Indoor Slingshot | Design Squad

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Hi, I'm Deysi from Design Squad and I'm here with:
Today, we're going to make an indoor slingshot.
Our indoor slingshot is made out of two toilet paper tubes.
When you pull the plunger back,
we're storing potential energy in the rubber bands.
And when you release the plunger,
we release kinetic energy.
ERIK: I am setting up a challenge.
We're going to try to knock over the cups with our slingshots.
DEYSI: That's awesome. ERIK: Double!
SAM: What's the problem?
I'm going to try and figure this out.
Rubber bands are a little too loose.
Make sure you use rubber bands that aren't too long.
Here's one with another problem.
We punched the holes
too close to the edge of the inner tube.
The pencil broke through.
I'm working on a skee-ball target.
Try for the holes and good luck.
(gasp) Oh, almost.
Hey, 25!
Good job!
Our indoor slingshot works just like a trampoline.
When you bounce down on the trampoline,
you are storing potential energy.
The stored potential energy turns into kinetic energy
when you bounce back up.
Sam and Erik made a supersized slingshot.
A longer tube allows you to stretch the rubber band further
so you have more potential energy.
That means the marshmallow will probably shoot farther.
The kids are standing now about 15 feet away
from the skee-ball.
I think we need to point it at a higher angle.
Instructions to make your own indoor slingshot
are on the Design Squad website.