BARRACO BBB 13 Votação - Paródia #TelevisionGamers

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Translation of Music''opening''
If you know who you are
How far will your faith
What would you do
would pay if you want to win!.
Big Brother Brazil 11
That night I take the world enjoy
Night training wall ..
That's all .. the day after a party that won
until morning
Shakira loca playing at the party
Time to open my channel of communication with those displayed
all good?
everything! more or less
Good night
Good evening (emphasis)
Actually every day is that this program starts right
is a program that does not end when it ends
is a kind of debut
Let's open our Paredão
'Then only happiness'
.. is because I'm against the wall every night
you have to also experiment
A question mark hangs over the house is weeks
Who would? Who would be the saboteur?
Hi Bial, Bial hello
agent came here to make a claim because the Luzardo and Munari
were flirting with the two almost came to a vote in the other
because of them and now we find that the two have an affair
Because Tava agent out as we were inside the house
we learn from that and now formspring agent found
the two together in the room was very difficult for me
I'm very upset about it so I think that the public
should take into consideration and if both are to the wall
I really think the two should go out or at least one
because I have nothing against # Luzardo be black and being gay Munari
but I do not think it right to this ta affect all harmony in the house
Bial .. okay?! That agent was meant
we've got back after the commercial
yes .. now you can get .. be comfortable
WE know who will be the three opponents in the opening of the wall
Big Brother 11 is to have
Everybody ready? so here we go .. Now the group vote secretly
confession in the confessional .. please
can sit baby tell me who you vote and why?
I will vote for because she's Karol is offering much for the boys of home
and agent came here with other principles and I do not sure WHAT to think
ta doing and I do not want competition here so that's why I'm voting
in Karol
Turn the confessional to know .. and VOTE
It can seat deep breath ..
Hi Bial
and tell me who you voted and why
it is I would vote for Maiara but it is the only girl in the house
and I'll vote for Cassian because I am not pleased with him
Bial bye! blowing kisses to my mother to my father and everybody
Santa Maria-RS
My confession to the King ..
I'll vote for Maiara because, yes man, she's a slut like the
her style
piriguete .. type it is not successful guy .. type so you know ..
I .. I samba to her face to kiss me a call
Boy are we in the world
The confessional ..
its shit!
Who you vote and why?
I want people to vote for boy boy
name please
I want ... I want to vote for Fernando ..
Because he is deranged everyone and it is not all that
and I think he's the ugliest house no one likes him
and I think it was worth it .. Bial
You are all fucking each
Let's vote?
My good about who you vote and why?
Eai Bial
today I'll vote for Karol Krauchenberg because she pinched my nipple
're Swollen and also because it is jumping out at me while
Munari's getting the .. neck. and I think it wrong okay?
Thank you Brazil
Angel also vote ..
What is your vote and why?
I'll vote for Luzardo why I do not like black and it is
Do not forget to vote by SMS you can win a car next Sunday
That's it for now bye now .. be worth watching!
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