BlackBerry Bold GPS Navigation

Uploaded by sprintnow on 29.09.2010

The BlackBerry Bold 9650 Smartphone can help you get where you want to go,
With turn-by-turn directions using Sprint GPS navigation.
To access Sprint Navigation from the Home screen,
Press the All menu and then slide your finger on the trackpad
To highlight Sprint Navigation.
Read the terms of service. If you agree, click "I Agree".
Then click "Download" to download the application to your phone.
Follow the on screen instructions to gran access.
Read the Terms of Service.
If you agree, click “Accept”.
To get directions, select Drive To, then select Address.
Type in an address and the city and state or ZIP code.
To view the route in list form,
Press the Menu key and click Route Summary.
With Sprint Navigation you can instantly access directions and more,
Helping you find your way around town, or across the country.