Vidéotest Shenmue ( part 1 )

Uploaded by Karkaradon on 19.06.2009

Hi everybody, it's Hooper.
And today, I have the honour of presenting you a cult game.
A game which had a great impact on many players. One of the most incredible game ever created.
In my opinion, of course.
With Shadow of the Colossus, it's my best gaming experience.
The great : Shenmue !
The game which cost 70 M$. The game with the most overweening ambition ever created.
Sega's last chance game, when it was released in 1999.
But above all a saga that we'll never know the end.
It's the most incredible thing about this - because yes, it's a saga - :
the fans of the game will never see the end of the story.
Shenmue III will probably never been released. We're in 2008 today...
Sometimes there are some rumours : they'll talk about it at the TGS, or at the E3,
or finally it will be a movie...
Everything was wrong or cancelled.
I think that Sega will never take the risk to develop a game like Shenmue III today.
It would cost them too much money.
That's why we'll probably never see this game. That's the sad reality...
It really breaks my heart.
Here, I put you a little trailer extracted from the Shenmue Passport,
because it's one of the elements of the game I won't be able to show you.
We're in the docks here, and Ryo will have to work as a forklift truck driver.
It's one of the things we'll be able to do every morning, in the second part of the game.
Okay, let's stop with this trailer now. Let's start the game !
Okay, we're back in Ryo Hazuki's room.
Ryo Hazuki is Shenmue's main character. We'll play as him from the beginning till the end.
First, I'd like to show you the interactions with the elements of the game.
What's really incredible in Shenmue is that : first, the game is beautiful,
and then, there's a lot if interactivity in this game. More than any other game of that time.
Here, in Ryo's room, I can open all the cupboards, all the drawers, ...
There's no point doing this. We won't be able to change our clothes, for example.
I would have like it...
But we can open all these drawers ! We'll find many items inside.
There's nothing here because I already collected everything.
On the desk here, there was an audio cassette, a photo of his family, ...
But as I collected everything, all is in the menu.
Here's the photo of his friends.
As in Resident Evil, we can turn the items, zoom in or out, ...
Sometimes we'll find other clues by doing this.
Here's the photo of his family. With his dad...
The dad is behind. He just died.
I'll talk about the scenario later.
And there are many other items here...
Let's explore the house.
Concerning the graphical realisation of the game, it's really something from another planet.
Just look at this kitchen !
We can move the camera in any direction with the analogic stick.
And you can notice that Ryo really looks in the same direction than the camera...
Really... Great.
And here : I can also open the fridge. There's no interest, but...
I can also do it down here, on these drawers.
I'll try to stay objective in this video - look at these cutleries... -
but it's gonna be very difficult.
Let's leave the house now. I could stay in this house for 20 minutes if I want...
Just a last thing to show you before.
Here's my nanny. She takes care of me, as my father died at the beginning of the game.
I'll explain you the story later.
And look here : there's a Sega Saturn !
In this game, we'll be able to play some video games. But we'll have to win them before.
There are two Saturn games : Hang-On and Space Harrier.
They are old games from 1987, realized by Yu Suzuki.
There's a little anachronism with this Saturn :
the game takes place in 1986, whereas the Saturn was released way later...
My dear Sega, there's a little problem here !
Look : we're December 6, 1986.
The game starts at the beginning of December, or maybe on the November 30th... I don't remember.
The games really takes in count the hours, and even the seasons.
I think they called that Magic Weather.
It's 5.30 PM, so as you can see the light is not extremely bright.
The sky is grey, the sun isn't here.
Here's my brother. Or is he... My best friend ? No, I think he's my brother.
Let's leave now. Look : it's really beautiful...
And when we run, we can still move the camera in any direction : on the right, on the left, ...
Really impressive for a 1999 game. I finished the Japanese version at that time.
Look here : I stayed here about 5 minutes just to look these fishes.
A piece of art. This game is a real piece of art.
So, I was talking about the Magic Weather system. Because yes, it can rain in this game !
It can also be sunny, close, ...
This other element is another exploit.
It can even snow, because there are seasons. It usually snows at the end of December.
There will be snow on the ground. Incredible...
Look at this again... Beautiful. It's getting dark : there's light in the houses.
We can even knock at the doors.
No, I'm stuck in the washing here...
We can knock at all the houses. Even if generally, nobody opens.
You see : "Perhaps they're out... ?"
Unfortunately for us, the game is only in English.
All the dialogues are... Let's go to see the kitten.
All the dialogues of the game are dubbed, but only in English for the US and European versions.
And there are no French subtitles... Red card to Sega !
No French version for Shenmue, one of the best games of these 10 last years... It's a shame !
