How to Draw a Glass of Water

Uploaded by FineArtEBooks on 06.11.2012

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Ok. Now, because a lot of you requested it, I am going to draw a glass with water.
First I sketch an oval for the top of the glass.
And then the sides.
I want a straw.
Then another oval for the water and for the base.
Of course the straw will deflect under the water.
For the shadow I will use a hard charcoal pencil,
which then I smudge with the brush.
With charcoal powder and a brush, I tone the paper.
For the glass I am using an H and a 4B lead holders
with graphite leads.
You can find the full list of materials in the information under the video.
With a kneaded eraser and a pencil eraser I pull some lights.
I refine the form and give some shadows.
In the center of the shadow there will be a concentrated light.
There will be some distortion effect at the brim.
Lets do some water drops! I love doing water drops, as you know.
I continue detailing and then smudging, to get the soft effect.
I do the final touches!
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