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Hello listeners, we are back in all our glory, well honed from overeating and drinking and
watching trash TV! Remember we are the only Nationalist news and any other is a mere imitation
of the real thing! 2 of our Reporters, a Scouser who inputs UK news has family illness and
we wish him well and our Euro ex pat reporter is still recovering from serious injury after
a tussle with a French truck and is still sending in material. Thank you both and welcome
back. These are the Highlights of the news today Monday the 7th of January 2013.
First Private Navy in the UK for 200 yrs has been set up
Armed Forces Charity Boss Nicked a Fortune Illegal asylum seeker found after 7 years
Illegal immigrants riot and injure 5 UK border Agency officers Christmas Day.
JOHN Puxty talks on Sir Francis Drake. Centre Party Faces Internal Rebellion in Sweden
French Actor Depardieu in Russia to Meet Putin Bulletproof Clothing for Kids in the US
OIC slams Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Book Thought for the Day – Honey, I’m Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And finally – 50 Shades of Boredom but not in Surrey!
UK NEWS The UK's first private navy in almost 200
years has been set up by a group of pioneering businessmen, former marines and retired captains
and soldiers to defend shipping off the coast of east Africa from the threat of pirates.
They are frustrated at the inability of the Royal Navy, NATO, the European Union Naval
Task Force and other navies to guarantee security for shipping in an area of ocean the size
of North America.
“They can’t do the job because they haven’t got the budget and deploying a billion-pound
warship against six guys [pirates] with $500 of kit is not a very good use of the asset,”
Anthony Sharp, chief executive of Typhon, the company behind the venture, told the Times.
Armed Forces Charity Boss Nicked a Fortune. From Epping. An armed forces charity chief
has been jailed for stealing £43,000 to fund his online gambling addiction. Former soldier
Omar Binbasilar, 55, plundered the cash from the Regular Forces Employment Association
(RFEA) which helps servicemen and women find work once they leave the forces He faked 58
invoices to syphon the cash out of the charity and into a specially set up account to hide
the money. Finance director Binbasilar said he turned to gambling after his job became
‘increasingly stressful and demanding.’
A failed Asylum seeker has been finally caught after 7 years. An asylum seeker from Africa
was finally caught by accident after his 4 year old daughter was found wandering the
streets of Britain in a pair of pyjamas. The man, who cannot be named for ‘legal reasons’
came into the UK in 2004 from Burundi and promptly made claim for asylum. He had been
looking after the child while its mother was out working, fell asleep after he went for
a smoke and a drink in the garage and the child wandered off. When Police returned the
child he gave them a different name from his work permit sheet and Police arrested him.
The man with 2 names had a false passport which had been made from a stolen one. Reading
Crown Court sentenced him to 26 weeks and gave an extra 2 weeks for neglect of a child.
Although on the run and working illegaly in Britain, he may have the right to stay in
this country because of ‘rights to a family life’ by the Human Rights Act owing to him
fathering a child. A W@8 spokesperson commented ‘we seem to think in this country that we
are dealing in a humane way with damaged people. Most of these migrants are extremely clever
in manipulating the system and know exactly what to fill in and where to go in order to
stay or be lost. We in the UK should up our game before we are totally overrun and going
for broke’.
Illegal immigrants Riot and injure 5 UK border Agency officers.
Illegal immigrants detained in Morton Hall in Lincolnshire have rioted and injured 5
Border Agency officers Christmas Day Around 40 detainees who were to be removed suddenly
rioted. 1 of the detainees was injured and 12 were taken to other detention centres.
Officials at the detention centre said that they will not put up with this sort of behavior
in future. Morton Hall was once a Womens prison until it was given a £6 million pound overhall
to turn it into a secure 'removal' centre for illegals and illegal criminals to be detained
before being booted back from whence they came. One newspaper reports that there are
enough illegal immigrants to fill the size of Newcastle 3 times over.
I hand you over to J P to talk about Sir Francis Drake.
Francis Drake - Adventurer, politician, fleet admiral.
Drake was born in Tavistock in Devon in 1540. He was the eldest of 12 children. At the age
of 9 his family moved to Kent where his father
was ordained a deacon and made vicar on the Midway ministering to men in the King's navy.
