Gotthard Interview: Post Steve Lee era

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So we are with him and today they are playing in Barcelona
and we have many questions for "Dias de Rock", it's our podcast
Marc: Yes Daniel: so Marc the first question, how are things so far?
Things are very good, very good actually
I mean we started as everybody knows what happened with the band
we restarted with a new singer Nic Maeder and we just had a fantastic year behind us
It was a hard year of work, of preparing
of writing an album, of recording an album and straight ahead going on tour
and right now we are really already into it, into this tour we had a lot of festivals
we have a knowledge we are in south America and then a lot of festivals all over Europe
And then we went to Japan and we went to Russia and now our European tour starts and we are full
in the middle of it and we like it we have a good mood
Everybody is happy and we are working every day a little bit on our setlist
Daniel: There is something that shocks me because you know when you changed a singer
and everything happened, you did have anything prepared
or you just started working or after Nic joined band?
No, after of course because we didn't even know in the beginning if we were going to go on
So we said we are only going on if we find the right singer
So as Nic came there was certain magic happening that we wrote really fast many songs
We keep opting many ideas and there was this magic situation where everybody had just another idea
and the other idea so we were really fast writing the new album
and we didn't want to wait too long but we wanted to have this year gap we usually use when you need
to settle down and then to start to get more energy, new energy
And so everything went a little bit fast. Yes but I think when something happens like this
you don't need too much time to think about it. You have to go on
And you keep it in mind, you keep it in memory
you keep it in your heart, but you have to move on, life goes on
And yeah, even for us
Daniel: Now if it is okay with these magic was already happening needs your wait
Daniel: A question from you know you're touring with Unisonic
it´s a band that is close to your style but not exactly in the same style because they come
from a very heavy metal german kind of style and Gotthard is like more hard rock oriented
How this coupling got to be?
Yeah actually we have to say management
I have brought out that at the same point a CD (new album)
They reformed, Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske are fresh together
So for us he was a good chance to share each other
For example we support them in Japan and in South America because they are really known there
and we are a little bit smaller and then from Russia and Europe they support us.
So we share even crew together and we have the same management and so it was just easier having
everybody under one roof in one way and I mean even Mandy the guitar player
He used to play in Gotthard for years.
It's great to have an old friend on tour and so it's fitting good together.
And who had the idea first, it was from something about label
or also about the management or yourselves?
Yeah it was an idea which the management had and we were talking about that
if this will really make sense or not, and then we saw it's cool
I mean for us it's not important if it is heavy metal or blues...
what matters is if they are good or not good
Because if I have a playing with the band or if I am supporting or they were supporting
This support should be qualitative good not a shitty band from somewhere for the people
Daniel: Okey So now you are touring and how's the new guy doing?
Marc: Which new guy? Nic is already one year now, he is doing fantastic
and he is really working hard because for him it«s a big work he took over
Millions of people are looking on one person, on him, and he looks alone a million people
And it«s really a hard situation for him but he is doing really well
He is working hard of course there«s a lot to do again
But I think everybody gives him time because he is sympathic, he is a good
singer he has given his own voice his own character and he is so
sympathic nice guy and it's great to have him.
It's bringing to something, you know when composing or when writing songs,
I do not know if something has changed, I guess so absolutely from before
he said doing something with you: he said he started work or
something might be Leo (Leoni) or you guys get in your hands?
That means in one way it's like before
Steve brought ideas like Nic is bringing ideas but the difference is when Nic is playing guitar
he plays guitar and a little bit piano, he brings from the musicians side a little bit more into it
Maybe he can bring more of an idea of a song already
Steve was much kind of melody guy with harmonies, he could bring that
He want to sing this ,he want to keep that melody and this kind of vocals, and Nick is more to musician
guy in the way of playing instruments and bringing in ideas. And of course it's another character
You know he sings about different stuffs, he has another feeling, in one way it's a little bit the same but
it's different and how does people say it's the same but its different
Thats what it is all about in the end
The last album sounds like Gotthard, but it's different
This tour, is it longer than tours before? Because it seems like you're doing more dates even in Spain maybe?
