2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient - Bill Russell

Uploaded by whitehouse on 17.02.2011

Bill Russell: I'm really quite flattered and I hope that this is a
manifestation of the fact that I tried to live a good life and
tried to -- actually tried to contribute to the society.
The reason that I conducted my life the way I did,
it was almost like a family business,
in by family tradition, to share our lives with our friends and
neighbors, and that's the way I've tried to conduct my life.
My father always said, "I don't know what you gonna do when you
grow up, but don't do it if you can't do it right."
And so, be the best you can in whatever you do.
If you're a parent, be kind to the children.
So that the children will grow up knowing what kindness feels
like and there will be more after to continue it.
And that is, to me, one of the greatest expressions of love for
country, for family, country and the world.