Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Episode 45: Save Money On Apps With AppSales App

Uploaded by Lucidmike78 on 21.12.2012

you'll get notified and you'll get this cool
thing here
as you can see GTA
grand theft auto 3 is also on sale for a dollar
hello everyone Michael here with the daily note 2 youtube channel and welcome to
another episode
it is already december 22th here and the world
yesterday and
maybe because of that reason
google has decided to have a fire sale on a lot of their popular
applications and games
so as you could see the last
seven apps on here i've purchased it today for about a dollar NFS Most Wanted,
Max Payne, Drawface2, Wild Blood that's baser all about a
dollar each so make sure you
get it on that if you're looking to purchase but didn't want to spend a
full price

instagram before instagram existed and i always want to know
try that app but I didn't have the opportunity to
because I didn't really want to pay for it but for a dollar I thought it was
worth it
so the app i really want to talk about today is
actually called AppSales
make sure you go to google play store
and just look for appsales
and it's called AppSales Best Apps on sale
install it and just open it
it kinda keeps track of prices for apps and
when they
have like a sale on the app you'll get notified and you'll get this cool
thing here
as you could see GTA
grand theft auto 3 is also on sale for a dollar

you could also scroll down this list here
see what else is on sale Plants Vs. Zombies
I got that a long time ago.. that's one of my favorite game.. it's also a dollar
there is some
weird fire sale
or just promotion going on and
they have like a
banner posted in google play tomorrow if you're in north america
on the
korean google play there's already like a
most popular games
for sale today
86% off
that banners there're in the goolge play store today in korea maybe you'll
see that tomorrow
cool feature about that app
called AppSales let's open it again
there's a watchlist
you could see i've added two games that i wanted to purchase for a

a significant discount maybe in the future it does happen
I've added these two games in the list and one last thing is that
when you go to the price history you'll see that
the app has had sales in the past
you could see this game called mass effect infiltrator
within the last 60 days it has drop down about
two dollars and fifty cents
on the average
i just want to give you guys quick tip today definitely check out
those apps on sale if you're watching today when I post this video
even if you don't make sure you check out the AppSales app so that
you could save money on apps in the future
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samsung galaxy note 2
once again thank you for watching