Punch korean drama Episode 8 때려

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Episode 8
Hae-Mi, are you up already?
So tired. I couldn't sleep.
What a low-rate motel!
You two... slept in the same room?
Is it simply just sharing a room?
What are you saying?
You're good!
How can you find me in this rural place?
You are great too! Why do you follow people like a leech!
You are an unlucky thing! Why do you stick around our business!
Watch your words! I don't want to have anything to do with you!
Han-Sae oppa is my man.
He doesn't think of you as a woman. So, watch your actions.
You want to work as a model in my father's company?
Hey! If you want to become a model, show your true ability!
Why does Manager Jo want to nominate a girl like you?
You have a big parachute? Or you're just good at talking?
What did you say?
Let's head back to Seoul?
Han-Sae oppa, get into the car!
This car has 4 seats. Uncle, let's go back together!
Can we?
Get in please!
Hey! What are you doing?
I'll go back first and wait for you at the bus station!
Let's go back by bus!
I heard you won the game!
Oppa, tell me the truth!
What's your relationship with Jang Yu-Bin?
I told you before, she's like my younger sister!
Younger sister!
Don't make fun of me!
If I see you guys together one more time,
I won't let you off easily!
Hae-Mi, you think too much!
Honestly, Yu-Bin isn't good enough to be your rival.
You are beautiful, rich and sexy!
I can't bear to lose to her. She always steals my things!
What did she steal from you?
Manager Jo!
Are you OK?
Of course.
That's good.
I'm sorry!
Because I was called for the match in a rush.
In the future, please give me a call if you go anywhere.
I beg you please. You made me feel so worried.
So I've become an advertising model?
I waited for you yesterday to tell you about it.
How about Hae-Mi?
She also competed for this role.
Yes, she got to the second round but she's not fit for the role.
We are looking for someone who is young, strong and modern.
What's wrong? Are you unhappy?
I won't take this job.
I'm really greedy...
Maybe I'm just a shadow,
I don't have any confidence at all.
What are you saying?
Is it because of him?
Han-Sae doesn't want you to take this job?
No, it's not because of him! Why do you think so?
Maybe he doesn't want us to work together.
What do you mean?
You should ask him directly.
Anyway, I'm sorry.
Aside from you, I won't choose anyone else.
I'll wait for your decision.
We don't have much time.
If you change your mind, please contact me.
So annoying!
Is there any way to prevent Jang Yu-Bin from taking that job?
What way could it be?
Hello, I'm Oh Hae-Mi.
Over here!
What would you like?
Please order something to drink.
I'm sorry about our company's decision.
But why do you want to meet me?
That Manager Jo is duller than I thought,
so I can't talk to him directly.
So, could you please help me talk to him?
I don't have any power to help you.
I know something about Jang Yu-Bin.
She was my high school classmate.
She has lots of artifice. To get what she wants, she's willing to do anything.
She's trying to seduce Manager Jo.
I'm afraid he may get hurt.
Manager Jo is good at doing business
but he seems to be foolish when it comes to love.
At that time, he needs someone to help him.
Miss Hae-Mi, so what do you want?
Exclude Jang Yu-Bin from that job.
If you guys don't do it,
I'll find a way to stop her from doing that ad.
Secretary Yun, help me please.
Helping me also means helping Manager Jo.
Thank you.
You're the only one taking care of this cafe?
I started this shop when I divorced.
So, I need to arrange things before going to America.
How is Yun-Pyo doing?
Yes, he's fine.
Sorry, I haven't had a chance to give him your present.
I have an idea.
What are you looking for?
My necklace.
Search carefully. Until now, this place is free from theft!
Ah, what did Mi-Ra bring out?
Perhaps it was that necklace?
Yun-Pyo, I brought your necklace here. Surprise?
Mi-Ra likes Yun-Pyo?
What will I do if he gets angry?
OK, it should be fine. I do it because of Yun-Pyo anyway.
Madam, please change this gas grill!
Eat more!
do you know why we have to care so much about the sales revenue?
Because of women.
