Magic Garden 2012 @ O.Z.O.R.A. Festival

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I guess for those people who participate in this film
I'd like to thank them for everything.
What they achieved was almost supernatural
here, before the festival
and what more of a dozen of people achieved.
That achievement...
that communal or
team spirit
has been seen that it knows no bounds
and that's why we must bow to them by all means.
Definitely there is a magic garden in everybody
that they have lived or are living,
or what they're building right now, or have built.
And these little magic gardens, these separated gardens have turned to be
as one piece.
I really had a great time.
I'd never been to such a big festival like this before.
Where I live in Vancouver
the nearest type of festival is the Burning Man
of that I've heard a lot, but I've never visited.
One of my best friends got married there.
And I rather think that this festival has similarity
in its appearance
to the Burning Man.
What I was similar.
The creativity, the freedom...
As a matter of fact, the opportunity of authenticity
is obvious.
And in general, apart from the police officers,
everybody was very friendly.
I was invited to many places.
Too many places that I had enough time to visit.
But what I saw was inspiring, and...
was the trace of a spirit
I hope it will never fade away.
It's a big garden, yes.
Magic Garden.
Magic World. Magic Country.
I heard it means 'God's will'.
I also heard that it means 'Big Sky' in Japanese.
'The Spacious Space'.
I'm drawing the forest
so as to know where to put the animals.
At this moment
there are 40 days left until the opening day of the festival.
The art colony
or rather almost two dozens of artists - in the art colony -
have started building... this garden.
skill workers,
mothers with children...
Everybody is working for a common goal
so that the visitors have a great time
and discover exciting moments in this wonderful land.
- How should I do it? The water first? - Yes.
Well, this will be the roof of the animal fondling place
as well as of the engine house.
I'd like to make one of the sides to be convertible
so as to access the electricity easily.
Drill a bit, and then let's move on.
There it is!
- Well...I can't see it. - Shit! We've drilled it higher, Timót.
No problem. Let's go on!
This is for a new born baby. I've made it for her... that she can grab it and put her hands in it, and watch its nice colours.
And to learn from it. To play with it.
Welcome Tünde!
This year is the Year of the Dragon...
2923 years ago
a dragon left an egg here where we are actually sitting in now.
We can only guess which species she belongs to.
She grew very big, and left her egg in the courtyard.
Therefore, it can be used for other certain goals as well.
So this will be a courtyard, which should be meetly done to the ground.
The whole thing started with this bridge...
...we could say 'from culture to culture'...
When we started this year
we were trying to build a courtyard area,
which virtually belongs only to the Magic Garden.
I've calmed down. Let's go on working!
We're going to Mexico to drink some tequila.
Now we're preparing for the trip.
We're going to celebrate.
- Where to? - To a graduation ceremony.
To the village. To do the shopping.
It's an everyday routine.
We noticed that here the people only push their bicycles.
They don't ride them.
...if we have time in the field,
it will be worth talking while working
about what is happening.
Of course we can talk about cube meters or tons and plans
but we can show it there, and that's easier.
A situation has happened there that it's not optimal.
That place over there, is not okay.
We built this last year.
And now we've just finished renovating it.
We remade the chimney and the arch.
We brought peat of reeds
that preserves well the soil's...
There will be no other light inside.
Only the door light and the green one.
This will be the Silent House... the festival.
Basically, we always have a good time.
Six hundred sacks.
So far we've put twenty six tons.
It can only be locked inside.
Seven people can go there and meditate,
and you can only go out if they come out, too.
Where are you taking a lift?
Well, to the Magic Garden.
It's a very good place. Come and take a look.
Magic Garden for me is the island of peace.
It's a wonderful cradle where you can rock your mind and your body.
I can't couch it better than that.
It's important.
- Then we shall meet here. - I hope so.
- Bye! - Have a good rest! - Thanks.
A day in the Magic Garden.
The days usually begins a bit later than 9 o' clock,
however the crew is quite active by then.
Then they have breakfast
and start welcoming the quests...
...with some tai-chi and yoga...
...with all forms of yoga.
With curing,
with prananadi or with shiatsu,
with massages.
Then the workshops get started
where you can find things about ceramics
recycling workshop, Mexican sawdust...
There have been a lot of workshops so far.
The people are chilling all day
while we are chasing everywhere so that make the festival perfect.
And we're preparing for this musical with dance,
which starts between 11 and noon.
Puppet performances, street theatre...
one-minute theatre...
And around 4, 5, 6 o' clock
other performances get started at the Chambook House.
There was András Feldmár here
Ede Frecska did a lecture about ayahuasca.
Viktor Kubiszyn told us about his book, the Drug Diary...
I can continue further,
without attempting the list to complete, I mean it.
I'm trying to draw a picture of what have happened to us so far.
I found so much open-mindedness, peace, and...
I've experienced much acceptance here
that I didn't get at other consumer society based festivals,
because everything is about - sometimes the drug usage, too -
to consume and consume, get stoned, and throw your mind away.
But, here, I haven't seen such things like that.
These people are so conscious
in every dimension.
And for me it's so interesting because
I'm Christian, I'm converted
and the interesting thing is that the basic values for me, in terms of the gospel
such as love, acceptance, listening, care
can be found so intensely here
that obviously I haven't experienced it at any other music festivals.
We are the Freak Fusion Cabaret from Hungary.
It is a special action based circus group,
who works in the underground subculture.
Our aim is to change the Hungarian party and dance subculture
and the whole world through that.
To break the method of "dance or go home" that can be found at such music festivals.
We are actually 'taking the roots off'
and we're trying to give some more for the people
that they might have discovered things that we'd already discovered a long time ago
when we were much happier and had full lives
with the help of doing these artistic things.
And fortunately, now we could form an international group.
The O.Z.O.R.A. Festival provided for us
to invite many friends from around the world:
from Japan, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, France.
And this performance was the best of this collaboration.
Now, when I had to work so much at this festival,
I'd say this was the best O.Z.O.R.A. that I've been to.
Partly because I spent lots of time in the Magic Garden
which, frankly, I'd avoided many times before,
but I think this year I could spend a more valuable time at the festival
with these people, artists, foreigners
who have time not only to dance side by side
but share their knowledge a little bit...
and their own thoughts...and the other strange and smarmy deep themes...
...but now I really felt this and I know it's boring but it exists
it's worthy and it's needed.
So thank you and we also thank you on behalf of all others.
Well, the Magic Garden is so special because...
Try to put this into words.