Hitler reacts to Chargers playoff exit

Uploaded by anniversary028 on 18.01.2010

The first half was pure disappointment.
San Diego failed to exploit New York's ineptitude.
Good field position wasted by foolish penalties,
which cost us both yardage and momentum.
Choke artist Nate Kaeding hooked two field goals.
One from short range.
A slow start. Big deal.
Is the second half on the DVR?
Mr. Führer...
The second half...
The second half brought with it our demise.
Jets 17, Bolts 14. Final.
Emergency season-ticket holder meeting. Now.
The rest of you band-wagoners... geddout.
Not again!
This was their year!
You play hard all season and earn respect throughout the league...
You play hard all season to earn a bye and home-field advantage...
...to piss all of it away at once?!
I get my hopes up every year and every year it's something else.
Is that what this season comes down to?
Nate Kaeding jitters?!
Sometimes the bye week... and the pressure...
The DirecTV package too, what a waste!
Mr. Führer! Please, you aren't thinking clearly.
Maybe you think chances to win the Super Bowl grow on trees?
Perhaps you think they deserve a parade
just for showing up in the playoffs?
An 11-game win streak,
another AFC West Championship?
I don't even know who to blame anymore!
It's not like A.J. Smith is going to fire himself, is it?
Norv Turner walks ass-backward into a 13-3 record
and falls face-forward in the second round of the playoffs?
I could get them THAT far...
even STALIN could!
If we lost next week in Indianapolis, I would have understood...
I'd still be disappointed, but I'd have understood!
The season is over.
But guess what isn't over?
The New York Jets season!
They're playing in the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!
Even if they lose, Rex Ryan will still coach the AFC Pro Bowl team.
Another week for that fat fool Rex Ryan to be on TV.
He's fat! And I'm pissed!
Don't cry, Greta.
No one watches the Pro Bowl.
We were so close.
It might have been LT's last game as a Charger.
It's all over.
The city won't agree to fund a stadium now.
After 2011 the entire franchise could be gone.
Raider fans must love this. Assholes.
"Super Chargers" my ass.