Corse Clienti Racing News n.7

Uploaded by ferrariworld on 19.10.2012

Our objective now it to finish first, second and third
in the Championship with our drivers.
A second place, I’m still calculating for the Championship,
which is not over yet. So until it’s not over, we not taking any risks.
Today was a great race.
I started from the pole and tried to keep the position.
Alessandro, who dominated the entire season, had some problem,
he wasn’t at 100%.
Nevertheless it was a great win for us,
because we’re only back on top as of Silverstone.
So now I want to get ready for the Finali Mondiali.
The car was perfect.
I didn’t have any understeering or oversteering,
although after three laps I didn’t have any tyre left, but I had lots of fun.
A fantastic win here in Rome.
We’ve been thinking about this race for the whole year.
And with spectacular spectators it was really exciting.
Good performance, I had fun.
Pity that on the second or third lap Basov overtook me,
otherwise I would have taken second place.
- What are the main decisions during a Challenge race weekend?
- Mainly the drive through and the stop-and-go.
Then there’s the possibility to exclude a driver, but this happens rarely.
Usually the drivers are extremely well-behaved.
- Which is the most delicate moment in the race?
- In the Pirelli and in the Shell it’s always the start.
No race is like the other.
There is excitement from the start to the finish.
- Do the drivers usually accept the decisions or do they protest a lot?
- As in real life there are drivers who accept the decisions,
because they know that they’ve done something
and there are others who protest,
but it’s their right to do this.
- How do you earn the license to become race director?
- You start as a track steward, then you become secretary,
head of national races, head of international races.
- When you’re not sure about a decision, what tools do you use?
- Well in this Championship I’m the head of the practice and of the race.
So you compare, you watch the footage several times from different angles,
you listen to the stewards on the track and then you take a decision.
- Is there a limit you have to inform the driver regarding his violation?
- Yes, the limit is obviously the race and half an hour after the race.
- What about the technological evolution
and does it help taking decisions?
- Here in Vallelunga we have a very advanced system.
It’s a digital system and we can watch the footage in real-time.
We can watch everything with extreme precision.
- Antonello, great win in the WEC in its first season.
- It was a very good season.
It started a little bit difficult, but we immediately improved,
starting with the 24 Hours of Le Mans,
where the car number 51 from AF Corse won the 24-Hours.
It was well-deserved especially after the accident in the free practice.
And then we won several races in the Championship,
right up to last weekend in Bahrain.
We’re obviously extremely satisfied.
Now we hope that we can finish this Championship
as well as we’ve done so far.
It was definitely a great Championship for us and our racing activities.
- So a great season for you also in the other GT motorsport activities.
- Right, not only the endurance Championship,
but we won in our first year the GrandAm in the USA.
It was the first time that Ferrari participated in this Championship
and we brought it home.
Thanks to the Canadian Heim team with the drivers Segal and Assentato,
who did some exceptional work.
We gained second place in the GT Championship with Stefano Gai,
which we know from the Challenge,
and Lyons, an English driver.
In the Open GT we’re in the lead
with Federico Leo and Gianmaria Bruni
and the Team AF Corse.
There’s one race left in Barcelona
and we hope to continue like this.
On 2nd December we’ll be in Valencia for our Finali Mondiali,
the traditional event, which will be a concentrate of all of our activities.
We hope to see you all there, because it will be an incredible weekend.