues
well i don't want to give in too much
and found that i thought i was just kind of ridiculous emi tumi there's too many
black quarterbacks that have proven themselves in the n_f_l_ to to say that
is the racial that the particular can
yeah myspace
but several factories in effect
yea he had a great number of my favorite team stock so
what's the difference to the issue of the intended to go ahead and they don't
the sportstar
that they're getting right now because i had to change that
u_s_ let's get back to the s_c_c_
and folks that don't get to the rebels most applicable
or well
the other games that are out there that we have discussed through doing do they
deserve a lot of attention
i don't think they do that
whose mississippi ole miss harris may have trooper player
of mysql problems it is
go ahead and ask for our that's amore
also that's a motivation
so you think arkansas started hurting her around
itself is someplace supporting uh...
or mister recall uh... that uh... ourselves getting a little bit of
profits back at seven on the list johnson around wall and uh... tower
carlson back in the settled down a little bit of defense of the clients
that for package before getting out of his confidence
yeah me just a little
jury going to vote on the game uh... just bad
that's unknown watch for me
uh... relatives uh... project aims that they are great i don't know much about i
cannot agree i think organs alot better than their record in better than what
people think
and all this i think there are a little element in this game
we had also remember that our soul was right in the right to the top ten at
some point if you're so i would still say that the letter to you
within the next thing that we haven't touched on his taxes and at home
won't allow
i'd if there was a good thing that they have a good program in a good thing
and i think they're better more verbal overtones
uh... i i i just couldn't believe i mean that you tried to get that they want to
uh... dissolved in this last week out of the many played great
especially the in their and all we're just not when they're not to take
advantage of it and i think that's a that's a good
the other owns a disaster thanks
in texas a m_ doesn't play well road minute proves that
but i'll say best
uh... you know you can get a whole missile mr clinton political or to your
playing to top off into louisiana tech you go to that
true for payment
you ended up twenty seven eighty
start going backwards in technical support on board
all carefully also or there and it does that's about it
and i think this is an ambiance
i think they've got pop in the mouth while a few of the florida game at home
they're getting a little bit of that area to also slalom
at any time they were out to sells them
i think this was going to be a
forget thirty-five horrible allow
and then the last few minutes then going there's no you've been on the line on
this is an about uh...
uh... refund
but when we look forward earlier this week
yeah yeah that's a that's a big line
uh... space not how on our become than we do is still awful order quiznos along
with the science art
that's is that
pennsylvania win
yes all they are great
late-term you know it's that time of the podcast where we are are open for the
open market blair will let you start that had a dream
and then i'll close on that
uh... mana artistic side about uh... saturday night is safe and in seven of
the one hand the tuscaloosa
we sit with the possibility of done everything they're supposed to do so
albion sitting on the couch that uh...
with the old and state there's the ah... but yours is that the showdown with my
rhetoric that israeli what's written
see if we can also huh
so we were in the capital of the house
let's say for the game only
talking about
toward building ongoing uh... i'll go in the next week so that you better get on
the road rested for the fall
nothing and it is not
that's right
uh... in their yeah says i was wondering
almost never start the schedule
raking right now
don't help intimacy not have the number one st schedule ranking that their radar
twenty bombay all your four teams in the top eleven
okay real-time lightly by fourteen top eleven you should have a top
frakes catherine
but that's ridiculous
diversity to surprise you on that list well kansas city kansas number one but i
don't want to pick twelve women i think the big twelve
the s_e_c_ should have the top
what fourteen strict schedule because i see so much better than every other
onion garlic and those and i was staying baylor
texas west virginia so the top five rvp all big twelve schools
it yet notre dame in that you have to board the twelve school so
available by satellite here's a good step you top
fifteen all of them are either from the f_c_c_ arbitral
with two hundred ninety seven event which goes to show you that
those two things or the power conferences
and uh...
anyway so i'll just plan to get on uh... wrong let's look at the rankings right
now i mean it's
the both of those things down at the top
and that is easy to say that there would be that way
unsurprising memoria cc teams in the top ten will be honest with you guys me and
i think part of the reason
some of our mayors because of the
kind of racism yeah this is the u_s_ that blame each other at the main of the
top for an s_e_c_ western about
there and this is starting to roll around robert do you know alabama
but so we talk about our live project you know
mystified you think tennessean all over again be better in
but i woke up it will affect their spring to schedule cuz
dated they have a play and yet there's been almost seems to be right if it is a
help the neighbors they will be right higher because they don't have losses
it just on a its
it makes me question all these computer rankings and
the fact that you use in all this stuff determined the
you know the the national champion oils his is computer terminal that we're
talking about uh...
