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Pottery barn party planner Brunch Ideas with Mary Corpening Barber and Sara Corpening Whiteford
Hi my name is Sara Corpening Whiteford and this is my twin sister
Mary Corpening Barber and together we've written the bride and groom, first and forever cookbook
we think that lemon curd makes a delectable end
to any brunch, any time of year, just so sweet and
peppery and yummy, I just can't wait to taste it
So Mary show everyone this beautiful lemon curd, we made this lemon curd yesterday
and refrigerated it over night
it's wonderful because you can do it ahead of time, it's fantastic
lemon curd is one of those great dishes
it allows you to do all your prep before any of your guests come to your house
so what I'm doing is just folding in some whipped cream
I whipped the cream to a soft peak
which is important you don't want to
over whip it so we're just looking for creamy, mousse-like texture, you can see these raspberries over here
in this bowl and I'm just mashing them, and I'm gonna put a little sugar in here.
and just continue to mash like so and we're going to continue to use this like a little sauce, the other whole raspberries
and the rest of the sugar
that was about four tablespoons, right mary? And then we're going to pour the smashers in
and then mix these all together, like so, and then we're just going to layer them in these beautiful
pottery barn glasses
this is when you're lucky to have a sister helping you
we have a little assembly line working here
you can use any kind of berries that you like, if you prefer strawberries or blackberries work really
and put the mint on just before you serve them
because it can get a little wilted the perfect end to
any brunch, any time of year, easy to assemble
Just a crowd pleaser all the way around, every time
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