STACKER - Cup Stacking Documentary (Official Trailer)

Uploaded by StackerMovie on 23.10.2012

it takes ten years of deliberate practice to become an expert
and yet he seems to have mastered it in a lot less time then that
We've sold over 48 million cups, it's a lot of cups
Everybody welcome to our WSSA World Sport Stacking Championships
you've got to have nerves of steel and you gotta be able to do it in three shots
I talked to my self silently
I'll say "Kennard, get a five"
My up-stack was slow but my down-stack felt as powerful as lightning
yeah! wait, what?
you know when you really boil it down taking a stick and hitting a little ball into a hole
when you boil all those things down they sound pretty simple and goofy
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! (cheering)
(fast stacking)