Passion Song - Sean Carter - Acoustic

Uploaded by scartermusictx on 06.07.2012

I was with Him
when He rode into town
And crowds gathered 'round Him like a king
Their smiling faces,
joined a sea of branches waving
Though they were masquerading in the end
And my heart rose in my throat
when I heard them sing
"Hosanna, in the highest"
Oh... Oh...Oh
We went upstairs,
broke the bread, and drank the wine
from the only living vine that we would taste.
And I watch them
take Him up the mountainside
where He was crucified though innocent.
And they mocked Him,
and cursed Him with their mouths
And told Him to "come down" if He was God
And my heart broke in my chest
when I heard Him say
"Forgive them, it is finished"
I remember in the garden when He sweat like drops of blood
And how He begged the Father just to to let Him pass the cup
I can still feel the anguish when they pierced Him in the side
And how the ground beneath us shook
upon the very moment that He died
Three days later
we found an empty grave
and the stone was rolled away where He had been
Tears of joy streamed down my face
when the angel said,
"Oh, Fear Not"
"He Is Risen"
"Oh, Fear Not"
"He Is Risen"