This kitten was find by a little girl at the beginning of the game.
I can take care of him if I want. Let's give him milk, for example.
I bought this milk sooner, in one of the shops of the game.
And I can decide to feed him or not.
Even if there's no real interest to do this, as many other things in the game.
It's up to us to decide if we'll do it or not. We're not forced.
Shenmue is really a great life simulator. It's more a concept than a game.
It's a real experience. Something we must play in our way.
I recommend you a lot to play this game.
Someone who considers himself as a gamer must play Shenmue at least once.
Well, I didn't tell you anything about the scenario up to now.
Here, I'm entering the Sakuragaoka District.
Look : there's a motorbike just here. I think it's the postman.
He's not really fast... How the hell can he still be stood on his bike ?
Here's a phone cab. We can enter, use the phone, ...
I won't do it because it would take too much time, but I can call my girlfriend, the police, the firemen, ...
Even a weather forecast service !
There's no use again, excepting reinforcing the immersion in the game.
Oh, I think I'm going back in this way...
Let's go this way.
There's a drinks dispenser here : I can buy a juice, a soda, ...
Here's... No, not this.
Never mind. Let's continue.
No, it's the direction of the phone cab here.
The maniability of the game isn't really its strong point.
Ryo is quite heavy to move.
In some confined places, it's quite difficult to play because Ryo turns way too fast.
It's one of the little weak points of the game : Ryo is quite difficult to move.
But there's nothing more to complain about. Except some freezes when there's too many people on the screen.
So, the story : we play as Ryo Hazuki.
At the beginning of the game, his father was killed by a mysterious Chinese
who was searching for a strange mirror.
And Ryo saw this man killing his father.
We start the game 4 days later, and Ryo decides to avenge the death of his father.
The local authorities are not decided to do anything. We're in the dephts on Japan, so they don't really care.
There's an interesting thing about these drinks dispensers :
the Japanese version of the game had the real licences : Coca-Cola, Sprite, Pepsi, ...
I'll take this one : Fruda.
And here, we have other names : Jet Cola, ...
It seems that the European version didn't have the licences.
I'd like to go to the arcade game room, but I just saw it's already 10 minutes of video...
Look at him drinking... Once again, there's no use to do this !
It's only for the immersion in the game.
I wanted to go to the arcade room. It's just here.
But... I won't go there now because it would be too long.
I think we should continue the story.
I must go this way.
Let's continue the story until the end of the video, I'll show you the arcade room in another video.
This is the bar district. They usually open around 7 PM.
There are a lot of them : about 10. And we can go inside all these bars !
There are a lot of different places : bars, restaurants, shops, even a casino !
There are even prostitutes... But they aren't here now. It's too early.
Where do I have to go ? Yes here : the Yokozuka Bar.
Let's wait until 7 PM.
Look, there's a drunk man here.
Immersion, guys. Shenmue is an immersive game.
Okay, it's 7 PM. There should be a little loading now, to make the lights of the city light up.
Good. I'm really a genius, no ? Everything is exactly as planned.
No, it's just that this occurs every day.
At the end of the day, Ryo is forced to go to sleep at 23.30 PM.
He wakes up at 8.30 AM the next morning, and a new day starts.
And this until the end of the game.
Okay, there's light everywhere now.
Let's go there now : I need to go there to continue the story.
And at the end, I'll show you a Quick Time Event.
Let's enter Yokozuka Bar.
What can I say more now ? This game is so great...
The music is excellent too. There will be some great songs all along the game.
I bought the OST of the game.
It's really a masterpiece. All the musics are not perfect, but it's still a great OST.
So, here, Ryo is gathering information about some sailors in a port.
Oh, I forgot to talk you about the faces of the characters. My God...
They are extremely well modeled. We can read so much expressions on their faces..
Again, it's really something from another planet at this time.
Shenmue II apart, Shenmue remained the most beautiful game ever created until 2002 or 2003.
Look at all these characters here...
All the characers have their own AI. And there are 300 characters in the game !
They are all different, they all have their own occupations...
It's really something impressive.
Yu Suzuki and Team Sega really put out all the stops with Shenmue.
I'm trying to stay calm, but...
The game lasts about 20 hours.
Okay, he's telling me to go to the MJQ Jazz Bar and the Heartbeats Bar.
Let's go there now.
Look at this TV here.
No, there...
I don't think we can switch the channel...
Let's leave.
We can talk to all the characters of the game. And they all have different voices and faces.
More than 300 characters... Incredible, isn't it ?
Shenmue's world is really a little community, where everyone does what he has to do.
I can go upstairs to visit the flats up here.
Really impressive.
Wow, another drunk guy... Are they all out tonight ?
