LearningTown Ep. 1 - Pilot: Paul & Storm see a dead guy! Robots and Monsters & Hipsters, oh my!

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MICHAEL BUCKLEY: Here's a sad one for the kiddies.
Lawrence Martin died today.
There he is, ta-da!
He was Learning Larry, of course.
He hosted a show called "Learning Town" that was on,
like, forever.
A nation mourns, I guess, maybe.
But nobody is sadder than comedy novelty funnymen
musicians Paul and Storm.
They were supposed to make their first appearance on the
show today, and now they will never get that chance.
Sad face emoticon.
-Larry was a great, great man.
-But, you know, silver lining, we did still get
paid for the day.
MICHAEL BUCKLEY: So what are they going to show in Learning
Town's place?
Most likely the uber popular kids show, "Hikky Burr,"
created by this hipster than hip duo.
All right.
That's the show.
I love you.
Thanks for watching.
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Here is some sad music from that dead guy.


-And that's our show, I guess.

Stop by the merch table.
I'm sure Teddy could use the company.
TEDDY: Nah, it's OK.
I'm my own best friend.
Move along, everybody.
Don't tell--
--Fruit is swag.
"Hikky Burr."
-And this is what the kids are watching these days?
-House cut.
-Bar tab.
-I threw in $0.19.
-Dude, we need money.
And covering Learning Larry's theme song is not going to
make it rain.
-What if we could?
Our fortunes are about to change.
After our interview, I was propositioned by a man.
-I'm uncomfortable.

-You two do this full-time, right?
Children's music?
-Did he actually look like Slugworth from
"Willy Wonka?" -Probably.
-Because I'm from the network, and I have a business
-And I, as a full-time children's musician, am
excited to hear about it.
-You took the job?
You dick.
-Come on.
If Larry had died when I was a kid, I'd have been
We've got to do this for all the little
Stormlings out there.
My tiny homies.
-I am not cleaning that up.
-Hey Teddy.
Want to be in a TV show with us?
-Absonotly no.
I'll think about it.
We meet with the network tomorrow.

-I have a bad feeling about this.
It'll be just like our regular shows, just with cameras and
costumes and lights and sets and crew and craft services
and songs for kids.
It's going to work.
-We don't know how to do this.
-Yes, and I'm not listening to you, because my ears are
covered and I'm talking, talking, talking.
-Well, I have larger earmuffs, and I'm talking louder.
-I'm louder than you.
ACE: Hey.
Are you two asshats taking over "Loser Town?"
-We might be.
ACE: might be asshats?
-Is the name of my "They Might Be Giants" cover band.
-And you would be?
ACE: I'm Ace.
KAREN: I'm Karen.
KAREN: It's a nickname with a long, ironic story behind it.
It's in McSweeny's, bitches!
ACE: We're the awesome guys who make the even awesomer
"Hikky Burr."
-And girl--
guys and girl.
KAREN: We call your show "Loser Town."
ACE: Because you're losers.
KAREN: Ironic fist bump.
ACE: Time freeze.
-We're just a little surprised because we thought we were
getting the "Learning Town" time slot.
-Is it better?
-Well, yeah.
ACE: You know what?
I'll handle this baby, OK?
Why don't you go tune my ukulele?
Then tune your ukulele.
It's ukulele night.
-I hate ukulele night.
ACE: You two are on notice.
You don't know squat about the cold realities of children's
You'll be gone faster than a cold case of PBR at a
mustache-waxing seminar.
KAREN: I motherfridging love PBR, Joanie.
I hate those guys.
-Paul and Storm.

I take it you've considered our offer.

PAUL AND STORM: You know what?
-This isn't on "Learning Town."

-This is weird, right?
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