but i think a lot of it says that you know anybody right now that
cases anybody pregnant in the state level
those s_e_c_ james over that just doesn't make any sense
of what stage they put the last two years dot although after what happened
of what so their games and
and other allied then i think i'll call good cormac or not
troubling artist kitchen
you break the metaphor
but in the past six years of college football
the s_e_c_'s you get the benefit of the doubt that i think that father or to a
degree but
everybody still wants that same i mean they everybody wants to see a visa money
besides uh... anna level for a national championships in annapolis he's eating
they what we're going to be good they walk in the state people
your what everybody else was outside the s_e_c_ is for
seems to be undefeated so that there's no way that we went to s_e_c_ finished
we talked about some scenarios where could be possible
uh... that the s_e_c_ still could have a one two
uh... condition and that
they're not likely but there's still some scenarios out there i think that
but because the s_e_c_ tend to go wanted to be ceo spotted the big day isabelle
if you can be uh... you my word thought what is the bill if you could be held a
the popping that youth because what savings at area was last year
mythology result level if you would go to the
xy championship game alabama sit there while also made go and probably the
winner of that as you see championship game
with that's that that's that's the that's an area where
if you have to think that will you bring up the back when i was saying florida
loses the florida state mandates alabama
that could be a still
out ideas i would hesitate to think that he would lose their proper championship
and get back and i know what happened with the rest of years ago
in the rose bowl in two thousand wat i think but
i think that's going to be very difficult at the loser of the last
eighty played and then point after that you got it added as well by six before i
get for statewide last ticket
of something else is that if you get up
it's just all past there's been a lot better happened so that you move over to
try to create it
they make it is difficult but still
but again i think this is going to be able to do it so you watch it
but then after that he had an agreement that have happened in your
nine multi live
uh... we
i'm a little over prairies alabama relatives
practical and yes this is an arkansas land fall victim to the first time ever
regular season discovered
business in your order with us your water
we may need to be offset with yet here they be
jackson st
all burn
actually south alabama
kentucky tennessee
that that is about
and we'll take several they've been we really don't have include that in there
and and and you i think you agree on what they are a lot of talking about
that since the mystery must be steady david
adjusting to a net gain i think that you know it was
i don't think that to the c_s_o_ played bad
the city state play good i think if they played ten pounds
i think it was filed that you might want more than six up interact so i i think
the thing that you defend that if u
watching this is a you do if they really mean do you want to see and so you know
a lot more about that i would actually no thing about the city state is
misses you stay is go on from
the united states and that is the day
mississippi state loses a game at this last year last in the last three years
there was a game but
you haven't got the job and banks the base three shirts running back coming
out makes one book
i mean without the support of the game
where got districts even make some let me just like to play that nobody else
just like some of it
and almost certainly go from
drop down and of reports that ban a spot in the church backup temple incident
state every time you need to make a point they've made it
and uh...
yeah everybody carried out to about not property schedule
in that's the way it's been last
five years it's always been
all have a few or georgia whoever the easiest way in the first four weeks
and they've always
that all started out wanting to
tuned into it the best
answer whenever they've rely on this the s_e_c_ scheduled it forced us to
actually get a new non-profits jana had to give up warm
it's only ended up
come with the ball game so you don't really have
are very competitive non-profit schedule because the whole point at the beginning
of the year
everybody knew that this is the state
had a chance to send a note or six and one of the worship of a
really depending on that issue
and uh... they've done everything they're supposed to do so now is the
test at all that stuff of which is
texas a m_ l_s_u_ arkansas
all this
that's a friend
this oppressive government makes everybody's the me right now
and that was funny i was also there look at and i'm if you were full
you know
bedouin takes a damn and misery david s_e_c_ you know all the schools at a
drop of water
east or west games but yet i had a problem there cross
poppers games so they could pick up the other you know you can look at the fence
he added missouri and they dropped arkansas never thinking or if you're a
dropping their organs organized a dot micro drop or cancel
true that if it is a got a break there but
bandito yeah visitors they don't work so i don't care what you say they're better
football team or cancels playing this year so
it worked out you know once again congratulations and say you can bridge
everything goes well right i mean it's just like make sure that come out on a
thirty-year we're not going to do a return trip to you guys were actually
going to
or press entourage reproduces
wedding planning is so it's it's wallace tells us how it works out of it
this year is golden for me because
we've never had the ability to gain
you're the one thing i like about being warned what they have always says that
yes there is a years lol
uh... but the problem was that she could never you're always try to catch up and
get to that below will be in
you know
we're gonna find out next three weeks we may be in three weeks looking at your
door south carolina you all soon
albert possibly author
completely out of top or anything
yet that's exactly right on especially turned to let's speak to the scene of
the consummate ballgame stood with her
they're out of it
higher up money is my uh... would like to throw back to you guys one last time
and i think you lived through it before we actually got on
on air player and that's the uh...