At the age of 10 Francis Drake was apprenticed to a 3 masted barque that carried goods to
and from France. Drake was a conscientious pupil
and worked hard, so much so that the owner of the
barque bequeathed the ship to him as if Drake was his own son.
At 23 Drake sailed with John Hawkins, a cousin, to the New World on one of a fleet of ships
owned by the Hawkins family of Plymouth. In 1566 they were both attacked by the Spanish
in the West Indies, but managed to escape.
In 1572 Drake attacked Panama capturing the town of Nombre de Dios with lots of gold and
silver treasure. A year later he captured 20 tons of treasure, some of which he buried,
and some he took to his ship, but it had gone. He made
a raft and followed the coast until he found his
ship, and then sailed for Plymouth with lots of treasure.
In 1577 he set out to attack the Spanish in South America and after an eventful voyage
with several mishaps gained the Pacific a year
later. With only the Pelican left of his fleet renamed the
Golden Hind he attacked and sacked Valpariso, later capturing a treasure ship on its way
to Manila with 80lbs of gold and 26 tons of silver
on board.
In 1580 the Golden Hind sailed into Plymouth with Drake and 59 men on board. The ship was
loaded with treasure and spices. Half the cargo went to Queen Elizabeth I and was worth
more than all the other income she had that year.
The queen knighted Drake in 1581.
Drake was elected an MP three times and purchased Buckland Abbey near Yelverton in Devon.
He attacked the Spanish several more times and was second in command of the English fleet
that defeated the Spanish Armada.
EUROPEAN NEWS Sweden: Centre Party Faces Internal Rebellion.
Resistance is growing within the ranks of the Centre Party over a radical new party
programme which includes proposals on free immigration, polygamy and an end to compulsory
schooling. Several regional party chapters in southern Sweden are now organizing against
the proposed 2013 party programme, reports the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. In December
leading Centre Party members in the southern region of Skåne said they were planning to
draft a counter proposal ahead of the party convention in March. They claimed that the
proposed programme shows that there is a great rift between a neo-liberal “Stockholm Centre”
and “the classic core voters in rural areas”. But opinions are split in Stockholm, too.
“There was a crisis even before this proposal came. Where is the support for polygamy?”
said Hans Lindqvist, a Stockholm County Council politician. “I have a hard time seeing that
anyone would be against it in the Stockholm region”, said Centre Party MP Fredrick Federley.
French Actor Depardieu in Russia to Meet Putin. French film star Gérard Depardieu arrived
in Russia on Saturday to meet President Vladimir Putin, who granted him citizenship after a
public spat in France over his efforts to avoid a potential 75 percent income tax.
Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the two would meet in the Black Sea resort of
Sochi, where Putin was spending part of the 10-day New Year and Russian Orthodox Christmas
holiday. He said it was possible Putin would hand Depardieu his Russian passport during
the meeting. “It is a private meeting so we will not be releasing any other details,”
Peskov said by phone. Russian media quoted him as saying the meeting would take place
on Saturday. Depardieu’s spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment
WORLD NEWS Bulletproof Clothing for Kids. Miguel Caballero
has developed bulletproof clothing to protect children from shooting sprees — and the
US is his main market. The designer hopes to sell his collection to parents who fear
for their children’s safety. Violence, death and murder are a normal part of day-to-day
life for a creative businessman with factories in Mexico and Colombia. Both countries are
flashpoints in the Latin American drug war. Some call his choice of locations macabre,
others business-minded. “The US is where the market is for children’s
products,” he says. “They have their own problems there.” And the Colombian designer
Caballero believes he has the solutions. They’re called V-Bag, Puffer Kids, T-Shirt
Kids and Safety Vest, and they’re meant to protect children from the kind of attacks
that happened recently in Newton, Connecticut. The “Kids” T-shirt, for example, is constructed
of highly modern, bullet-proof polymeric fibres. They’re supposed to be able to withstand
the heaviest of bullets. The T-shirt is light and can be worn inconspicuously as an undershirt.
With Caballero’s shirts, blouses and jackets, the children at least have a small chance
of survival, the designer says. A Nationalist spokesperson stated ‘It is sad in this day
and age to need something like this but anything that protects children is a good product.
We just hope that the price does not put it out of range for children of poor families.’
