Chocolate vs Carob - Which Is Healthier?

Uploaded by healthyvegan on 18.09.2012

Heather Nauta: Hey guys, this is Heather from Okay, today we
are taking on a battle, a battle between chocolates and carob. Now this carob is in a sunflower
seed butter jar but it is carob inside there.
So a lot of people think of carob as a substitute for chocolate which I think is very misleading
because if you look first at flavor, the flavor of chocolate and carob are just totally different
and they are both excellent. I love them both but for someone who has never had carob, it's
going to taste weird. It's not going to taste like chocolate and if there is someone
who is telling you, oh, it's just great healthy chocolate, I'll turn that, hey,
you are not going to like it.
I mean if you think about it in terms of just being something good in a treat, then maybe,
well, if you have an open mind, but a lot of people I think that's where the issue
comes in.
Now in terms of healthiness, carob often gets totted as the healthy choice as opposed to
caffeine -- as opposed to chocolate and I am getting ahead of myself because the reason
is usually about the caffeine level.
Chocolate, cocoa powder has some caffeine in them and then they also another stimulant
called theobromine; some people have issues with it, some people don't. If you are sensitive
to caffeine or theobromine and you'll notice when you eat some chocolate, you might get
headaches, you might feel jittery, you might get acne, then you might want to try some
carob because carob does not have any caffeine or any theobromine; it doesn't have any
stimulants at all.
So that's one benefit for carob and that's usually why people talk about it as being
a healthy alternative. And there are some other things to think about as well. So cocoa
and chocolate are very bitter naturally; they don't have any natural sugars in them whereas
carob is naturally sweet, it has a lot of sugars in it, just as it is, so you don't
need to add a lot to it.
Now this is a case where you just really have to look at the ingredients of what you are
buying because a lot of chocolate does have a ton of added sugar but a lot of carob also
has a ton of added sugar even if it doesn't necessarily need it.
That's also about the type of sugar that's been used in there. So if you found a chocolate
that was using unrefined sugar, that might be better than a carob chip that's using
high fructose corn syrup and then when you get too fat, it's the same thing. So chocolate
has more natural fat whereas carob has virtually none and what you have to do is look at what
it is you are eating it in.
So if you are eating a chocolate bar that's pure dark chocolate and just made with cocoa
butter that might be better than a carob chip made with hydrogenated palm oil.
Okay, so that covers pretty much the downsides of both of these things, but then if you look
at the upsides, cocoa and chocolate have been studied to have lots of antioxidants, lots
of magnesium, and other minerals and carob has a lot of calcium, iron and vitamins as
well as some antioxidants and some other minerals and stuff like that.
So there are benefits to them. Now I don't eat them to get nutrients; I eat them because
I can make delicious treats with them but it always helps when something that's yummy
also has some healthiness going on to it.
Okay, so in the battle of chocolate versus carob, who is going to win? I like them both.
I think that's maybe a cheater answer but honestly, they both have their own benefits,
they taste totally different so I like using them in different things.
I do tend to go with carob a lot of the times because I don't have to add much sugar to
it whereas with cocoa, I do need to add quite a bit of sweetness and I can do that with
bananas, I can do that with dates. You don't have to use sugars specifically but you do
need to sweeten it up a little bit.
And I also like to steer clear of the bars and stuff made with hydrogenated oils and
I find it really, really difficult to find carob chips that are made with good unhydrogenated
oils because a lot of them melt like coconut oil melts at 24 degree Celsius.
So I actually make it at home, I have a video for homemade chocolate that I often make with
carob and call it caroblit (ph). So that's my verdict. I am going to post a few recipes
for you guys to try out, making some of your own healthy treats with carob or chocolate
and I would love to hear from you as to which one you prefer and why and what kinds of things
you'd like to make with them. So let me know in the comments and I'll see you again
next time.
Oh, and this week, I am going to post a recipe for healthy brownies and I am probably going
to use a mix of cocoa and carob. I do like to mix them because I -- I don't know, I
like both of their flavors together sometimes. So you can check that out later on this week.
See you!