HA5KDR Gerecse 090725 - interviews

Uploaded by Nonoo64 on 29.07.2009

This is hotel alpha five kilo delta romeo, HA5KDR,
standing by.
CQ CQ, this is HA5KDR, standing...
- Oooh, very good.
- That's all.
- Tell us please, why do you like to come here.
- Why do I like to come here?
Because the calmness,
no neighbours listening to garbage music,
no one asks me if I've completed my tasks,
I'm managing my schedule.
I mean when I'm doing telework.
The air is good,
I've been visiting this place since 1975,
I couldn't get bored with it.
People are nice around here.
A bunch of memories tie me here.
The kids are here too,
it's very important,
and of course you,
but I've told before, that people are nice here.
And the most important thing is this
unbelievably beautiful surrounding here.
That's what nothing can replace.
That's all basically.
There are a million of things why I like it here,
but if I want to tell this briefly, that's all.
- Gergõ, tell us, why do you like to come here
to the KDR club to the mountain.
- Well.... why why....
Because we can talk on the radio,
The company is good,
there'll be the Military Weekend,
you can shoot, ride on the Gaz,
and.... what else...
- Hiking
- Hiking, hiking by night,
searching the forest with the metal detector,
that's all for now.
- Ok, thank you.
- Who shoots next?
- Gabi, tell us, why do you like to come here to the Gerecse?
- Because we ride on the Gaz a lot,
we hike a lot,
it's good to be here,
because we go everywhere.
We can shoot, that's all.
- And the radio?
- That's good, entertaining,
we can get to know a lot of people.
- Ok, thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
- Andi, why do you like to come here to the Gerecse?
- Well, because I can't do anything at home,
and I love to hike and go outdoors,
the air is fresh here and everything.
The weather is fine.
Using the radio is still difficult for me,
I tried it today for the first time,
I enjoyed it very much.
- Andi, why do you like to come here to the mountain to the KDR club?
- Well, me?
For a lot of things.
Is this an interview?
- Yes it is.
- Well, I don't really know...
It's very good to get outdoors,
I can speak a lot!
- Just speak, speak.
- I don't know, for example this week was so dull,
I waited for the weekend very much.
It's very good to get out of there,
and to come up here,
and to be here.
I have the feeling of freedom,
that classical feeling of freedom.
And I love to talk with Miki,
right, Miki?
I love his mom.
- Why, did you meet her?
- You haven't met her!
- No, but I pick him to bring her up.
And it's very good to do boyish things,
and to be with boys.
I love hiking by night,
that's the best part of it.
- Last time... we didn't go to hike by night.
- And talking on the radio?
- I asked Miki today to help me using the radio,
to teach me a little bit more,
I'm not very good at it.
But I like it.
It's good to talk with others.
For example if you are here on the Gerecse,
and it's good to talk to someone down in Baranya county.
It's amazing to talk with someone so far away.
Well, that's all.
Because a lot of things, I dunno.
I love to be here.
- Okay thank you!
- So if I would win on the lottery,
I'm sure I would invest money here to make everything better.
We would build here lots of houses,
and we would buy so cool radios,
that we could even hear ourselves with them.
We'll hang 88 meters long antennas here.
We'll buy the tower,
and put the antennas to the top of the tower,
and then we will be the kings.
- And then tell me one thing,
who will talk on the radio?
- Who will talk on the radio?
Me, Gabi, Csenge,
Andi, Andi, Tomi,
Nonoo, Attila, Dávid
Gergõ, Miklós, Tibor,
- Didn't you miss someone from the list?
- Balázs, Márton,
Wait, I need names.
Tóni, is there anyone called that?
- 4UK Zsolt?
- 4UK Zsolt,
his two daughters,
who else...
- The legendary captain Osztyapenkó
- Yes and captain Baloo.
- Yes
- And Gyuri.
- Gyuri. And Tóth Ottó.
- And what will you do if you would have lots of money?
- Well, that's a good question.
I don't know.
I really don't know.