Poltergeist Anna (Brazil Prank)

Uploaded by EdsonMarquesOfficial on 30.11.2012

Nil (yeah) Aren't you of the agency? (yeah)
Ah ok, come here please Nil
Today I have a very important dinner Very important
And I have a daughter named Larissa I can't leave her alone, no way
There was a fatality in the family
Died my oldest daughter, Ana I'm gonna show you
She died electrocuted And both were very close
They are so sisters Look! This here is Ana (so beautiful)
This here is Larissa Then I can't leave her alone, I can't, no way
She is very upset I'll call Larissa for you know (ok)
Larissa, oh daughter, come here please She is very sad
Larissa! This is Nil She'll be here two hours during my absence
Behave yourself Be obedient, ok?
Here's my telephone number Anything, you call me soon that I come quickly
(ok, I understand) And you, Larissa, you already know
Don't create history We already talked so much about that
Look! Feel free (thanks) Daughter, give me a kiss, give me a kiss
Behave yourself, ok daughter [ok mom] In two hour I'm coming back
[ok] Kisses [Come back soon, mom]
Ok, in two hour I'm coming back, daughter [ok] behave yourself
Did my mom talk to you about Ana? Ah your little sister [yeah my sister] she talked
Do you think that we can talk with dead people? No, I don't
I think when we die, we rest [But I see and talk with dead people]
Did you power on the TV? [This is Anna]
LARISSA LET'S PLAY [I don't wanna play with Anna, I told you that]
Let me power off the TV (Don't go there, please come here)
Done! she'll stop Sit here, relax
(Let's go to the bedroom) No, we're gonna stay here
Ahhhhhhh sit here ahhhhhh Stop-stop, stop Ana
Stop, stop, stop ahhhhhhh Stop-stop (Helllllp) get out. get out
Ahhhhhhhh Stop Ana, stop-stop-stop go away
Ahhhhhh I'm afraid
Do you think that we can talk with dead people? No, I don't believe that
No? No
I always talk with my sister Everyday I talk with her
(Everyday?) Everyday, she always insist, you know, but...
LARISSA (This is Ana)
WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY SISTER? (I'm taking care of her)
BUT SHE GOTTA PLAY WITH ME AND NOT WITH YOU (I don't want anymore Ana, I already told you)
She always do this I told you but you didn't believe
Stay here, come more closer to me Come more closer to me
(Oh my Jesus) Oh my God, stop it Ana stop, stop
Stop Ana, stop, enough (Oh my Jesus) Stop it ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Go away Ana
Didn't you believe? (No, I didn't)
Are you sure? (Because whe we die)
(Go to somewhere rests) My mom always...
I don't wanna play with you, I already told you So boring
When she died She have been more boring
Annaaaaa, this is not funny Ana stop
Ahhhhhh Stop, stop Ana
Ahhhhhh Stop,stop ahhhhh
Ana, stop ana, stop Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh stop
Anything you call to me Fernando (Ok I got it, I got it)
Did my mom talk to you about Ana? (Your sister) yeah my siter
(She talked about it) Do you think that we can talk with dead people?
Ah, I don't know I don't think so
I see and talk with dead people
[Yeah] Did you believe? [a little bit]
LARISSA, PLAY WITH ME? I don't wanna play Anna
(Now I'm playing with this guy) WHO ARE YOU?
Girl, stop kidding What is this?
SHE CAN'T PLAY WITH YOU, JUST WITH ME (I don't wanna play, Ana)
(She talking to you?) YES, YOU GOTTA PLAY WITH ME
I won't play, Anna I told you, I won't
Ah when she stays like that (Your sister is dead, right?)
Ahhhhh, ahhhhhh Stop, stop Anna ahhhhhh
YOU GOTTA PLAY WITH ME, LARISSA (No, ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh)
(Heeeeeelp) Ahhhhhh Stop Ana
Ahhhhhhhhhhh (My God) Ahhhhhhhh
Ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh