The Card Game (with Hitler)

Uploaded by rolanddegregorio on 28.11.2009

The neighbors found out about your card game.
Lawson and Bielicke were at Larry's Tavern bragging about the game.
They were telling everyone about your card game on Friday night.
Then they saw the Christensen's.
Well, now the whole neighborhood knows.
So why the fuck is everyone around here?
...the whole neighborhood...
...the neighbors are pissed about your party.
...and they want you out as President and Trustee of the Homeowners Association.
Everyone out but Lyday, Muehlemann, Lawson and Bielicke.
These ungrateful pricks want me out???
They can go fuck themselves!
I told Joe and Jason to shut the fuck up!
And I am sure Kueser and his fucking Seven Dollars have been blabbering to all the wives.
We can't have beer?
No soft porn?
No talking about each other wives?
Gimmie a fucking break!
I will post guards outside so the women will not look in the windows!
Oh, just like you did last year when Kathy Hoffman and the others were looking in??
I was pissing on the side of the house.
You fucking Lyday...I know they showed you their tits!
I guess we have to invite all the bitches next time??
Can they just go shopping like they are supposed to?? are killing me!!!
...and I know Seven Dollar Bob is blabbering to Tracy.
...that Seven Dollar fuck.
He makes me want to puke on my shoes.
Lyday....wake up!
What about me?
What about everything I have done for this Association?
This is bullshit!
The Cul de Sacs are perfect
Dogs stopped shitting on the lawns.
The ponds look great!
I throw a party for Halloween each year, for God sakes!
..and let them deal with Tony AND the crabby old people!
Tracy...just give Bob twenty dollars and nobody will make fun of him anymore!
We WILL play cards.
We will drink, eat and fart at will.
Next time, it's at your house, Lyday.
...and we will make a big mess and piss on the floor
I am tired of these people anyway.... I quit.
...I will nominate Susan Siebert as President.
Fuck 'em and bring me a Bud Light.