BĂLAN Elena Cristina (Premiul Mentor - 2011)

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Bãlan Elena Cristina, teacher, coach Brassó
Now a marksmanship - sharpshooter coach, earlier active athlete herself
Several of her students became part of the national team
During her 21 year career she received more than 100 medals
despite a meager training background
When I became a coach at age 21, I could not imagine
that I would not shoot in competitions again
I thought that being a coach was just fun
and I could continue competing. But during the following three years.
it appeared to be my destiny to become strictly a coach.
During the three years that I was both a coach and an active shooter,
it turned out that I must not continue my participation in competitions
So I chose to be exclusively a coach.
Being a coach is just like the sport itself
or like any other serious activity. It is a form of art.
To deal with people.. is something beautiful...
I cannot even put it into words. Something that I enjoy.
I like being a coach, I enjoy working with people,
especially with children.
There are marksmen who aim in three different phases...
one, two..and the third right in the middle.
I am very close to these children and I try to stay
very close to them so I can understand them.
must understand the 18-, the 14- and the 10-11 year old kids
as well as the smallest ones of the group.
I try to talk to each of them at their own level.
It also makes me feel younger, a child again.
Try to keep your fingers right there, ok?
So you won't make bad hits like those below.
I emphasize their righteousness, their sincerity in the first place.
Long term, continous work counts a lot.
In order to get outstanding results, it is not absolutely necessary to have great talent.
It is enough to keep working persistently
It is not enough to be talented. If you don't work hard, or if you neglect your training, your name disappears immediately.