Festival 2011 - sehsüchte DOCUMENTARY (engl. subtitles)

Uploaded by sehsuechteFESTIVAL on 30.11.2011

over 1200 submissions
7 days
49.020 € price money
6000 visitors
473 kids
16 award winners
100 films from 25 countries
70 films in the competition
Good evening!
We are happy to welcome you in the thalia cinemas
to Europe's biggest international student film festival sehsüchte 2011! Welcome!
By now the festival has become a very desired one
I wish you a great couple of days with many exciting films and conversations.
Once again thanks and good luck to the sehsüchte team!
I realize that the industry is taking it very seriously and comes over to find talents
Really good films ...and students ...and parties ...and great events...
and many filmmakers and internationality
I really wish the school would look like this all year, that would be something
I’m excited for things to come and looking forward to the festival week
And now we're having a party!
Who's got a question?
Do you like your job?
The job is good but also hard
It took almost 3 years to make this movie, from the first idea to the finished film.
I’m making films for us to have fun on set
otherwise it wouldn't be worth it
INT/Day: Olympic Stadium, tunnel to the arena
Lena is standing in the tunnel with the other doomed
everybody looks at her eagerly
Lena tries to stay calm but she can’t really hide her fear
she hears Ben starting the service:
God is my path!
and the audience answers
Betty F is staring at Lena with anxious eyes...
Doing make-up and hairs and then we're ready to start
In the end exciting stories are not about winners but losers
2 footballs were in the game and the referee was bribed by these tank top guys
I don’t know how they did it but the final word has not been spoken yet!
(girlie screaming)
You have to be sure that you can say and show something that nobody else can
when you know from the beginning that somebody else can do better
go find another job
sehsüchte is very well known
Because of that it's great when your film is selected
As you have heard, how many submissions were there? 1200?
And how many have been selected? 70 or something? That's special.
Dear ladies and gentlemen
Please welcome the hosts of the award ceremony of the sehsüchte flame 2011
Miriam Mayet and Tom Ehrhardt
Actually everything will be fine cause everybody’s here and everybody’s happy!
When you start studying film production in Germany this is the award your want to get
It's an honour to win
Thank you!
This is the first festival I’ve ever attended
I was happy for being nominated, I’m happy to be part of it, it was a great week
and I got this award
it's unbelievable
Worldwide this is really unique
students being given the opportunity to organize a festival during the course of their studies
That was stupid, let's do it again...
it's too rapper like..I'll try with...
It was like Rock 'n' Roll
sehsüchte 2011 was the best festival and the best week of my li... of the year.
Thank you so much!