FRC3211 Radio Interview 21/01/2013

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This is about our team in general.
As you asked, the vechicle. One of our team alumni's mother is working
at a special kindergarten in Beer Sheva, called Eliya.
They help kids with some special needs, mostly with sight difficulties.
The workers at the kindergarten thought how could the kids be helped
as they struggle with movement in the space from young age and are
destined to use an automatic wheelcahir in the future.
From here, started the idea to create a special car for those kids.
The mother offered us to develop something that would help, and at first we
thought it wasn't possible for us to do, but anyway decided to at least start and
see what happens. During talks with the kindergarten, we decided
that the best option is to take a regualr electrical toy car for kids from
this age, and change it. We contacted a company named "Pupik", who donated us a
simple and cute car by "Peg Perego", and the team took it and worked on it for a few weeks,
day and nighy. After many tests with the kids and many changes made, the car is now used
by the kids daily. We learned a lot from this project as a team and were thrilled to see how it helps the
kids. It was a good use for our skills, to help others
and not 'just' compete with it.
Host:" And statistically, from 23 members, how many girls are there in the team?"
Reuven: "We have 5 girls, and we want to be at 50-50, and we will get there one day"
Host: "Can i talk to a girl from the team?"
Reuven: "Actually, i have one right here, but she's too shy to talk"
Host: "and where are the rest?"
Reuven: "they are currently at work and bussy"
Host:"so you tell me, how are 5 girls doing in this mostly boy team?"
Reuven:"well, robotics is big enough for anyone to find a comfort zone, and we dont do any
special changes to help the girls. Our girls are here because
they learned to like it."
Host:" does participation in the team require any prior knowledge?"
Reuven: "No, anyone who wants can come, learn and participate."
Host: "So even i could join, as a not good science person?"
Reuven: "Of course. and after joining you would develop better skills with math and
science, and even learn to like it"
Host: "Is there any interest from more organizations or schools from your area?"
Reuven: "There are a few more teams in the south, one is an all girl team from Beer Sheva
which we help, and another team is from Dimona, whom we also
support. We would love to help anyone else who wants to start a team!"
Host:"and how do i find you?
Reuven :"I'm at, you can contact me and we will do our best to help"
Host:"Great. Thank you and let the girl know that she missed having fun"
Reuven: Good night and thank you