Art Lewin @ SVLLS 2012 - Stanford University

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I love this - an immigrant success story here.
Art Lewin
executive dress. Tell me your story
oh my gosh, my story. In one minute
my story, i have a long story. ok in nineteen seventy-seven i came here
and dallas crossing the five freeway other which at that time i you know and
i'm running and running and i ask papi pap this is the biggest street i ever crossed
artwork that what is it knows a freeway because in chile
would it would all have free was on that one way of roads sont that was nineteen
thirty seven so fast forward to today
who are the leading where the with the largest custom code in the country
author in the world and i've done this from day one we have uh... but great
great company great employees that work for us i try to more of a them everyday
with my inspiration and my passion handmade vision
and pretty much that's what we're doing in the world
really good at it and you've got a college degree art
i do not got i do not have a college degree but i do have a p_h_d_ okay and
that he is the the way that i use it sells for four hundred driven that's the
way i think
so i'm never hungry excellent excellent whether it was that somebody coming out
of college or somebody
nagy you know just follow your heart follow what do what you love
it does it does matter what it's like tell people you know what i love people
and and i might tell people that i'm in the relationship marketing business
including happens to be my product and uh... that's a put everything together
and doing that although i feel like i don't work really i don't work of
because it's it's
imagine doing something really really love
i don't feel like it's work i'd almost always myron
but but to me it's because i'm learning how to learn every single day
possum afterward the quintessential victory here
looking at a local your little building dollars of electoral
dont try to get their slow lately
pets or pictures i think it's so much at the right person than it takes to bring