What if your body was your best friend? Tour of Consciousness with Dr. Dain Heer

Uploaded by drdainheer on 20.07.2011

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\f0\b\fs24 \cf0 What if your body was your best friend?\
\b0 Hey everybody. This is dr. Dain. \ Thank you for joining me on this installment
of \ The tour of consciousness \
From beautiful Stockholm, Sweden, \ Where they only have 3-4 hours of dark a day
right now. \ It\'92s the coolest thing. \
You can be awake at midnight and it sort of gets dark, \
Like a twilight thing, \ And then by two in the morning \
It\'92s already starting to get light again. \
It\'92s really awesome. \ Well, now that that useful tidbit is over,
\ What\'92s the tool for today? \
The tool for today is to begin to \ Ask your body for everything that concerns
it. \ So, for example, \
When you\'92re standing in front of your closet, \
You want to ask your body, \ \'93Body, what would you like to wear today?\'94
\ Now, what your body says may totally surprise
you. \ And, does your body talk in words? No. \
It doesn\'92t do that. But what it does do is \
It will make you aware of an outfit or a blouse, \
A top, a shirt, or something like that, \ And it will just sort of flash across your
mind. \ Or you\'92ll see it sitting in your closet,
and you\'92ll be like, \ \'93oh, maybe i\'92ll wear that today.\'94
\ It\'92s really that simple. \
It\'92s this sort of energetic communication. \
So, you\'92re standing in front of your closet, you go, \
\'93Body, what would you like to wear today?\'94 \
And you become aware of something that you want. \
Sometimes you\'92ll be aware of this outfit \
That you haven\'92t worn in like three years. \
You\'92ll go to put it on, and you\'92ll look at it and go, \
\'93Wow, you know what? \ I used to think i didn\'92t like this thing,
\ But it\'92s pretty nice actually. \
People will look at you and comment on it, and be like, \
\'93Is that a new outfit?\'94 \ And you\'92ll be like, \'93yeah. From five
years ago. \ How does it get any better than that?\'94
\ They don\'92t have to know you just \
Pulled it out of your closet after a long winter\'92s nap. \
But if you ask your body, \ It will start to tell you what it desires.
\ You are not your body. \
You are all around and through it. \ You\'92re the being that occupies it if you
will, \ Or is connected to it. \
But you\'92re not just your body. \ You have other stuff going on. \
Your body has a consciousness of its own \ And it has desires of its own. \
The only way you\'92re going to find out \ What those are is by asking. \
The next thing you want to ask your body about \
Is for food. \ So let\'92s say you\'92re sitting at a restaurant,
\ And you open the menu\'85 \
Close your eyes, look down, open the menu, \
And open your eyes. \ The first thing your eyes focus on \
Is the thing your body wants.\ So if you\'92re doing some sort of eating
regime \ Or some sort of diet, or something like that,
\ You might want to start asking your body,
\ \'93Body, is this working for you?\'94 \
What happens for a lot of people on their diets, \
For example, or if you\'92re doing, \ Let\'92s say you eat raw foods or eat vegetarian,
\ Which is all cool \
Especially if it\'92s what your body wants. \
There are certain times though \ When your body will actually desire something
different. \ And it really helps if you can listen to those
times \ Because if not, what ends up happening is
\ You start getting low on energy. \
Or you start getting something that feels like \
You\'92re getting sick or something like that. \
So if you\'92re having any of those things go on, \
Maybe you want to ask your body, \ \'93Hey body, is this eating regime that we\'92ve
been doing \ Actually working for you anymore? \
Or is there some way i need to \ Modify it to work for you, \
To give you what you would like \ And what you would need?\'94 \
From my point of view, \ The reason we have these bodies, \
Is to have fun with them and actually enjoy them. \
Next one. The third thing. \ \'93body, what movement would you like?\'94
\ Your body likes to move. It really likes to
move. \ In fact, that\'92s one of its great joys.
\ Now, I\'92ve worked with a lot of people \
Who have had depression, for example. \ And I\'92ve also worked with a lot of people
\ Who wanted to change their body image \
And body shape. \ One of the things in both of those groups
of people \ That I found is getting them to \
Ask their body what movement it wants to do \
And getting their bodies moving helps a lot. \
Also, with people who have very low energy, \
Getting their body moving can help them a lot. \
So for example, it may be right now \ You don\'92t exercise at all. \
But you know what? \ Your body was meant to move. \
It\'92s really one of the things that it loves \
And one of the things that makes it happy. \
When you do, it\'92s interesting because \ A lot of the emotional stuff \
That can tend to weigh you down, \ A lot of the physical stuff \
That can tend to weigh you down, \ A lot of the tiredness, \
Seems to just dissipate. \ And it\'92s as though you have more energy,
\ Rather than being overwhelmed \
And overcome by all of these other things around you. \
So, \'93body, what movement would you like?\'94 \
It could be that your body wants to \ Take a walk around the block. \
If you\'92re not doing anything right now, \
One walk around the block will assist. \ Or maybe two. Or maybe it\'92s three. \
Or maybe you\'92ve done a moderate amount of exercise.\
Maybe your body would like to run. \ Maybe it would like to dance. \
Maybe it would like to go out and \ Do martial arts or a kickboxing class or\'85\
\ Who knows? The options are endless. \
But you\'92ll start knowing if you ask. \ You have this beautiful thing called your
body. \ What would it be like if you actually \
Enjoyed it and started communicating with it? \
The interesting thing that I\'92ve found\'85 \
Once you start communicating with your body, \
Once you start asking it what it would like, \
It is more than happy to shape itself \ According to what you would ask. \
It is more than happy to change itself \ According to what you would ask. \
It\'92s just that most of us have sort of \
Lost our relationship with our body\ If we ever had one. \
Most of us, \ Rather than asking our body for anything,
go, \ \'93Oh well, this is what I do. This is what
I like. \ And this is what I\'92ve decided,\'94 \
Without ever going, \ \'93Hey. You\'92re the one eating. \
You\'92re the one wearing clothes. \ What can I do for you?\'94 \
Thanks for joining me on \ The tour of consciousness from beautiful Stockholm.
\ Please start asking your body \
For just these three simple areas. \ And drop me a line and let me know what happens.
\ What if you truly being you \
Are the gift and the change the world requires? \
Thanks for being, my beautiful friends. \ See you next time. Bye. \