Choconuts Cake Recipe With English Subtitles

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Hi! Welcome to Aha Emi Ruchi
What are you going to make? Choco Nuts Cake
Ingredients required to make Choconuts Cake
Choco Truffle, Choco Chips, Cream (Icing), Chocolate Sponge Cake, Cashews
Place a layer of chocolate sponge cake on a round turntable
You can either bake the sponge cake or you can buy it in a store. Cut the cake into three layers.
To make the cake you'll need 18 eggs, 500 gms sugar, 600 gms maida flour, baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder.
After baking the cake, place one layer on the turntable
Soak the cake layer with truffle syrup/juice/extract
Add just enough truffle syrup to soak the cake
Add a layer of cream (icing)
Mix choco chips and cahews pieces. Sprinkle them over the icing
Place another layer of cake and repeat the process
Place the third layer and repeat the process
Cut off the rough edges
Slowly make slits to the cut off pieces and remove them
Gently press on the sides and set it right
Place a lot of cream enough to be spread all over the cake
Spread the cream evenly
Take a flat spatula and flatten the sides by turning the table
Blend cream and chocolates pieces to make the chocolate truffle sauce
Add some choco truffle sauce over the cake
Gently spread it over the cake
Gently place it on a cardboard base
Stick a layer of cashews & choco chips on the sides of the cake
Press the sprinkles on the cake gently
Garnish/Decorate with chocolate pieces as you like
Decorate with grated chocolate or strings of chocolate