What's Your Idea Of A Perfect Day In New York?

Uploaded by thecorcorangroup on 08.08.2011

On a perfect day in New York I would start with a yoga class at Kua Yoga on North 3rd
Street. From there I’d wander over to egg for brunch, for biscuits and gravy and the
most incredible ham. Maybe some oatmeal if I’m feeling like I need some healthy food.
Then I’d stroll down North 6th Street past all the shops. There’s great shopping on
North Street. And, maybe if the season allows it, go to the Brooklyn Flea on the waterfront,
which is a great location to see the Manhattan skyline and shop from local craftsmen. From
there I’d pick up the East River ferry, take the ferry over to Governor’s Island,
maybe rent a bike, stroll around the island, relax in the grass. Then come back to the
neighborhood and finish up with dinner at Brooklyn Bowl and maybe catch some music.