How To Play Texas Holdem Poker - Hold em Beginner Guide (Tutorial)

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Hello this is unexceptional rounder and today I am going to teach you how to play No Limit Texas hold’em even if you have no prior
experience or knowledge about the game.
There are many reasons you should want to learn how to play No Limit Hold’em; these are some of them.
Personally, I think the most important thing about poker is how fun the game can be.
Now I will explain how the game is actually structured.
Texas Hold’em is typically played with between 6 and 10 players.
The dealer position rotates clockwise, as do the blinds.
Blinds are forced bets put out before you see your cards.
The purpose of these “blind bets” is to stimulate betting by always providing some money in the middle to fight over.
The big blind is the minimum bet size a player can make and is what determines how big the game plays.
For example, in casinos the tables are labeled by their blinds,
a one two no limit game refers to blinds which are one dollar for the small blind and two dollars for the big blind.
The small blind is always to the immediate left of the dealer and the big blind is to the left of the small blind.
Once the blinds are placed the dealer can begin dealing the cards out with the first card going to the small blind and the last card
going to himself, each player is receives two cards face down.
These two cards are known as pocket cards or hole cards.
Now that all players have their two hole cards, the pre-flop betting round will start with the player to the left of the big blind,
sometimes referred to as under the gun.
Each player in order must either call by putting out an amount equal to the big blind or raise increasing the bet at least the size of the
big blind.
As a note calling the big blind preflop is also referred to as limping.
If the player does not want to play their hand they must fold the hand.
To fold is to discard one's hand and surrender interest in the current pot.
No further bets are required by the folding player, but the player cannot win.
Folding may be indicated verbally or by discarding one's hand face down into the pile of other discards called the muck.
The player to the left of the big blind is said to have the action on them, because the play cannot continue until they make some action,
again the options are folding the hand, calling, or raising.
Provided that at least one other player in the hand matches the big blind preflop the dealer will now deal the flop.
The flop is three face up cards known as community cards. Community cards are used by all players to make their hand.
The action on this and every subsequent round of betting will start to the left of the
dealer on the first player with a live hand still in play.
At this point with no bets out, this player can either check, which indicates they do not wish to make a bet,
or bet an amount at least equal to the big blind.
One at a time moving clockwise around the table, players will call the bet, raise the bet, or fold.
Once the flop betting is over and provided at least two players still have live cards the
dealer will deal a single community card face up known as the turn, or 4th street.
This round of betting takes place exactly the same as on the flop.
The final community card is called the river or fifth street.
It will be dealt face up with a final round of betting identical to the two previous rounds.
With no more cards to come the players have all the information about their hands and know what their final hand strength is.
If after the river betting round there are still two or more live hands, the dealer will announce a showdown and all players will turn their hands
face up.
Players may use both, one, or none of their hole cards to make their best 5 card hand.
The best 5 card hand wins the pot, the dealer and blinds all rotate one seat to the left and the next hand begins.
There are some important things to know about the showdown and which hand wins.
If two players have the same hand, a kicker will be used to determine the winner.
This will be the highest card each player has outside of the tied hand.
This will be much easier to understand with an example.
Both players have two pair, aces and twos, but player one also has a nine in their hand while player 2 has a king,
the king kicker will make the better hand.
Their best five card hands are AA22Q vs. AA22K, player 2 has the best 5 card hand because of his King kicker.
On this slide I have listed the hand strengths in order, feel free to pause the video and write them down.
To put it all together I will quickly walk through an example hand, if anything I mention is still confusing,
click the annotation on the screen and you can review that subject or post in the comments below and I will answer your question.
As you can see before the cards are dealt the blinds must be posted, player six is the small blind, player one is the big blind.
The action is on player two, who folds. Player four limps and player 6 raises.
Player four is then forced to either see the bet and call or fold and give up the pot.
Player four calls and flop is dealt.
The action is on player six who is to the left of the dealer and has a pair of kings, he decides to check, player four checks as well.
Because both hands are still live the dealer puts out the turn.
Now player six checks, but player four makes a two dollar bet, if player six wants to stay in, he must call the two dollar bet,
or fold his hand.
He calls so the dealer deals out the river card.
Both players check and are still holding live hands after the final betting round, therefore a showdown is required.
Player six’s hand is KdKcAhQhJc that is the best five card hand he can make, player four turns over Ad3s making his hand AdAhKcJc8h
notice that he doesn’t use the 3s in his hand.
It doesn’t matter, whoever can make the best five card hand out of the seven available cards wins the pot. I
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