They always interfere in our job so that we can't achieve unity between us.
They don't have their own opinion.
They thought preparing a coffee can raise their sales revenue?
Company isn't a coffee shop.
Yes, you are right.
- Just bear with it. e high results,
our team needs to unite.
For that achievement, let's drink up. Cheers!
You have the word "wealth" under your feet?
Do you envy me? Please look for someone else.
I already have an owner.
How come such a powerful man can only drink 2 cups of soju?
What a woman! She doesn't have any femininity at all.
What's this? Let me see!
No, you can't open it. Let go!
It's my present for someone. Please return it to me!
What? Boxing gloves?
What is this?
She plays boxing?
It's something that an old woman uses to seduce man.
Give them back to me!
One, two!
I bought it for a friend.
One, two, two!
Gosh! Give them back to me!
Team Leader Nam!
- Team leader Nam, wake up! - What to do?
Team leader Nam, are you all right?
That guy, how could he be knocked out with one punch?
Do we have enough money for the deposit?
Don't worry about that money. I'll transfer it to your account.
Hyung, what's your idea?
It's drinking tea, reducing your stress,
strengthening your body, and losing weight.
What is that?
What is it?
That's boxing cafe.
Boxing cafe?
Customers need only pay for their coffee and they can play boxing.
Membership revenue is used to pay for the cafe's expenses.
The revenue from selling coffee can cover for the rental expense.
What do you think?
It's a good idea!
Hyung, we need to train the girls first.
With pretty girls around, more customers will come.
Are we learning boxing while serving coffee?
Let's promote this shop by using the experiences we have.
So, we've become the gaming banker?
Why am I here?
Yu-Bin, wake up! Why am I here?
You were drunk last night and you came here.
You don't remember anything?
What happened?
Hey, big problem!
Yesterday, I was so angry with Supervisor Nam, that I hit him.
I feel delighted to hear you did so! It's exciting!
You're delighted?
Hey, what do I do? I drank alcohol and hit someone.
Eonni, you want to live together with me?
Good idea!
We can save the rental expenses
and play boxing together.
Lonely people should live together.
Has the atmosphere changed?
Yeah, it's nice.
Now, let's chase out the sadness? Is it better?
Eonni, you are like a graceful princess.
You just figured that out?
If the prince appears, I'll grab him immediately.
Everything is ready, just wait for the next step.
So, you can't increase my credit limit, can you?
I understand.
Yeah, running 3-4 hours per day is good enough.
It's not that, I just needed some money.
Karaoke bar? Running a karaoke bar?
Alright, forget it! I don't need your help anymore.
Build up the four corners as solid as possible for me please.
The ceiling will be painted with white color
and pictures of managers will be hung around the wall.
I will pay the rest on opening day, okay?
My dad is strict so I will have problem later.
But nothing I can do anyway.
But, hyung, tell me the truth.
What is it?
This boxing cafe is opened for Yu-Bin, isn't it? You intend to let Yu-Bin practice here, right?
This jerk, you can think anything, it's up to you.
Han-Sae hyung is extraordinary,
why pay so much attention to that girl?
Yes, Auntie, I'm going there now. Please wait a moment.
Hey, where are you going?
Get lost please, I'm really busy right now.
Get lost. What are you doing?
What? That jerk's meeting his mom now?
Yes, but I'm not sure if he will come or not.
Maybe he wants to look for this.
I'm going crazy! Hey!
If that guy meets his mom or not is none of your business, right?
I'm so disappointed with your attitude.
You don't have any sympathy at all, huh?
This may be the last time that he can see his mom.
OK, I'll let it go this time only.
Don't stick your nose in other's business anymore.
Go home right away when you are done. If not, I...
Where's your ring?
Ah, it's...
I forgot to bring it, I took it off while washing my face at home.
If you lost it, just say so. I will find it for you no matter what.
Can you?
Who's that?
Ah... he's coming, Yun-Pyo is coming.
- Let's go hide, quickly.
It's good.
I asked you to come.
What the hell happened here?
