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Mathis Landwehr - Actor and Producer Hi, my name is Mathis Landwehr.
Mathis Landwehr - Actor and Producer I have been working as an actor, a choreographer and stuntman
in german and international productions for 15 years now.
One year ago I founded the production company Roundhousefilm in Berlin.
because I decided to produce martial arts or genre films by myself,
and because it is very difficult to find financiers for these kind of projects in germany.
Since I believe, that there definitely is a wide audience
that wants to see top-class martial arts films,
we decided to produce a teaser, in which we will show for the length of 5 minutes, what is possible.
Krystof Zlatnik - Director and Co-Writer I sit here with Krystof Zlatnik, who I know already for about 10 years.
Krystof Zlatnik - Director and Co-Writer We both grew up in Stuttgart, Germany.
I was always amazed by the visual realization, first of his shortfilms,
and then also by his longer projects, which he has done at the Filmakademy Ludwigsburg.
I came to him, because I was searching for people, who go a step further
then the one you usually go in germany...
...and want to do real genre.
This teaser is no trailer, no collage of different things
but it is a scene. A scene which could represent the beginning of a movie,
or the beginning of a TV-Series.
Visit to the film location
But that means, we directly enter this world, a world in which it is forbidden to generate electricity.
People have stopped to use electricity and everything is "back to basics" again.
If you generate electricity, and when someone experiments with it, the gods come.
The gods in the form of enormous giants which destroy humans.
And that means, everyone is in fear and there is only one who can challenge them.
And that one is: Crutch!
Crutch is called Crutch, because he has a destroyed leg.
Because he needs a crutch for walking,
and because, as fans of for example "Zatoichi, The Blind Swordsman"
and Sergio Leone's "The Man with No Name", we want to tell a new hero.
Jan Cronauer - Scriptwriter Jan is definitely one of the best genre-writers that we have.
Jan Cronauer - Scriptwriter Just, as we all, he never had the chance, to show what he is capable of.
Without handcuffs...
- Completely right. - We want to put down those handcuffs,
so we can finally make a project the way we imagine to
without having a TV-Station or an editor interfere with it from the beginning.
To show what we can do.
What our creative talents are...
...what your fighting talents are.
Basically I write the fights, he fights them.
Ulrik Bruchholz - Action Director This is Ulrik Bruchholz,
Ulrik Bruchholz - Action Director I work with him for already 10 years.
We work out the pre-visualisations of the fights
and we have done all of the two "Lasko"-Sasons together.
What also differentiates this project from other action- and stuntprojects
is simply, that Mathis can do everything by himself.
At the same time it is momentarily a very common style,
to always shake the camera and have a lot of cuts.
And especially as a martial arts fan that is quite annoying.
We have a huge advantage because Mathis can do everything himself,
and because the stuntmen we have are terrific stuntmen.
And that's why we can do long shots,
and shots, where you can clearly see the techniques.
The difference between Land of Giants and the other projects, that we have done so far,
is that we can really focus on the details,
that we can do action or martial arts scenes,
that you can watch 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times,
and always find new little things.
Land of Giants is part of the new german genrefilm
and needs your help.
We have now written a 5-page version,
we also have a 6-page version,
we also have a 10-page version.
That means, the more we collect, the more detailed,
the more elaborate we can make the project.
It would make me very happy, if you support our project,
if you believe in us, if you like our work.
And I thank you in advance for every cent and every euro
that you can provide for us.
I can guarantee you, that we put all our passion into the project.
And it is also my great wish,
to share with you the vision, we all have about this project.
Thank you very much!
Land of Giants is like...
"How I Met Your Mother" on crack.
It's a science-fiction-medieval...
meets apocalyptic-western... martial arts...
We should have agreed on the T-Shirts...
I only have "Star Wars" T-Shirts.
Right beside me sits Mathis...
the former "Fist of God".
I sit here beside Mathis Landwehr... known from radio and TV.
Is there actually any eroticism?
Later. When the giant undresses.
I haven't read anything about eroticism in the teaser.
Well, there is some implicated...
All my sex-scenes have been discarded.