28 International accordion festival

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International Accordion Festival
presents ...
/ Music - Charles Parker - "Jumping Billy" /
Dear Friends
Do you know how to write the word "bayan"?
So? Or maybe like this?
So, to find out,
and always remember that the word
actually means,
and never use it
as a characteristic
something hackneyed and uninteresting,
we invite you to the third fourth and fifth November
to the concerts
of the 28 International Festival of Music for Accordion
of the 28 International Festival of Music for Accordion
In the performance of these instruments
You will hear the music of various styles and trends
from strict classical
to light and popular pop music
Will appreciate the endless possibilities
of the accordion.
Acquainted with the work
both young musicians and well-known
world stars of the instrument.
This year, for you will play:
one of the best ensembles of Belarus
musicians, who experiments
with sound and arrangement!
Duet "Expression" (Minsk)
Young and talented guys
From the heart of Russia - "Siberian duo bayan"

As well as musicians,
as one of the best accordionists
of Russia and over the world,
Alexander Shirunov and Nadejda Guseva (St. Petersburg)

And finally ...
The winner of many international competitions
in the category of pop and jazz music,
Italian accordionist, jazzman,
Antonio Spakkarotella
So, we are waiting for you 3, 4 and 5 November
in the White Hall
of the Petersburg Polytechnic University
adress Politechnic street, 29

Details on time and location,
as all the information about the participantsants
and the opportunity to purchase tickets
can be found on our website: www.accofestival.spb.ru