Let's Play The Sims 3 (Part 1) - Wear hair!

Uploaded by evt78 on 28.03.2010

>> EMILY: Hello and welcome to episode one of Let's Play the Sims 3
we're going to start this off by creating our sims
As you can see, we're kinda loading...
Oh, she's not too bad.
Let's name her...
Ha ha ha
I command a tan, but not that much.
Tan has been commanded!
Fatness, little less strong.
You shalls be someones who does not wear a hat.
In other words, don't wear a hat, wear hair!
Wear... longer hair.
Wear... other hair.
Wear brown hair.
Wear that hair.
Wear that hair.
Wear this hair.
Alright, that's good.
On to eyebrows!
That's good.
Just select what you want...
No, that color of eyes. Purple if you like the color.
The nose is okay. Mouth is okay.
Let's see. Where is that beauty mark? Is it over here?
I thought so. We'll go what that one.
And makeup is not applicable.
Because I said so. Onward to clothicles!
I don't like what you're wearing.
I like this one. No, I like this one. No, I like this one.
Okay, I'll just go with this one. What about this one?.
No, let's just go with that one.
Okay, you are not wearing shorts!
What's with the lag? Alright,
Where are the jeans? Oh!
Purple jeans.
Lighter jeans. Darker jeans.
The darker jeans win!
The shoes are okay.
Where's your formal?
Well, that's not too bad.
What am I saying? Yes, it is!
What's that? Okay, you're not wearing that!
Purple? Purple's always a nice color. Ooooh
I'm going to go into create-a-style.
Wait, no! Create-a-Style! Yay!
As you can see, you can just drag the colors, change the style.
I don't really like this, because, it's not the right color.
Moving it...
One is purple...
Two shall be purple.
There we go, little piece down there.
Then, these ones shalls be...
...that color. Well, that looks right.
Now, sleepwear.
Okay, I'll just stick with that.
Athletical wear.
Alright, I'll let you keep that.
You're not wearing sunglasses.
There you go. That looks better.
Okay, so, pretty much, you just select the one you want.
Then, you click this button, and if you mouse over something, you can see what they are.
Natural cooks are able to kick any dish up a notch.
You can choose physical, mental, social or lifestyle.
I usually choose 1 mental, 1 physical, 1 social and 2 lifestyle. That's what I'm going to
do now.
You know what? This is going to be a normal person, but I'm pretty sure I'll make her
husband a little crazy.
So... Okay...
How about...
Party animal! No, no...
Schmoozer. No...
No sense of humor. I don't need to read that one. It's kind of obvious what it is.
This should be good.
Don't kiss pictures, people. They probably have dust and germs on them and stuff.
Also, don't eat purple vegetables. Although they might match purple eyes.
They are not to be eaten, unless you are told to. What's that?
Bottomless nectar cellar. Oh, this, um, comes with, um...
Comes with the expansion pack, World Adventures, which I have.
No, I don't want it.
Oh, what's this one?
Raise five children from babies to teenagers, alright.
Yeah, you can read that if you want.
Waffles, french toast, skipping a whole bunch...
Oh, crepes, those are good.
What? Oh, I thought it said something different.
Stir fry.
How about...
And also the French music, Chinese music, and the Egyptian music come from World Adventures.
So, if you don't have World Adventures, you can't get that. Sorry.
Anyway, to her voice.
Alright, so...
That should be about it for her.
Almost out of time here...
I think we have time to stgart another Sim...
You look exactly the same!
You look okay...
Bob with two Bs!
Adding extra letters always makes a difference!
Hair's good! I like the face.
Well, that's about all the time I have. I'll see you next time on Let's Play The Sims 3.