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Uploaded by valentinose on 15.12.2009

E-receipt is an Information System, wich is used for issuing electronic receipts,bills and every other type of documents.
We throw away most of the receipts we get everyday.
E-receipt provides a solution not to print the receipt and each consumer can access it electronically.
The receipt is received by the main Server, in wich its going to be stored in the users acount.
The user aftewards might need it or print it for statistical reasons
and generally speaking to have this document that serves a purpose but there is no reason to have it printed on paper.
As my partner said, we throw away most of the receipts we get and there is no reason to print them and waste so much paper.
One morning, Valentinos came to find me for studying holding two coffees and a giant receipt with the only thing written on it was those two coffees.
He looks at me and asks me : "Do you see this receipt? Here you go. What are you goping to do with it? "I ll throw it away"
"EXACTLY. You will throw it away. Why do we need this receipt?"
And this was the beggining of the idea of "e-receipt". To find a way not to throw away this paper
Excess garbage, waste of paper.
We never tried to develop an Open Source software and we needed some reaserching but at the end
we liked the idea of the software being open, used, and developed by others.
In the competition we had to develop a software and in order to do that we had to follow some rules and certain procedures.
At the end we discoverd that we possesed this knowledge. We acquired it from our courses in the university and all that was left was to apply it.
And it was then that we mastered that knowledge.
Do you love the enviroment? "Give electronic receipts" Valentinos and Kiriakos thought and won a prize with the project "E-receipt"
Every user, in his transactions, instead of getting a printed receipt, he gets it electronically in his account.
The company will have the records of every client and will know exaclty what was sold.
The two Cypriot students aspire with their innovation to help protecting the enviroment, by reducing the use of receipt paper
230 thousand tons of paper are used for receipts every year.
A longterm goal of the students is that their software will help reduce tax evasion.