Introduction to QlikView 11

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I'm Anthony Deighton.
QlikTech's Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Products.
Why did companies invest $28 billion in what IDC calls “business analytics” in 2010?
In an attempt to make better business decisions.
Lets step back for a minute.
How do decisions actually get made?
Data is a huge source of insight.
Is what BI has been all about - for decades.
But we make decisions not just on hard numbers.
We also take into account the opinions, ideas, experiences, research and perspectives of other people.
We also derive insights
from being in a particular place at a particular time.
Insights also come to us when we're on location - on the factory production line - in the customers office - or in the retail store.
QlikView 11 is all about about helping people derive insights.
From data, people and place to make better business decisions more quickly and easily.
With QlikView 11, we've made investments in five theme areas, to support how decisions actually get made.
With Social Business Discovery, users collaborate on creation of analytic apps and can define and answer their own questions―in formal or informal groups.
They communicate with each other to collaboratively explore data, forge paths to discovery and insight, and arrive at decisions.
They explore Business Discover Apps through a social lens, to find the data and insights that are most relevant to them.
One of the core unique capabilities of QlikView is its associative engine.
QlikView 11 takes our associative analytics to a new level with comparative analysis.
Business users can quickly and easily compare and interact with multiple different views or selection of data.
This gives users new ways to spot trends, outliers, or differences.
Mobile Business Discovery enables users to make decisions anywhere, any time.
QlikView on Mobile delivers true Business Discovery and the power of QlikView to tablets and smartphones—including the associative experience, interactive analysis, access to live data, and search.
QlikView 11 supports iPad, Android, and BlackBerry tablets as well as iPhone and Android smartphones.
Our investments in QlikView,
as a rapid analytic app platform help business users and developers contribute to the creation of analysis quickly and simply―without requiring extensive ongoing involvement from IT.
QlikView 11 includes improvements in areas like extensibility and application development.
Business Discovery platforms must also meet IT requirements for security mechanisms to protect sensitive data, the ability to crunch massive volumes of data quickly, and advanced yet easy-to-use administration tools.
QlikView 11 is packed with new and improved enterprise platform capabilities, designed to improve performance of large deployments, make them easier for IT pros to secure and administer.
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