Don’t Go to Syria to Fight, Warns Carr. Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr says
he doesn’t believe the war in Syria will lead to tensions within Australia’s ethnic
communities. Members of non-English speaking communities have reportedly been among more
than 100 Australians believed to have travelled to Syria to fight in the conflict, born of
an anti-government uprising in early 2011. Senator Carr says he cannot comment on Australian
Federal Police investigations into Australians who may have engaged in combat in Syria, and
warns that doing so breaks Australian law. But he says he’s confident members of migrant
communities understand why they shouldn’t participate in the Syrian conflict. “We’re
in Australia. Common sense prevails. People understand that this is not a dispute for
Australians to take up arms about. What we say — and this is our multiculturalism that
we value so highly — is that we expect your loyalties to be to Australia and Australian
interests. You can be proud of your heritage, but your loyalty has to be to Australia, and
if that’s your position, taking arms in the Syrian civil war is wrong.
OIC slams Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Book As expected, the exploding heads of the OIC
(Organization of Islamic Cooperation) have slammed the latest Charlie Hebdo cartoon book
which mocks the paedophile Prophet Muhammad. Surprisingly, White House Press Schmuckretary,
Jay Carney, has not yet come out to express how disgusted Barack Hussein Obama is by the
offensive depictions of the holy prophet Muhammed. The Obama Regime’s criticism of the famous
French magazine Charlie Hebdo followed the administration’s effort to persuade Google
to take down a short and cheap satirical video on YouTube that also angered Islamofascists.
OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu expressed concern at the publication of the
comic book series on the life of Prophet Muhammad saying it incites hatred and intolerance against
Muslims. Ihsanoglu said the publication went against
the norms of responsible journalism and was tantamount to abuse of the right to freedom
of expression He added that incitement and advocacy of hatred and intolerance on religious
grounds signified by this publication was in contravention of international human rights
laws and instruments. He called on the magazine to abide by the provisions, particularly those
in the European Union (EU) context, on incitement to hatred and violence. He urged the authorities
in France to take appropriate action against the magazine.
Ihsanoglu  reiterated the OIC’s principled position on developing an international consensus
on dealing with a frequency of deliberate acts of incitement, within the framework of
the Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18. Which in other words, is tantamount to making
Freedom of Expression an ‘international crime’.
Thought for the Day- Honey I’m Home.................................. Well here I am back for 2013. Another year
in which the great British media will pulverise the truth and hype the inevitable! I know
the message of a successful politician is always a positive message so thus I will never
be a proper politician because I believe that people should have the plain unvarnished truth
even though it may be coloured by my thoughts and ethos, but truth it is. If sheeples receive
a message of positive lies they react much better to it even going to the extent of believing
it and living their lives around it. If the message is nearer the unpalatable truth, they
promptly turn off or create their own little world, which is what we do in this country
and take to extreme measures, even ignoring local changes let alone national ones, whilst
firmly setting our eyes into tunnel vision.
The subject of immigration is always close to my heart, because that, more than anything
else, is the reason why we are losing our country and our culture, what is left of it
and the basis of the ongoing and crushing wave of migration is encapsulated in the media
approach to covering this subject and by the word ‘cover’ I mean practically erase.
A programme on ITV last Friday had me howling at the moon, as this complex problem was aired
under the title of Is Britain Overcrowded? Well yes according to stats, by the year 2050
there will be 80 million of us, well not really us, but all the worlds dross living in this
small island. So the media portray it as a problem brought on by us and concerning us
only – all wrong but the sheeples will believe it. The presenter was the usual blank faced
smiling idiot who obviously has drunk deeply from the cup of the school of common purpose
and the ethnicities of the masses involved was skirted over and totally ignored, except
when they showed the first birth of the New Year which was of course to an Indian woman
who gave birth to her third child and grinning like a hyena said it would be her last. Had
it been up to me matey you would not be here as it was clear you were not married to a
brain surgeon or any of the up market professionals we apparently will be needing in the future.
The problems that our island in the future will be facing were put down to Fertility,
Migration and Longevity, in that order. Of course this is our fertility, not wanted,
our longevity not needed and ethnic migration, you must accommodate more to survive the previous
two problems. The problem being of course, for the social engineers and genocide merchants
within our establishment, that we indigenous Brits are here at all and they will, like
the Daleks, exterminate us in the name of a ‘progressive and diverse society’.
