Barry Aldridge Reply- Fave Disney Movie

Uploaded by billtvmacon on 03.01.2009

This is a video resopnse to Barry Aldridge.
Seriously....Barry Aldridge!
You know the chances of him actually seeing this are like
Elvis coming back, taking me to lunch, buying me
a Cadallac, and going back to Rock N Roll heaven, baby.
He wanted to know our favorite "Disney" movies.
Well, I've got a favorite and I've got a least favorite.
The favorite Disney movie is Mary Poppins.
Oh, yes, we had to go see these in the theater.
For practically my whole life I thought everyone in Britain
spoke like Dick Van Dyke.
There's a "stage name" for you.
It has to be his real name 'cause you wouldn't pick a name
like that for yourself.
[singing] Oh, it's a jolly holiday with Mary!
And my least favorite movie, of course, is Old Yeller.
Old Yeller
I was at a birthday party for Old Yeller
The moms drop us off. "Oh isn't this great.
We're going to have a birthday party...(mumbles....)
Why are they all crying? Get in the car.
Get in the car.