Edible Fake Blood for Halloween Decorating, Make-up, and Mouth oozing!

Uploaded by bigscreamtv on 01.09.2010

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We're pretty sure the Party and holiday shops already hate us because
we've blown their cover and have shown people how to do cool Halloween tricks for very low
cost. Well...here's another cheap trick. Don't pay an arm and a claw for fake blood at the
Halloween shops ....my gord...you'll need to donate blood to pay
for that fake stuff! Instead---Just get some Blackcherry Gelatin. Add only a little water
for thick blood, and more water for thinner, runnier blood.
It's bloody fantastic! And it's edible & non-toxic...well..that's if you
consider gelatin to be either edible or non-toxic! I'm getting all wiggly inside.
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