So this is the truth, take it, absorb it and memorise it and understand that whatever happens
in this country from now on will not be for your benefit in the long run or even the short
run, but the reasons given will be oh so reasonable and will make you feel a better person whilst
Rome will be, literally burning!
On this program, there was a guy called Simon Ross who was probably the most honest of this
bunch of paid hypocrites, who said unless changes were made we would be overwhelmed
and overcrowded, although he didn’t stress with whom or what! Jonathon Portes from some
sort of National Institute, proved the main man and what a sight he was! All lisps and
transatlantic accent and had clearly swallowed the entire library of the Common Purpose and
Diversity bilge for breakfast.
He was in favour of building all over Britain, as he stated that over 90% of England was
not built up enough and we should welcome more immigration because stats have shown
that migrants contribute more to our services than they take out and we need highly qualified
workers to pay and look after our elderly, who are also on the increase. Now if you see
a highly qualified ethnic surgeon or doctor or lawyer actually wiping my old fat white
arse in the future please let me know!
In fact by the year 2050 Dementia sufferers will have doubled, a quarter increase in breast
cancer of over 50’s by 2040 and strokes will have increased by 20% now put this with
the increase of 700,000 births and by my reckoning our elderly suffering those diseases will
be dead and the migrant population will be paying for its own elderly which is perhaps
the Plan!
So not really much of a case for bringing yet more migrants in Portes is there? It is
well known that most migrants do not contribute in any way to our society, they do not want
to integrate and their money if they earn it goes out of this country. As to looking
after our elderly in the future frankly they haven’t done much of a job up to now so
I would rather take my chances with my own tribe in that regard if there are any left
by then. Also Portes there is well known evidence of people flying into Britain on a weekly
basis to collect benefits for children not even here and flying back, so what was that
about migrant input?
Education was a woozy as well. They interviewd the limp and empty headteacher of the biggest
primary school in England which is of course Gascoigne Primary in Barking East London and
if you wanted to see the state of our formerly great education system look no further. Masses
of dreadlocks, scarves and brown and black faces everywhere, indeed the whole of the
third world seems present and of course we the poor bloody British are running out of
playing fields and schools for the little bastards! What do they expect? Many of their
own countries clearly do not provide even fresh water for their own people and don’t
get me wrong, I do believe that anyone, anywhere has an inherent right to clean water but if
Foreign Aid money has been provided to their governments for that, what the hell are they
all doing coming over here and expecting us, the sheeples, to provide money and education
for them, because that is what this is – this is the beggaring of us Brits to provide manna
for all comers and their offspring for perpetuity in our country. In fact we will need 800,000
new primary schools to keep up with the migrant births let alone our own population in the
By the time some bloody woman from the Association of Architects had decided that we need to
build bigger and better houses for the bastards I was in extremis and needed the last Rites!
Some poor young white couple had bought a flat in Liverpool which was ok for a couple
of vertically challenged persona and any hopes they had of adding to the population boom
was knackered as they had to even keep their Hoover at his parent’s house! So no wonderful
4 bedroomed council funded home for them of course, no being put to the top of the list
because they had just flown in or crawled in with their entire tribe from God knows
where and no home being provided by the parents who obviously had failed to amass a fortune
from drugs, thievery and prostitution during their sojourn in this country or indeed another
country! So poor Matt and Miriam will not be adding to any baby stats in our future!
Interestingly enough the last Rites having been administered in the form of a large whiskey
the subject turned to areas that have ‘an unprecedented expanding population growth’
in England and you will never guess where. They are: Tower Hamlets, Hounslow, Hackney,
Newham, Greenwich, Waltham Forest, Manchester, Leicester, Milton Keynes and Peterborough.
Now I bet you didn’t even know that did you? They also tie up with the Muslim population
growth as well. Now tie this to the areas in Britain that do not have a population growth
in fact our population is sliding downhill in these areas and they are: Barrow in Furness
(where the hell is that?) Sefton, Knowsley, Sunderland, South Tyneside, Burnley, West
Somerset, Redcar & Cleveland, Middlesborough and my old stamping ground, Kensington & Chelsea.