Because I wanted to celebrate your birthday with you,
I asked for Mi-Ra's help.
This was all prepared by Mi-Ra.
So... I'll take my leave now.
Yun-Pyo, wait.
I... just wanted to help you.
Please don't interfere with my business!
Hey, jerk!
You're being unreasonable...
Did you know your mom is moving to the U.S.?
She wanted to meet you one last time before she goes.
And she even prepared your birthday party.
You are lucky to have your mom still alive, you know that?
Even if your parents are divorced it's still good to have a mom.
I would be very thankful if my parents were still alive.
Hey, our future champion.
What's up? You supposed to sleep now, right?
Now that you don't have anything to do at the shop or boxing club,
I was afraid you'd feel lonely, so I came looking for you.
I thought about doing deliveries again.
Don't do that, it's so dangerous!
Hey, let's go to the hair salon.
Hair salon?
I know a place with great skill but very reasonable prices. Let's go.
Welcome. Please come in!
Come in!
Owner, please help me make a wonderful hairstyle for this girl.
I will pay in advance.
Let her make you a nice hairstyle, OK? I'll leave now.
Ajumma, don't make curly hair because uncle doesn't like it.
I know.
This girl is your son's girlfriend?
Your son?
Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were Han-Sae oppa's mom.
Oppa said that this is a familiar place so...
Never mind, please sit down.
But I don't know why your face looks familiar to me,
maybe I met you somewhere before.
Me too!
You don't look like his mom but more like his older sister.
Just wait for me. I'm going to open a boxing club for you soon.
This is the first time my Han-Sae has brought his girlfriend home.
I'm not his girlfriend. I'm his younger sister only.
Why did Han-Sae hide such a beautiful girl and not let me know?
Actually he is my real oppa's friend.
Han-Sae's friend? Who is it?
It's a friend from boxing,
his name is Jang Yu-Cheol.
Are you alright?
Ah, I'm fine.
There's a girl whom I'm not allowed to love...
but she's so cute...
Sometimes I feel like she's my girlfriend.
Why is it so?
I understand now.
Han-Sae oppa!
What's wrong with you?
Hi, you look more splendid than usual.
I have a fashion show today.
Fashion show?
Ah I see, you are a model. A not well-known model.
What? You dare to tease me?
What's this?
It's my present.
You will be my man from now on, so you should have brand-named clothes.
I'm used to wearing untidy clothes, so don't mind me.
I'll go now.
Hey, you!
Where's Han-Sae oppa's house?
I asked you where oppa's house is?
Very near, in front of that three-way crossroad.
I don't know if you like this new style or not.
Of course, I like it.
Thanks to you, the long-time seafood smell in my hair went out.
Seafood smell?
Yes, I worked in a mobile restaurant.
You worked in a restaurant? By yourself?
Yes, I worked with my brother before.
But a couple days ago,
the people from public order management suddenly came and seized all my stuff.
You better think of something pleasant to do in the meantime
and come here occasionally.
If Yu-Bin is Han-Sae's sister, then I am Yu-Bin's mother too.
Yes, thank you very much.
I feel so comfortable.
Oh, there's a sandbag for boxing in this salon too?
Did Han-Sae oppa make it?
Nope, I made it by myself.
Han-Sae felt very upset since he had to quit boxing for military service.
So I made this sandbag as a present for him.
I want him to have hope whenever he looks at it.
But why did Han-Sae oppa quit boxing?
Ah, that thing...
Hello, are you Han-Sae oppa's mother?
I'm Hae-Mi, I'm his girlfriend.
Hey, why did you come here?
That's what I wanted to ask you!
You two know each other?
Yes, we do.
You are such a tenacious bitch.
I won't let go so easily.
Excuse me...
Can I sit here with you?
The clothes suit you well.
Yun-Pyo, I like you very much.
I liked you from the first time we met at the club's roof.
But we will be very tired if things go on like this.
so I want to hear your answer.
This will also help me know my true feelings.
Of course, I know that this fact will make you confused.
But, please just say a word to me.
