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Hi! news about the new film
world war z based on the book of Max Brooks is a film to be
Brand or plan to release it on Summer of 2013
comes a picture is worth
we do not know if you will be included in final assembly
as you all know is the film suffered several delays has invested
large sum of money
i are said one film works at the box office
correcting scenes are adding lionel
according're going giving a That little picture of the ap
him to the film set of harassed we can see that according to several
manuscripts toting soldiers carrying
letters to sports as you can not have something to do with the constitution
American obviously do not know what is certain is that in the center of
We can see a picture that is more than enough known to all who are
Shootings of May 3 francisco denied a table now
is the Prado Museum in Madrid
from any private collection that in new york
is in madrid
then in the book I can not by now locate a chapter
talk if governments did gathering
art due to riot who were suffering
corrections according unequivocal then I want to launch several
3 that the appearance of this table is something casual
or conversely
has something to do with the movie
uses all know it is because the reprisals box represents the
shootings that took up the against the invading army in 1808
in that case there was the army of Napoleon then want to Santiago
to do with the film per cent is taking up gap and then another
part this scene
soldiers are mustering artworks for allegedly
put them in a bunker or something like box says the film
we all know that the film
percent have doubts and will be faithful the book by the trailer we have seen
maybe it's a little early to say
but good pitching these unknowns so that you participate in all
Well yes it can also some speculate what will be the
end result of this expected I handed it over movie video
I raised these questions i good thank you very much for all and
soon we will have more news work
Thanks to always �