Our old friend Portes or Proctorsetyle (a well known pile ointment as he shall be known)
picked Burnley out as an area which is regenerating itself with a large electrical parts company,
well done, just don’t sell it to the sodding Chinese like our London Taxi firms.
Of course the tie up with the over populated areas full of migrants and the under populated
areas, which are more like England was even 2 decades, ago surely didn’t fool the watchers
into thinking we are doing all this by ourselves? Clearly the point being avoided was that in
order to accommodate even further numbers of immigrants our government and councils
will have to take steps which surely will undermine us Brits and Britain even more so
in the future.
We will have to: Build on all land, especially in areas not
overpopulated by ethnic minorities to encourage them to go there and breed. Watch out Kensington!
Take over all the old commercial and industrial sites (put out of business by shifting manufacturing
and work to the East) and make every effort to set up new primary schools for the children
of people from those countries so they can learn English eventually and take our jobs
over here. Build huge new airports and stations to accommodate
the working migrants – those of course who aren’t wiping our old arses or on benefits
or running the family businesses. Build new maternity wards to accommodate the
huge rise in ethnic births because most of these women although used to giving birth
at the side of a road will require greater attention than ours because of their genetic
birth and health complications. Ignore the 2 million couples on the Housing
lists and lose them. Give all the new housing over to ‘diverse families living the progressive
dream’ and make every effort to ensure their well being as ‘workers for the future’.
Make homosexuality an ‘affirmative action’ and only give jobs, houses and publicity to
those who prefer this lifestyle, even better make it a mixed race partnership and non Christian
and your house will be huge!
So here we are sitting around in 2025, you see I told you I would tell you the truth,
all stats should be halved for years but quadrupled for numbers, in a one up one down, dominated
by a huge telly, no garden, no pets, no money, just plastic cards and they are only issued
if you are a one legged black lesbian who has adopted tons of multi racial babies, or
on a local council, your children will be being brought up by the huge collective primary
down the road and hardly see you and you will be by yourself because us whites are not encouraged
to have partners of the opposite sex, our babies are bred in test tubes to outbreed
the white gene and counteract inherent ‘racism’ and we will be too fat on takeaways to go
out and socialise and the repeated calls to prayer from the Islamic towers on every street
corner drown the Sharia TV anyway.
Just joking or is this Proctercetyls dream? The way we handle positive and negative messages
has been drummed into us from an early age since the last World war. In previous times
negative messengers were killed but affirmative action was taken on that message. Now negative
messengers are actively discouraged and replaced with positive lies and people faced with positive
lies in a world increasingly becoming rather negative, prefer the lies. So do governments
and the state, because if people perceive they have nothing to fear or fight for, they
will not. They will just accept and accommodate and that is the subliminal message my friends.
Accept and accommodate.
I and the British National Party will not accept and not accommodate, even to our detriment
politically – No Surrender is my motto for 2013. Our sheeples may prefer to ignore us
or malign us but I believe despite the media, our sheeples are also thinking more like us
even if they do not want to – because their world will not become a positive lie but a
negative reality only too soon.
And finally- How Fifty Shades of Grey set pulses racing in the libraries of Surrey Well
you heard it here first not!! People in leafy Surrey, my old county of residence, have set
a record for taking out this ‘steamy’ trilogy from their Libraries. Surrey residents
now account for one fifth of all library borrowing of E.L James's Fifty Shades of Grey. Well
although pushed onto the tables in Hampshire libraries they didn’t do as well, probably
because we do not do sex in Hampshire as it frightens the horses!
It is apparently the best selling book in Britain since records began but why? I found
it boring and repetitive and am clearly not an S&M merchant but I could be put to it,
I can think of several people I would love to thrash personally though not in a good
way! The funniest readings of the first book was on a programme wrongly called the ‘50
funniest moments on TV’, all presented by leftist mirthless liberal wankers who were
obviously anti right, anti life, anti British, anti monarchy and anti white. But their readings
of sections of this book had me bent double laughing. I have never known a woman to have
‘her thighs permenantly pinned by a blokes pelvis, seems a bit
odd to me! I do not think I have seen anyone take the GBP for a ride in such a way since
the J K Rowling books but at least one hopes they were not personal experiences! They should
be called 50 shades of boredom and more to come literally!
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.