Paul Sabourin extended interview from Chez Geek - TableTop ep. 18

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My name is Paul Sabourin.
I'm a member of Paul and Storm.
We're a comedy music duo.
What makes me a geek?
Well, certainly I share a great enthusiasm for a lot of
the different things that one would associate with a
stereotypical geek.
I really enjoy science fiction movies, although I'm not quite
nearly as in-depth as a lot of people when you think of a
stereotypical nerd or a geek.
I didn't play a lot of role-playing games or read a
lot of fantasy and science fiction growing up,
but I do enjoy it.
I'm very enthusiastic in my enthusiasms--
I'm very thorough in them.
I would consider myself a movie nerd or a movie geek,
which really more involves a hunger for details and for
information about a thing and to know as much as
you can about it.
I wouldn't consider myself a gamer.
I didn't really have as much opportunity, I didn't have the
circle of friends that did that level of obsessive gaming
growing up.
It wasn't actually until I got out of school and became a
growns-up and had more free time that I really started to
get more into doing things like the role-playing game and
playing these types of card games that we've
been playing now.
So I still certainly enjoy it.
Paul and Storm, we're a comedy music duo.
We perform all over the country, performing original,
allegedly funny songs.
We also produce a show called w00tstock, which is a sort of
nerd, geek variety show along with Wil and Adam Savage from
the "MythBusters"--
we do that a number of times a year.
So it's a lot of performing, some show producing, and other
than that I'm just a dad.
I have two daughters--
a teenager and an almost teenager.
And when I'm not on the road, I mostly am home
taking care of them.
Storm and I actually--
wow, now that I think about how long ago it was, it's
almost scary.
Back in the mid-'90s, we both joined an a cappella group.
Just a pick-up singing group that somebody
had put an ad for.
We'd both sung in groups in college.
And after college we joined this group which only lasted a
couple months.
But a core four of us from that group became an a
cappella band called Da Vinci's Notebook that was
together for about 12 years.
And it was a similar thing-- it started out just a hobby,
and it evolved into a full-time thing.
That was also sort of a novelty comedy group.
After about 12 years, that group stopped touring.
And Storm and I didn't want to grow up yet or get real jobs,
so we decided we'd try coming out as just a duo and add
And here we are, I guess it's been about six, six and a half
years since we started as Paul and Storm.
Storm is one of my best friends.
We've known each other at this point nearly 20 years.
We are very similar but luckily just different enough
to, I think, complement each other professionally.
But personally, we share a whole lot of the same
upbringing, a lot of the same things we enjoy.
And he's wonderful to be around.
And I couldn't think of anyone I would rather have a
full-time job with.
If I had to work with one other person, I consider
myself very lucky in that regard.
Gaming is a heck of a lot of fun.
And the more you do it, the more you tend to
want to do it more.