Solidream : Canada - Yukon - 700km en radeau

Uploaded by SolidreamCycles on 25.07.2012

June - July 2012 Canada - 700km on the Yukon River
- Are you ready for the Yukon Bibi ? - Yeah, I'm totally in !
I joined a buch of loosers who just built a raft,
I don't really trust them but we'll see...
Thank you !
We're gonna build a mast to go faster
We're arriving towards the mouth of the Yukon River, just at the end of the lake Laberge
Finally some action !
We finally found a spot to camp.
It hasn't been easy to reach the shore tonight so we eventually chose this place
Morgan is cutting the grass to pitch the tent, Siphay makes a fire,
Brian is also preparing a place overthere to camp,
and I am putting our food in this barrel.
I'll lock it with the secret code, so the bears won't be able to open it.
It's not as flat as my cozy bed, but it's OK to sleep anyway.
- I wanted Morgan to show how thick is his mastress - This is what I sleep on
- He says you get used to it !
- The raft is just down here. - Come on, let's go !
We are arriving towards the Five Fingers rapids, the most difficult part of the Yukon River,
- So we're preparing it carefully - We have to go between two rocks, maybe we'll touch them...
- Too late, the raft is spinning ! It's not straight anymore ! Come on !
People told us that here it's a semi-arid climate,
so it's not supposed to rain a lot here, but we had 2 days of rain in a week already...
Behind me is the Moose hide that help us tell we are arriving in Dawson,
after a week paddling on the river, here we are !
It was not easy all the time, we would alternate intense paddling moments to avoid
trees on the river and moments like now when the raft is drifting alone.
We paddled hard sometimes, and some other we would eat or have naps while progressing easily.
We really had a great time this week. We will go back to biking, that's why we're here !
Back on solid Earth !
We sold the raft to Julie, it will be used so that people can live on it.
Indeed, it's not allowed to camp in town, but there's no law on the river !
We're leaving Dawson's far west atmosphere to go to Alaska !
First kilometers in the mountains for Bertrand
- Come on, Bibi, we're almost there ! - I'll just walk the last 300 meters !
We're arriving to the USA border. It's been a tough day, more than 100km and 2000m elevation gain.
We're fully loaded so it's tough ! But it's gonna be alright.
Just arriving to Alaska, the show is amazing !
It's so cold !!
Bye bye the raft