Tips para un maquillaje profesional! - Tips for a professional makeup (Subtitled)

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Hey guys! New year is around the corner and I can imagine 0:00:15.920,0:00:18.119 most of you are already stressing out
about your New Year's eve look.
I feel the same way but I'm lucky to have a great friend, Carlos Cacho
For those who don't know him, Carlos Cacho is
one of the most famous makeup artists in Peru.
He is here to help us with any doubt about makeup
Basically, I'm gonna do my makeup
and he is gonna participate by giving us great tips.

so pay attention to the tips!
If we apply green corrector, we will neutralize the purple tone of the dark circles.
Don't be afraid of the green hue
It will disappear when you apply foundation.
Blend your foundation with water to get a natural look.
Don't you feel it runs better?
it looks pretty neat.
Use powder so your face won't shine in pictures
We've got two options
compact powder or translucent
compact powder will work better since its heavier.
Apply it in the middle of your face
forehead, nose, chin,
and under the eyes.
Skirt your face with a bronzer
You always gotta make your face look smaller
What tip would you give to those girls who have a tiny and skinny face?
What can they do to fill their face?
Well that's a hair work.
There are hair styles that make your face look fuller and bigger.
For the perfect smokey eye use eyeliner because it last longer.
Make a thick line close to your eyelashes and after smooth it with a brush.
You don't have to stress making it perfect
because you will add eye shadow after.
The Smokey eye is rounded
So start at the end of your eye and bring it inwards.
never the opposite way.
Darken with eyeshadow
If you feel the intensity of the makeup is low
add more eyeshadow
don't be afraid!
Now it has that darkie shade you wanted.
All the eyelid should be covered
But it's important that you don't paint
the static eyelid.
It always has to be clear under the eyebrow.

Line your eyes inside and outside.
Blend your eyeshadows with water.
It's like a liquid eyeliner but with eyeshadow
This will make your eyes look deeper and will give the makeup a professional touch.
Never forget to apply mascara.
Clean any residue with a lil bit of corrector and a sponge.

paint your eyebrows naturally.
The first amount is always too much for the beginning of the eyebrow
and it makes it look too bold.
It's better to start in the middle of the eyebrow
and then smooth it towards the beginning and the end.
It will look very natural.
Did you use too much eyeshadow?

That mistake is very common.
When you've got a lot of eyeshadow in the inner part of your eye
you just have to bring it down towards your nose
with a clean brush
so you can outline your nose.
Stand out using glitter.
If you have some residues
use a clean brush to swipe it off.
Now the makeup staples, the blush
and the gloss
Fix your makeup so it will last all night long.
How long did it take us to do this makeup?
like 15-20 minutes.
you look amazing and you did it yourself!
It's true, and if i did it, any of you can do it too.
Well I hope you liked this video and found it useful.
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