Forget it. I'm not like the kind of person you always dream of.
If you are always like that, I will only think of running away from you because it's too much a burden.
Is it true?
I know about your feelings now.
I will not be a burden to you from now on.
Hey, Mi-Ra!
Bong Mi-Ra, you are such a stupid girl.
A one-sided love is good enough already,
you don't need to confess to him.
You also got off the train?
Take it.
Mi-Ra, don't leave me! I love only you!
Mi-Ra! Mi-Ra...
That's enough for today.
The second meeting will be held next week.
The estimate's group, please come to my office.
How about Miss Yu-Bin, Manager?
I will contact her right away.
Wait a little while, please.
OK, we will take our leave.
Label on tape: The 2001 Champion Match
You watched the tape again?
Secretary Yun.
Boxing is a legal sport.
But isn't it a murder to beat up a person pitilessly?
May I ask...
what the relationship is between Jang Yu-Bin and that tape?
Of course. The boxer who was killed is Yu-Bin's brother.
She doesn't know the truth yet,
and she's learning how to box from her brother's murderer.
What is it?
It's very useful information for you.
Yu-Bin will be in great shock if she learns the truth about this.
Maybe she will even quit being a model.
We will have to have more details about the deal.
I gave you the information already.
In return,
you must let Manager Jo receive this advertisement contract.
No worries!
Mr. Kim.
Please do me a favor.
Hey, you look more beautiful with the new hairstyle.
I went to the salon today.
Han-Sae oppa's mom gave me a free service.
But why did you come here?
I want to show you a place.
How did you get it back for me?
It must be taken back.
Everyone comes here because of your seafood soup.
If you don't have it, they will be disappointed.
Mr. Kim, thanks for your help.
You're welcome.
Hope you can have good profit.
Hi, thank you.
Let's try to make something now.
Manager Jo.
May I have a bottle of soju, please?
Oh, of course.
Do you want some finger food?
Can you recommend some good ones?
It's all delicious.
We have mussels, eels, beef spareribs...
Or let's try chicken feet?
We have the coffee's atmosphere now.
- Be careful! ll we choose now?
How about Champion cafe?
The name must be good to attract lots of girls.
Hyung, can we name it "Sexy dance cafe"?
No way.
Hyung, what is it?
This is the last material that makes an outstanding cafe.
So that's what you're up to.
If you guys have girlfriends, you can post them up too.
Do you have one?
I will go pick up a special guest now.
Who is it?
Do you have back-pain?
I know about it now.
You must be really tired to work like this everyday.
No, I'm not. I don't have any pain.
There's still some soju in here.
Maybe we can have some?
OK, let's try.
Hope you can earn big money, Manager Jang.
Manager Jang?
Because you are the manager of this shop, the Manager Jang title suits you well.
Manager Jo.
This shop is a remembrance of my brother,
so I'm really indebted to you, since you got it back for me.
Yu-Bin, I said already we were born from the same star.
Oh, when did Yu-Bin take back her shop?
Have another glass please.
How can I solve this problem now?
I think I love you already, no matter what happens.
Huh, Han-Sae oppa?
Han-Sae oppa!
You left because of Manager Jo?
Ah, it's not that...
How did you get back this shop?
It's thanks to Manager Jo.
Ah, I see.
Manager Jo is a big help to you.
Keep on doing your thing, I'll leave now.
But why did you come here?
Tell me.
Nothing special. I just passed by and paid a visit.
See you later!
OK, see you.
Yu-Bin, this is my surprise present for you.
I wanted you to be the first one to come but...
Welcome! Welcome!
Please go to table 8.
Can you tell me where Han-Sae oppa is, please?
He's at the boxing cafe.
Boxing cafe?
Wow, you scared me, it's night time already.
I came here because I have something to ask Coach Bong.
What is it?
How can you have this tape?
The boxer, Jang Yu-Cheol is Yu-Bin's brother, right?
The one who died after this match?
Is it true?
I see.
That's it.
Han-Sae oppa must tell me about this thing first.