john calipari d_s_p_ anything
have either of you guys than a week catching him that he hadn't been so what
are your thoughts
i have
i've watched a little bit of a crime watched uh... of
prior to that the serbs sixty minutes of priority
fifteen or twenty methods
first of all these ridiculous that that he actually has the ball like sister
because i think it should
someone's there's times like this just about out of bed of
copy remand
infers much as you want to take the day
he is such a good coaches not even funny
the way he communicates
with those fears
uh... any and shame when you get a chance to new watch
uh... there's a spot in the second
version of the word they're fiction started his practice or whatever so they
he basic on trial for his like these next five days
or the most critical five days
we're gonna know five days we were just foundational ccnv
and that might be
i'm fine with him remove the mayor or it might be we need another way to find out
the foundation of this e dr
and uh... indian was interesting character new date
you're going to see that i could get on to you first
cuz you don't know anything i will get on to you thought if i dot t chiefs
often or ahead all special
but whatever you decide not to
do something once you've learned it
that's when the other guy comes out and so it was really interesting how
frontline said expectations and then there's lots of things that
uh... the i can see how
the dental around some of that using public exactly but you gotta understand
whatever time you step on the floor
or it's going to be the other teens best shot you get in
if you don't play that day
in iraq
this is pretty interesting
i need that is brutal
drew did you get to know that
i watched it not fair that to get used to have a great show
yes the and every other team doesn't
rapacious carpet why does it matter remain
calvary it
every year the kentucky doesn't win a national championship uh... news just
uh... there's what every year because they didn't get whatever fob six players
and one every year
uh... thank you can't win bottling or your team
uh... them that's a joke anyway so
although they're going to recruit
ongoing really does it look good
you get the peak anybody want
is like a little italy cuts at the training of the dreaded look you know a
detailed is good news bilbao appear in what they probably will cost me
let me just given whatever what he wants and then
you know if you can't live with those guys didn't then that the shame on you
where one of those guys
you'd want watson
you know he lost all three years living on what we will see what happens this
popular next year but what is not covered next year
wasn't thing about it is uh... you know big blue and white fifteen players in
three years in that
proceeds foreground manifest best dictator
now kentucky
he won the national championship but that was a special team last year as a
special group of gas
that you know
the thing that ralph period has now
is he's got a trakcare
track record of the last six years
couldn't people of all the united most important thing that's what he wants to
and he said that he had a part that's for tm kentucky fans get mad about it
you know this extract these are the most
yet a greater state talking about talk is all i care about tv shows
uh... p satisfied on down the it's going to be issues it because it's harder
rekindle every year
uh... like he's doing it and use the same except that i fear
uh... but
you're gonna have more
tomorrow cousin
john walls
that it without really date that you have
the other deaths that they did vote to change it and think about it looked like
they are you
offi i don't think you have
every year
you have it be out of your breasts discounted for commercial arts and
you know that the
no more graphics protective shops
uh... this don't come all the stats
to what you have it's different with
the kentucky program today versus the pass championship teams in past
kentucky programs to me is the and you alluded to it fifteen players in three
kentucky has always had a few players going in the n_b_a_
but not this mass amount of players that are going in the n_b_a_ expression
talking about underclassmen going the to the uh... the n_b_a_ so what you're now
proving is that this can work so and you're right it is becoming a bit of a
letter kind of the program could be his last are did you come play for kentucky
you're going to be able to have the opportunity only a to the n_b_a_ observe
this time and time and time again
were are almost twenty eight years and proven that we can do that so if you can
buy anything
to the way i want to cut you and the system the way i needed to happen these
things can occur uh... it opens the door to the kentucky program that we've not
seen pat's
so that's that's my that's what i'm so excited about is now in the database yet
exhilaration saying is that yes said three hundred thirty thousand dollars
march madness which is more than your football kurt budget restrictions
argued that n
it's simple economics if we have the whole program the menaced half as much
money as the rest of our program
i mean if you look at the and i don't have and i don't know i would have done
research at this point but if you look at that
the top twenty programs in the united states in revenue
kentucky is in that
in that list i think that the top ten
and because of their basketball program not because of the program
the voter around does make money
when you compare it to the taxes and said that even the uti
u_s_ cities
the their predominately bringing in all their revenue from the football so i
think kentucky is able to you
stay in that conversation as some of the most lucrative money-making programs
uh... in in sports because of the basketball
it with a lot to do that you're gonna be able have an argument with within
spending that kind of money but otherwise
is what's needed is a competitive on that models global marketing collegiate
further completed sports
celia eliot religious
just jealous now if you don't know if you don't wait eighteen freshmen
if football in this bill
the sisterhood
and anything out of four after filling out
find me on twitter teaching bailing
anybody that trudeau reporting
at great ormond basic aim at all
end up with a little bit of money uh...
surprise problem sports betting was probably the best thing that they lost
in the other things looked like that
i was a good job in that glad to be back on the route that will be was before
problems the pocket norplant here lenin
at blair smiling all the french police but uh...
i do have a uh...
headed he
uh... location if you ever get it should
jerry workers at results linking stands
uh... well
water better places of everything
that's it's about nine people
and some old house on the north side of the river
uh... and
i have never in my life dot into pancakes and not finish
and i did that
they are
fantastic forrester wrinkle
so on my list of three goethe
that way everything frankenstein's definitely that every different
scientists unbelievable
misery and
than they actually have a and also if you go in and out driving anywhere you
have to be able to cutting out all day
you know one of their uh... of brutalize
his which is basically a care site appears without
uh... arch use
and with everything we've been collins podcast a