My Gimpy Announcement!

Uploaded by MyGimpyLife on 01.02.2012

Hi, I’m Teal.
About a year ago I filmed a pilot to a web series called "My Gimpy Life".
We released a trailer, and the response has been really great.
A lot of people ask me questions about the show like...
Well, "My Gimpy Life" is about, um...
my gimpy life!
It’s loosely based on my life, and the stuff that happens to me, like this...
Hey, can I ask you something?
It’s kind of a personal question. Is that alright?
It’s okay.
Can you have sex?
Fun, right?
Another question people ask me is...
I dunno.
Is it okay for Jay-Z to drop the “N” bomb so much?
I mean, I love his new song with Kanye...
But how am I supposed to request that at a club?!
And speaking about clubs! I...

But why’s Rick Ross in a wheelchair? That shit cray!
But I think she may have an unhealthy obsession with me.
Felicia: Sorry. I was thinking about your junk.
But since we haven’t released the show yet...
the big question I get is...
Well, I’ve got some amazing news.
My Gimpy Life is going to premiere this summer on YouTube!
Thanks to Steven Dengler and his company, Dracogen...
who are sponsoring our first season.
This is a dream come true, so thanks Steven...
for turning my pilot into a show.
We’re going to be filming soon, and I want to keep you up to date on the production.
So if you haven’t already, please join our Facebook fan page...
and subscribe to our YouTube channel...
and please spread the word to your friends.
Thanks for the support. See you soon!