Hillary Clinton in Heaven

Uploaded by DeafEyes777 on 05.09.2008

Hello, one more!
Hillary... notice the title....
Hillary died and was going to be buried, many people came to her funeral.
People viewed her casket, and they didn't know her soul had already went to heaven.
Her soul arrived to heaven,
She found St Peter, St Peter came to her,
He said, 'There is much busy work.'
'You'll need to wait, I know you are a very important person on earth,'
'But here, you are like any other regular person, so you'll have to wait."
'You'll need to sit and wait for me.'
Hillary said, "Fine." and sat down. St. Peter left to do his business.
Hillary sat, and looked all over heaven,
She noticed an endless wall full of clocks,
She was in awe, then, she noticed some clocks were quickly jumping ahead 15 minutes at a time.
Still in awe and wondering, St Peter came back for her,
Hillary asked St Peter, "What's up with all these clocks?"
St Peter said, "Don't worry, each of those clocks, is for each married man on earth."
Hillary said, "Oh, I understand that, but what's up with the clocks jumping ahead 15 minutes at a time?"
St Peter said, 'Oh that's when a man cheats on his wife,"
'Oh, is my husband, Bill, there?"
St Peter said, "Oh, no, God has it in his office using it as an electric fan."
Get it? God keep cool in office! Ahh....