UC Merced Celebrates the Class of 2012

Uploaded by UCMerced on 17.05.2012

This is "Impact" from the University of California, Merced.
Students in the Class of 2012 at the University of California, Merced, are ready to begin
the next chapter of their lives.
More than 750 Bobcats graduated last weekend in a ceremony marked by stories of perseverance,
tears of joy and bursts of excitement. The graduates hail from 41 California counties,
8 other states and one foreign country.
Chancellor Dorothy Leland, in her first commencement address at UC Merced, said the Class of 2012
is filled with truly talented and ambitious young men and women, each with a great story
and a future as bright as they choose to make it.
"UC Merced was just three years old when most of you enrolled here. You came as pioneers,
eager to initiate the traditions, create the clubs and organizations, and help shape the
character of a university that will always hold a special place in your mind and hearts.
And I can say with total honesty that there is a special spirit and vibrancy at UC Merced,
thanks in part to the graduates we honor tonight."
Graduates said UC Merced allowed them to earn degrees in an interdisciplinary setting, grow
as individuals and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.
UC Merced has meant a lot to me. You know I came here from a family that had never gone
away to college so I was a little freaked out at first. But being such a small campus
everyone kind of treated you like family and I made a lot of friends with staff and students,
and they helped me just be comfortable and really become engaged with the campus. And
it's been like a second home to me.
In the keynote address, former Lt. Governor and longtime campus advocate Cruz Bustamante
urged the graduates to use their education to serve their communities.
California needs you. And we need you to be the very best. You are our future leaders,
so set your goals high, believe in yourself, stay inspired and you will transform he world
around you.
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This is Jason Ryder reporting.