Add your SavvyCard email signature to Apple OSX Mail

Uploaded by savvyphone on 11.04.2012

Hi, I’m Eric Hicks, one of the web developers with SavvyCard.
In this quick video, I’ll show you how to add your SavvyCard email signature to Apple
OSX Mail.
First, log into SavvyCard and you’ll be directed to the MyCards page. If you are already
logged in, just click My Cards in the menu at the top.
Choose the SavvyCard for which you want to create an email signature and click Edit this
Next click the Marketing tab. Then click Generate and Download Signature.
SavvyCard gives you three options for creating email signatures depending on what email client
you use. Apple Mail uses the Graphical method.
We are going to select the email signature graphic and copy it to the clipboard, so click
and hold in the darker area below your email signature and highlight the email signature
To copy the signature to the clipboard, you will press command-C.
Next, open Apple Mail.
From the menu bar, click Mail. Then click Preferences.
On the Preferences dialog box, click the icon labeled Signatures.
Make sure that you select the email account for which you want to add a signature by clicking
on that email account.
Then click the plus sign to create a new signature.
Rename the signature to whatever you want. I’m going to call it SavvyCard.
Next, remove the text that automatically displays. If you’d like to add some text to your email
signature, this is where you’d do it, but for this example, I’m just going to display
my SavvyCard email signature.
Make sure the cursor is in the text area and press Command-V to paste your SavvyCard signature.
Now close the preferences window.
To verify your signature is working, simply click the Compose New Message icon to create
a new email. You’ll notice your SavvyCard email signature at the bottom of your email.
Thank you for watching this video, and thank you for using SavvyCard!