Yif Magic泡麵飄浮 [官方HD] Flying Noodle

Uploaded by yifartofmagic on 03.01.2013

Can I see you guys cart?
I'm not sure what we can do with these
I would like to do something with
with water and instant noodle
I don't know if they sell these around
I can buy some
Ok if it's not
too far
I go with him
really? They really go
you ve told them to
it's not too far I hope
no it's just
because for me good magic is impromptu
magic done with borrowed objects
what you guys have today
I don't often perform with these
or maybe these drinks
Can I see
what drink is this
Healthy Tea
I'm more used with Coke
let's use the Coke
Can you give me one hand
Hold the bottle like this
a little lower
just here
watch that space
don't blink
just breathe
just here
this cap
absolutely ordinary
absolutely ordinary
a perfectly normal cap
can I see
but this is just a cap
how can it fall
drink it
make sure it's normal coke
it's coke
but you didn't touch
no he didn't even
how did u do that
so are u performing for living
I mean
yea I always thought Closeup magic is the finest branch
because you bring astonishment very close to the eyes of
oh gosh you guys missed that
he just hell make
the cap open by itself
are you serious
it's not a joke
wow why did you guys buy so much
I'm thirsty
let me show to the camera
we can feed 20 people tonight
I just need one actually
just one bowl
one instant noodle
and one bottle of water
we don't need these
can you please open it
can you please open it
lets see this water
camera can see
unopened bottle of water
can you please
open it
open it
and also show the noodle to the camera
very ordinary noodle
can you open this bowl for me
open both
let me see if this water PH is fine
should be ok
and to make sure this noodle is unique
don't open it yet
miss can you please
sign your name
sign the bowl
Can I sign my artist name
you re really...
draw a little picture on it
don't laugh
I train very long for this
just try
to make your signature
more complex
you guys stop annoy me
is this ok
completely unique
wow that's cute
Miss Sasa can you now open
this world unique bowl of instant noodle
Sasa's instant noodle
there is not a second bowl
Sasa you can see inside
you can drop the seasoning
put everything inside
put everything inside
put everything inside
is an effect created by great magician Cyril Takayama
this is one of the most difficult
impromptu piece of magic
just here, a bowl of noodle
actually this noodle
actually this noodle
cannot be eaten
cause its dry and not boiled yet
water, can you please
put the water inside
put the water inside
can someone eat that
no way the noodle is still solid
a little more water
just there
camera can see
icy water and noodle
a new kind of cold soup
can you please hold this for me
hold tight with two hands
can you please come on this side
hold tight
close completely this bowl
just here
a little lower
this experiment is very very difficult
but even if I fail, you guys can try the icy soup
just here
in that space
I ll try to explode the molecular structure of the noodle
and make the temperature goes higher
you can feel a little heat growing
the heat grows
touch it
the heat grows
there is vapor
there is vapor
there is vapor
slowly slowly just here
camera can see
world unique bowl of noodle
no way
completely boiled
ready to serve
do you have chopsticks
it's scary
it's not possible
be careful its hot
taste it
it's really noodle
Sasa's noodle
let me try
it's crazy
so hot
is this real
I can't believe it
it's really hot
drink the soup
this is damn hot
really hot
ok guys
don't finish it yet
but how this is ridiculous
you can try
try it
ok don't eat it yet
just here
it's completely hot
just here
a piece of magic usually ends now
but just for you guys
just here
this is your signed right
this is your signed right
watch carefully
nothing on top of this bowl
check this area make sure nothing fishy on top
nothing on the table
you guys can come closer
you can a have a better view from that side
everyone have a close look
just in that space
do you see it
it's moving
from 300 years scientists biggest dream
is to make in one single space
that's craaaazy
what's that
it's craaaazy
i really think
this is the most incredible thing ever
check it
go check it
you dont think this is crazy
what the hell
who can believe this
he just put some cold water and the noodle fly
what the hell
i dont want to touch
camera can see
this is creepy!
thats scary
i cant imagine he can just do this
with things that belong to us
and especially under your nose
that close
what happened
i cant even accept it
this is too scary
because we ve seen magic tricks before
but this close
just this close
i think this is not a magic trick
i think its unbelievable
its everyday object
and just in front of me the noodle
on the table
and he asked us to check the table
nothing on top of it
we first thought must be a kind of magnet
but we checked his hands and the table
just nothing
nothing to find
I touched everywhere
he told us to check
if there is any string attached
no reason
no logic
the noodle was just opened
but his hands
but his hands
only we did touch the noodles
he didnt even want to touch the bowl
everything was on our hands
we put the seasoning inside
i felt nervous holding it
i was thinking what is he doing with these noodle
is there a bomb inside
that will explode on my hands
i really have a headache
i even want to disgorge
i really think
this is too much
its like all our brain are heating
its like all our brain are heating
i think
i really think this is not a trick
i really think this is not a trick
this is so weird
at first i thought
im impossible to fool
cause I dont believe
but I cant find any clues I cant believe
we just think he is not human
he is not human
its maybe not a trick
dont look like a trick
we really are questioning is this guy a human?
i really want to learn one or two things
to pick up girls
very efficient with girls
and at the end
when he put his hands like this
i was like what is he doing again!
i was like..