Hae-Mi, how can you know about this matter?
It's OK now. Don't ask anymore.
Something big will come up for sure, I did make a big mistake.
Is it Heung-Su?
I'm too tired today, you can go on without me.
How do you know about this place?
Is this my picture?
Ah yes, it is.
I intended to hang a Tae-kwon-do symbol there
but I can't find it yet, so I hung your picture in the meantime.
Oppa, oppa!
I'm so happy that you cared about me so much.
What's wrong with you? Don't misunderstand.
I opened this to earn money basically...
and also for you to have a place to practice too, got it?
Anyway, I'm so happy.
I'll become a champion and you can box again.
Now I can train boxing. It's going to be fun!
you have to train harder here
so you can become a pro later, OK?
Yes, I will.
Now start, start.
There's a parcel.
What is it?
There's no sender's name!
You must be careful! Maybe blackmail?
I'm not scared of blackmail!
Could it be for Ae-Ri eonni?
They don't know me and Mi-Ri live in the same house.
I see.
If it's for Ae-Ri nuna, I feel at ease now.
It means you won't bring any guys home.
I'm going! Goodnight!
Yeah! Bye!
Hey! I must work harder to earn more money!
- Hyung, someone's looking for you!
Lee Han-Sae!
Has Han-Sae come back home yet?
No, he hasn't. What's the matter?
That...thing... Someone told me that...
No, maybe I'll talk to you later. I'm going!
Eonni, there's a parcel! Is it for you?
No guy would send such a thing to me!
You'll know when you see it!
A video tape!
- Video tape?
It has no sender name.
Could it be you bought some porno flick online?
You are so naughty, you also purchase such stuff?
No, it's not me. I don't like that type of stuff!
Strange! It has no sender's name.
Then, let's watch it!
Hey! It's a boxing match!
Lee Han-Sae is in it?
Coach Lee! Coach Lee!
If it was Player Jang, then it means Jang Yu-Cheol?
Yu-Bin, so Yu-Cheol oppa's opponent was Han-Sae oppa?
Yu-Bin! What's going on?
Yu-Bin doesn't know Coach Lee was her brother's opponent?
No, she doesn't know.
Yu-Bin came late so she wasn't able to watch that match,
...and she didn't know it was recorded.
Oh, gosh!
Yu-Cheol was hit badly, that's why he passed out that night.
No, it can't be true!
- Yu-Bin!
Yu-Bin! Where are you going?
Now I understand why last time we weren't allowed to watch the championship final match.
How can this happen!
Because of him, Yu-Cheol oppa died!
Why did Coach Lee do so?
He didn't say anything until now.
There's something I must tell you.
You can't play boxing.
You should listen to my advice!
Actually, I'm not qualified to be your oppa.
Say something.
Please let Yu-Bin be.
Because of you, Yu-Bin doesn't want to become a model.
Why do you say so? It makes me sad.
I'm the one who wishes Yu-Bin all the best.
Why didn't you tell Yu-Bin?
I already gave you a chance.
Yu-Bin's confused about your love right now, isn't she?
Do you think acting like her brother,
and teaching her to box
can compensate for the death of her brother?
Do you intend to date her?
At least in boxing, they only care about boxing and receiving money.
What about you? If Yu-Bin becomes a celebrity, she will be in more danger than as a boxer.
If Yu-Bin doesn't want to work for you,
she may have her own reasons for doing so. Maybe you don't understand her well.
I only know that...
you used your fist to kill her most important person.
Let's end our conversation here.
I don't wish to see you anymore to discuss this stuff.
Ah, if you feel tired of teaching her,
I'll give you some money.
You know I like money?
If you decide to leave Yu-Bin,
I can give as much money as you want.
Why are you here at this late hour?
Coach, please tell me the truth.
In the championship final match two years ago,
was Han-Sae oppa my brother's opponent?
Please tell me!
I told Han-Sae not to tell you this secret.
It wasn't Han-Sae's fault.
What's wrong?
What happened?
Let go of me!
You are a liar!
A big liar!