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Welcome back to InMagazin.
In a world where 34,000 children die every day from hunger and treatable diseases
One thing is certain - something is seriously wrong.
This is the informal slogan of the movement, which brought together thousands of people around the world last weekend.
More in the report by Dinko Bojic.
Those are the words from the beginning of the documentary film called Zeitgeist or "Spirit of the age"
It's the film that became a worldwide phenomenon.
It spontaneously formed a global movement that marked it's day last weekend.
Thousands of people gathered in more than 300 cities around the world to focus public attention on the world's problems.
Amongst the cities in which the movement has organized meetings there were, for the first time, some of the Croatian cities.
Problems such as corruption, war and theft are actually all symptoms of the monetary system.
Screenings of documentaries, discussion on world order and sharing of leaflets were held in Zagreb, Split, Osijek and Slatina.
It is about the change that is primarily related to the capitalism.
Changes in the system of exploitation, management, the system in which the minority has a lot and majority has nothing.
Activists say this is not an existing political or social order.
Philosophy of the movement is difficult to summarize in one sentence, but it goes something like this:
Cooperation instead of competition, knowledge instead of fear and violence, rationality before the division of any kind.
it is about the boycott of the system as we know it.
It is about the boycott of television and banks as much as possible.
It is ignoring the monetary system and steps towards a post-monetary society.
Doctor of sociology and author of the acclaimed book "Urban tribes" Benjamin Perasovic
says he experienced the Zeitgeist movement very positive.
It's a very positive idea and in line with already existing, for example environmental movements and other social movements
that calls for a radical change of the existing world that is mostly emotionless
We can say that it's cold and aimlesly going towards failure.
The film left a deep impression even though he has long refused to view it because it seemed like a conspiracy theory.
After I first saw Zeitgeist and especially after I saw the second part, Addendum,
I realized that what seemed to be a conspiracy theory was less than 10% of the whole picture,
and that the story is actually there to encourage people to think critically.
With what could you compare the new movement?
We should ask ourselves the elementary questions again.
People should think with their own head.
Simply do not believe blindly in your government, economy and colorful advertising.
I think that is the point, and that's the similarity with many social movements throughout history.