We do most dates in Spain and we do more dates in France
We do a little bit less in England We do 2 or 3 less in Germany like we used to do. It's a little bit longer
and more intensive but we want to restart in Spain We had to restart in 2005 with "Lip Service" and then
we could not do it in the last years about a situation in Spain, about our situation later on so now, it's
the time to come back, and we just have positive reaction We do this for two things
first of all we want to gain Spain that we loved to country
As you know we have family members like Steve parents live here Leo parents used to live here and
now they are back to Switzerland and so we have a really weird good now we say a lot of time we had earlier in Spain
We liked the country and second of all it's a country which is really rocking and so we want to come here
and you know we want to get the people So, even a lot of fans voted us to go on and I think it was really special.
Yeah, and we love you're here. Do you think Gotthard will take a different direction from the past now that
now that, frontman is a very important thing in the band so maybe matters will evolve differently?
I don't think so because Gotthard direction was every time the same
Directions rock base sometimes a little bit more poppy, sometimes a little bit more heavy
But we have our style which we are following since 20 years, and this was not the matter of Steve
it was the matter of our taste, of our band feeling and I think we will go on like this
Okay, finally I have two questions? First it's a very personal question
I thought that you were there so you can answer this When "Open" and "Homerun" came out, I thought
that Gotthard was taking a different direction 'cos it's like more much mature but it was also more melodic and it was less wild and rock...harsh rock you know
So my question is, when that happened, and then "Lipservice" came out, things had a turn to the past I think
but it is wild though and more direct, more straightforward. So what happened in those years?
Because you changed very quickly s and then you came back.
Marc: Actually up to the third album we thought where to go, you know after three albums you have to change something
So we didn't know nowhere to go, we thought about the idea of acoustic D-Frosted would be a great album because
everybody has made a D-Frosted from Nirvana to everyone, so we made that D-Frosted and this album
brought us so many fans, that we thought now we know really go back to the rock, we will lose them all
So the whole idea was first of all, it wasn't the time where the radio did not play you anymore.
No rock, radio no chance so in one way without this little change to pop here direction, we wouldn't have survived.
So this was a decision about the actual market, which did us apart and the D-Frosted fans we wanted to keep.
So obviously, "Open" and a little bit harder "Human Zoo" a little bit harder more, "Lipservice" more hard too
Every time we went up every time a little bit more To bring the fans a little bit back to the rock.
And since four, five years, rock is modern again. People actually hear rock, radio play rock and now we are back
You cannot make 20 years the same records. You have to try. Sometimes it goes a little bit in the wrong...
direction, but you know this later on. At the moment you are doing it, you think that's the right decision
And then later on maybe ten years later, you say this album, we should have remixed it
And then we have chosen in this time even the wrong producer, you know
We had a great team together but once we make so many records together in the same team
I think there was no creativity more in each one there was time for change you know
So the "Open" was actually the moment we started to change because nobody was happy with this album
Daniel: You were happy with the direction of "Open" more mellow kind of music?
Yes and no, and actually I know we record much more heavy guitar in this album. But we sold a lot of
time shall we remixed it or not from a later date, anyway it's past. You know we felt like this, when you
have children, there is sometimes even a bad one But you cannot say to him every day, you are an asshole
No it's your baby. So keep this and live with it
I am very happy with the results I got to tell you, I love "Open", I love "Homerun", so I think the "Lipservice" was
like changes so much for me, but I let you appreciated they get warm
Marc: Gotthard was everytime, it could be open like a rock stage which would go from the ballads to the poppy songs to the heavy songs sold or to the
and we tried to deliver a little bit of everything but always in the Gotthard style
and that we will keep on doing this. This is our music.
So how are sales doing? (Mic failed at some point, arch!)
Of course these days what would you expect from sales, nobody buys any more CDs so
the industry makes the train, but how it is running we are happy, in Spain it's doing very well
So you are not getting any more rich with selling CDs in these days and of course everybody is
out, everybody is stealing, everybody they don't give a (damn)
They have no do I say, they don't give any money for music They just want it for free
So my thanks from the people is when they come to the concert. And that we will see it tonight will be one of the really good
full and tomorrow evening, they will often be sold out or already sold out
Thats the thank you from the fans and that's more important than selling CDs.
For all the Spanish fans, we love you it's great to be supported of us
And now we are back. Thank you are here, thank you followers. We love you.
Daniel: You can say something in spanish if you want
Marc: I don't know Spanish but I can speak Italian French or English or German
Daniel: En français si tu veux (In french if you want)
Marc: En français? (In french?) Daniel: Ouei (Yes)
Marc: (He speaks french but it clearly takes him some effort, I feel baaaad for making him do that!! He's been so sweet!!)