Okey, let's enter here.
There's a little billards sequence, and there should be two QTE after.
What can I say now... ?
In the second half of the game, we'll arrive on the ports.
There, we'll have to find a job to earn money, and to learn more about a gang.
We'll have to go to work every morning and every afternoon,
with just a break between noon and 2 PM.
Shenmue is the only game which imposes us to go to work !
Look at this bar here... All the places are totally different.
Beautiful. Really beautiful. There's nothing to say more.
Okay, we'll have to play billards here.
I'll need to put one of the balls in a hole. If I miss, I'll have to buy them a drink.
It's quite difficult. I'll try it, but I'll surely miss. It's been a while since I didn't played it...
I just tried once before the video, but I missed. It's way too difficult.
There, they want a bourbon if I miss.
Really difficult.
Let's go...
How long is the video now ? 15 minutes...
There should be enough time left to show you the QTE after.
I can move the cue like that.
Let's change the camera.
A little on the right...
Go !
Well, epic failure.
Never mind.
I have to buy them a drink now.
What can I tell you now...
Oh, yes : Yokosuka, the city where Ryo lives, was modeled from the real town.
The city of Yokosuka really exists, and became famous thanks to Shenmue.
And there's really an arcade room, all these bars, the shops, ...
All the places of the game really exist in Yokosuka.
Really impressive again.
All the places of the game exist in real life. Incredible.
Let's go there now...
Damn, he's stuck again.
The maniability is really a weak point of the game.
Look, here are the prostitutes.
If I talk to her...
"Are you alone ?"
Let's move. We can leave the conversation.
Here's a motorcycle store, with somebody here repairing his bike...
Really impressive. Thanks a lot, mister Yu Suzuki.
Such a pity again that there's no Shenmue III...
Another thing you need to know : the rhythm of the game is quite slow.
The game is an investigation : we are searching for Lan Di, the man who murdered Ryo's father.
We'll have to talk to everybody, to search for clues.
That's why the game is quite slow.
Okay, here's the QTE sequence. Quick Time Event.
I have to push the right buttons at the right time.
It's quite easy here.
Okay, they are totally harmless now. Let's enter the bar.
It's the most disreputable bar of the game.
Oh, I didn't show you the Free Battle mode. It's very important.
Where is it...
Settings... Moves Scroll... Yes, it must be that.
So, what is the Free Battle mode ?
In the game, there are two battle modes. First, the QTE, as I showed you before.
Generally, there are used in pursuits or simple battles.
But we can also fight like in a Virtua Fighter game.
Besides, at the beginning of its development, the game was called Virtua Fighter RPG.
Let's zoom on Ryo.
This is the list of Ryo's fighting moves.
There are punches, kicks, ... Just like in a 3D fighting game !
There are a lot of combos, of projections...
It was really a performance...
We can also practise all these moves at the dojo, Ryo's house.
We can practise to improve our moves.
Unfortunately, as I played the game in Japanese the first time,
I didn't pay a lot of attention on this aspect of the game.
In fact, we're not really forced to learn a lot of different moves.
It's possible to finish the game with some little combos.
The game is not really demanding on that point.
Anyway, we can't even die in the QTE or in the Free Battles.
If we die, we start back at the beginning of the sequence.
It's such a pity they didn't put a Game Over when we lose these fights.
Wow, there's an excellent smoke effect in this bar. Great...
They should really have put a Game Over. Here, it's way too easy.
It doesn't matter if we succeed or if we fail these QTE, we'll always have the possibility to try again just after.
Look : there's a QTE now. I'll deliberately fail, and you'll see it will start again just after.
I let you watch it.
There, I missed twice, and he gave me two punches.
But I'm not dead ! The sequence starts back infinitely from the beginning.
It's quite a problem, because there's no challenge.
It doesn't matter if we succeed or if we fail, because we know we can't die.
I would really have prefered the fact that we can die. Like that, we would really pay attention to these QTE.
Okay, I'm gonna bash him up.
These QTE sequences are really great. Unfortunately, there are very few of them in the game.
I didn't talk you about the means of transport.
Later, we'll have to take the bus to go to the port. It's in the second part of the game.
We'll have to work to the port.
We'll also have to drive a moto, and... I don't remember.
Okay, I think we'll stop here.
Shenmue is such a great game : graphically beautiful, excellent weather system, incredible faces, ...
Its only weak points are a heavy maniability, no French subtitles, some freezes, ...
You really have to immerse yourself in the game to really have pleasure to play it.
Like that, Shenmue is an unforgettable experience.
An unique game.
Let's stop here. I'll make you a second video to show you the arcade room.
See you just after.