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Lauren Cochlin: The next one we have is staff appreciation day.. or the luncheon that we
had… My name is Lauren Cochlin; I am a senior at
the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I am a political science and communications
I am the SAAC president. SAAC stands for the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. I have
been for the last two years. I also have a seat on the athletic board, so I represent
student-athletes’ interests. At the campus level at Wisconsin we do a lot of community
service initiatives, so we do blood drives like this, we do a big event on campus called
the red-white hunger fight in conjunction with Homecoming.
I think that the community outreach component of SAAC is extremely important, especially
at the campus level and especially to UW student athletes. These are our major supporters,
this is our fan base, these are the people that come out and support us at all of our
events, that cheer for us, that help fund our scholarships.
Today is the UW SAAC blood drive. We put on two a year. All of these donations come from
UW athletic department staff or from student-athletes in general. We’re hoping to collect 35 donations,
which I think will save over 100 lives. It’s a really cool way to give back to the immediate
community around us.
We’re taking part in the border challenge so we compete directly with Minnesota, not
only as an athletic department but as the greater university, so SAAC is just one of
the smaller blood drives within that greater effort.
I’ve been really blessed to see this organization grow. It was about 15 people in a room when
I first got involved freshman year and now we have 70-75 people at each meeting. Also,
it’s fostered such great leadership development with me and I guess right now I’m kind of
looking to get into the sustainable agriculture industry, local food movement, whole organic
foods, better health and nutrition in public schools, I think that that’s the direction
I’m going. Whether that be public relations or political advocacy, I think that that’s
kind of a natural fit for me, coming from this experience, going into what I plan to
do in the future.